Web Design for the Mass Media / Edition 1

Web Design for the Mass Media / Edition 1

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Pearson Education

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Web Design for the Mass Media / Edition 1

This book combines Web design instruction with information about how it is used by the media. It gives readers the tools they need to create and maintain effective and attractive Web pages, as well as addressing ethical issues and public service aspect of the Web. The book also features practical real world examples and a glossary of software and Web terminology, and offers suggested Web links for further exploration of topics. The book explores the media and the Web; how to explore, design and build Web pages; basic and intermediate HTML; as well as databases on the Web and the Future of the Web. For anyone interested in Web design.

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ISBN-13: 9780801332838
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/01/2001
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 7.12(w) x 9.22(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

1. The New Mass Media.
Origins of the Media Revolution.
Missing the Curve.
News on the Web.

2. Exploring the Web.
Search Engines.
Web Connections.

3. Designing Web Pages.
Visual Design.
Information Design.
Interactive Design.

4. Basic HTML.
Formatting Text.
Creating Hot Links.
Color in HTML.
Displaying Images.
Meta Tags.
Uploading to a Web Server.

5. Digital Images.
What Is a Digital Image?
Digital Image Formats.
Acquiring Images.
Editing Images.
Optimizing Images for Web.
Image Effects.
Interactive Images.

6. Structuring the Design.
Table Tags.
Web Maps.
Framed Pages.
Cascading Style Sheets.

7. Audio on the Web.
New Approached for Broadcasting.
Understanding Digital Audio.
Editing and Formatting Audio Files.
HTML Tags for Audio.
Streaming Audio files.
The Flap over MP3.
Lost Mariners.

8. Video on the Web.
Understanding Digital Video.
Video Formats.
HTML Tags for Web Video.

9. Web Animation.
Simple Web Animation.
Complex Web Animation.
SMIL Multimedia Language.

10. Advertising on the Web.
Categories of Web Advertising.
Standards of Web Advertising.
Future of Web Advertising.

11. Interactivity.
What is Interactivity?
Enriching the Content: JavaScript.
Interactive Feedback.
Interactivity with Unix.
Virtual Communities.

12. Databases on the Web.
Using Web Databases.

13. Web Law.
Limits of Freedom.
Libel on the Web.
Copyright: the artcows.com case.
Copyright: link law and ISPs.
Copyright: domain names.
Copyright: meta tags & keywords.
Copyright: music and DVD.
Limits of Decency.
Limits of Privacy.
Limits of Tolerance.
The Web and Global Censorship.

14. Web Careers.



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