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We Were in the Big One: Experiences of the World War II Generation / Edition 1

We Were in the Big One: Experiences of the World War II Generation / Edition 1

by Mark P. Parillo
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ISBN-13: 2900842027976
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Mark P. Parillo is associate professor of history at Kansas State University and a faculty member of the KSU Institute for Military History and Twentieth Century Studies.

Table of Contents

1Becoming a Soldier7
To Draft or Not to Draft?--Views of the American Legion8
The Average Soldier--"Yoo Hoo," Comic Corporation of America10
The Citizen Soldier--Poem by Lt. Lenhardt E. Bauer, "The Recruit"11
Instructions for the Recruit--American Legion Publication, "Fall-In"12
Diary of a Recruit--Nap Glass, "A Goldbrick in the USA"17
Another View--Letters Home from William H. Herbert26
A Woman's View--Letters Home from Jeanne E. Betcher28
Training for the Sea--Letters Home from Herbert Eugene Book, Jr.33
The M1--War Department Basic Field Manual 23-5, U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M138
Advanced Training--Letters Home from Richard Cipra39
New Places, New Adventures--Letters Home from Bruce Carson43
The Home Folks Worry50
Letter from First Lieutenant Helen Perrell to Mrs. Helen Lovell50
American Legion Publication--"At Home: All Must Be Well"51
2At the Front55
Pearl Harbor Diary--Harold Chutes56
A Message from the President--Franklin D. Roosevelt to Members of the United States Army Expeditionary Forces58
An Airman's Letters--Letters Home from Ervin J. Cook58
Flying for the RAF--Letters Home from Robert S. Raymond63
Diary of a Sailor--Richard Thomas Mariner72
Action in North Africa--Letter Home from Robert L. Mason77
Action on the German Front--Letter Home from Mario Dal Canton79
Action on the Italian Front--Diary of Casimer Prunchunas80
D-Day Recounted--Letter Home from Alfred F. Birra85
A Gunner in Germany--Poem by Chas Riordan, "The Artillery in Germany"88
A Combat Nurse in Italy--Diary of 2nd Lieutenant Mary Fischer, A.N.C.90
In an Overseas Military Hospital--Letters Home from Willard H. Fluck103
A Medico's Point of View--Letters Home from Harold Porter106
Wounded in Battle--Diary of Casimer Prunchunas110
Informing the Family--The McKinney Family Saga114
4So That Others may Fight121
Close Support: Iwo Jima123
Letter Home from Eugene G. Barber123
Letter Home from William Bieluch127
A Merchantman's Tale--Poem by Ian A. Millar, "Merchantmen Like Thee"132
A Red Cross Volunteer in France--Letters Home from Mary Metcalfe133
Breakfast for One Hundred--Recipes from the War Department, "The Army Cook"141
Life with the Rear Echelon--Letter Home from Loren Fred143
Entertaining the Troops148
Letter from Lieut. General Jacob L. Devers Accompanying Program Notes of Irving Berlin's This is the Army149
Letter from an Army Movie Theater Manager149
A Certain Reputation151
The Life of a WAC Officer--Letter to a Friend from Edith M. Davis153
The Life of a WAC Enlisted Person--Letter Home from Mildred Karlsen154
A WAC in Africa--"A Day in the WACery"157
Recognition--Citation to Accompany the Award of the Bronze Star Medal159
5Since You Went Away163
Letters to a Wife--Letters Home from Ervin J. Cook164
Letters to Parents and Sister--Letters Home from Bruce Carson169
A Father's Letter to His Marine Son--Father to George W. Dinning173
A Father's Letter to His Soldier Son--M.R. Novak to Henry Novak174
A Popular Song--"Keep the Home Fires Burning"176
Writing After the Lifting of Censorship--Letter Home from Harold Porter177
Wartime Romances178
Letter from Pat McNabb to Joan Flor178
Letter from Mary Metcalfe to Mother180
Letters from a Loving Husband--W. Hildreth to His Wife183
A Wartime Relationship--Letters from Betty Klein to George W. Dinning186
6The Arsenal of Democracy191
A Shipyard Worker's Letters to His Son--Letters from M. R. Novak to Henry Novak192
American Legion Publication--"Venereal Disease: Saboteur of War Manpower"197
Life at the Office--Letters from Betty Klein to George W. Dinning198
American Legion Publication--"Spare Time"203
An Appeal to Buy War Bonds--From Evan Griffith to the Farmers of Kansas207
7In the War's Shadow211
Air Raid Defense212
American Legion Publication--"Air Raid Precaution Services"213
Reader's Digest Publication--"A Hobby Goes to War"214
Living with Rationing215
Letters from Mother to George W. Dinning215
Letter from Daughter to Henry Novak218
Newspaper Article--"Points for Fats Start Tomorrow"219
Letter from Mother to William H. Herbert220
Making Do220
Publication from the Cotton Spool Company--"Make and Mend for Victory"220
American Legion Publication--"Conservation of Natural Resources"222
Balancing Wartime Needs--Reader's Digest, "Essential Civilian Needs Will Be Met" (by Elsie McCormick)223
Doing Your Share--The MacArthur Club Pledge226
Experience of a Soldier's Family227
8Coming Home231
How it Looks from Here--Letter Home from Bruce Carson233
Counting Points--Letter Home from Richard Cipra235
A WAC Waits for Her Ship--From the Notebooks of Jeanne E. Betcher236
Passing the Time--Letter Home from Loren Fred238
Overseeing the Defeated--Letters Home from Henry Novak241
Living a Life on Hold--Letters Home from Willard H. Fluck246
Getting to Know the Germans--Letter Home from Mildred Karlsen250
The Horrors of War and the Trials of Occupation--Letters Home from Harold Porter251
Greetings for the Returning Serviceman264
Letter from the Secretary of the Navy265
Pamphlet from the War and Navy Departments, "Going Back to Civilian Life"265
CIO Publication, "When You Come Back"266
Honoring the World War II Generation--American Legion Publication, "August 14! Victory Day for World War II"269

What People are Saying About This

Allan R. Millett

Parillo has assembled an exceptional sample of personal perspectives on World War II. The testimony of American military personnel, war workers, families, and overseas observers provides a well-rounded view of the wartime experience. These are people you will care about.--Allan R. Millett, Mason Professor of Military History

Donald Detwiler

This collection of letters, diary entries, and excerpts from a variety of other contemporary sources gives the reader a firsthand impression of how Americans experienced World War II at home and abroad. We Were in the Big One is a welcome contribution to the literature on the war because it helps the reader appreciate the human dimension of the conflict and because it draws attention to sometimes underemphasized aspects of the war's impact on American society as a whole.--Donald Detwiler, Chairman, World War II Studies Association

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