Weapons of Mass Destruction: The No-Nonsense Guide to Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Today

Weapons of Mass Destruction: The No-Nonsense Guide to Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons Today

by Robert Hutchinson


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ISBN-13: 9780297830917
Publisher: Orion Publishing Group, Limited
Publication date: 08/01/2003
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.58(w) x 9.38(h) x 1.30(d)

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BTK More than 1 year ago
This book, Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Robert Hutchinson, is a fascinating novel on the practices and precautions revolving around the use of WMDs, primarily during the Cold War. The ¿guide¿, as it calls itself, wastes no time getting straight to the hard facts, some of which are personal experiences from the author himself. The novel begins by describing a test of British equipment in the event of Russian nuclear attack. The test paints a picture of the devastation and depression that nuclear warfare could lead to, or at least how the British interpret it. This quote stands out to me as a perfect summary of the fear that should naturally be caused by nuclear warfare, a common theme of this novel. ¿Throughout, the RAF officers, like many thousands of their American, Russian, French, and Chinese counterparts, worked assiduously and professionally, in the full knowledge that one day, if diplomacy failed, if there had been a desperate mistake, if a lunatic was seated behind the anonymous desk of power, they had no chance of survival. Indeed, if this was real, they had only minutes to live. It was a chilling and sobering experience.¿ This novel exemplifies does a great job at analyzing the past and present concerns about WMDs, which concern This novel focuses on two countries in specific; the US, and Russia, generally focusing on nuclear weapons of the two, rather than the respective chemical and biological weapons that each undoubtedly possesses. These forms of WMD are generally not pictured when the words ¿Weapon of mass destruction¿ are spoken, instead replaced by the image of nuclear warheads raining down from the sky. The novel also does a good job at portraying the mindset of a nuclear weapon-laden country in the event of a nuclear attack. For example, in Russia, a dead-launch system has been developed so that in the event of the total devastation of Russia¿s communications lines and the ability to give human commands, the system will still be able to give itself its own commands on what to do. If the system decides that Russia is indeed incapacitated by a nuclear attack, it will then track the attacker, and unleash the full fury of the ¿Motherland¿ and her nuclear weapons, in a last-ditch effort to avenge Russia. This is the mindset of a government which possesses these weapons ¿ it¿s all or nothing in the case of nuclear war. As a whole, I truly did enjoy this novel. Its portrayal of the scenarios in which a WMD could be unleashed unto the world are extremely realistic ¿ which scares me immensely. I would recommend this novel to anyone, as it is a topic which affects most citizens of the world today. My overall rating is a 5/5.