Web Development with Java Server Pages

Web Development with Java Server Pages

Paperback(Second Edition)

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Covers all aspects of development for the new versions of the JSP and Servlet specifications (1.2 and 2.3, respectively), including servlet filters and enhancements to the API for JSP Tag Libraries and the interaction between JSP and other J2EE technologies.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781930110120
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/30/2001
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 800
Product dimensions: 7.26(w) x 9.32(h) x 1.56(d)

About the Author

Fields-Engineer for the E-business Enablement group of IBM's Tivoli Systems, where he creates Web-based applications with Java and JSP

Kolb is a reformed rocket scientist with graduate and undergraduate degrees from MIT.

Shawn Bayern is a research programmer at Yale University, the reference-implementation lead for the JSTL, and the coauthor of Web Development with Java Server Pages. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut.

Table of Contents

1.1What is JSP?2
1.2Dynamic content on the web2
1.3The role of JSP13
2HTTP and servlets17
2.1The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)18
2.2Java servlets23
3First steps30
3.1Simple text31
3.2Dynamic content32
3.3Processing requests and managing sessions38
3.4Separating logic from presentation41
3.5Review of examples45
4How JSP works46
4.1The structure of JSP pages47
4.2Behind the scenes52
4.3What the environment provides56
5Programming JSP scripts65
5.1Scripting languages66
5.2JSP tages68
5.3JSP directives68
5.4Scripting elements83
5.5Flow of control93
6Actions and implicit objects101
6.1Implicit objects102
7Using JSP components129
7.1The JSP component model130
7.2JavaBean fundamentals135
7.3JSP bean tags140
8Developing JSP components165
8.1What makes a bean a bean?166
8.2Some examples182
8.3Bean interfaces189
8.4Mixing scriptlets and bean tags192
9Working with databases198
9.1JSP and JDBC199
9.2Database driven JSPs202
9.3Example: JSP conference booking tool217
10Architecting JSP applications229
10.1Web applications230
10.2Page-centric design233
10.3Servlet-centric design242
10.4Enterprise JavaBeans263
10.5Choosing an appropriate architecture266
11An example JSP project272
11.1An FAQ system273
11.2The storage module278
11.3The administration module286
11.4The web access module311
12Introducing filters and listeners318
12.1Life-cycle event listeners319
12.3Using filters and listeners333
13Applying filters and listeners334
13.1Application description335
13.2User authentication337
13.3Web authentication341
13.4Access control filters360
13.5Logging listener368
13.6Content filter372
14Deploying JSP applications384
14.1This means WAR385
14.2The art of WAR390
14.3Maintaining a WAR footing415
15Performing common JSP tasks418
15.1Handling cookies419
15.2Creating error pages425
15.3Mixing JSP and JavaScript437
15.4Building interactive interfaces441
15.5Validating form data451
15.6Building a shopping cart458
15.7Miscellaneous tasks467
16Generating non-HTML content470
16.1Working with non-HTML content471
16.2Text content formats475
16.3XML documents477
16.4External content482
16.5Advanced content formats487
17JSP by example493
17.1A rotating banner ad494
17.2A random quote generator497
17.3The Tell a Friend! sticker499
17.4A JSP Whois client505
17.5An index generator517
17.6A button to view JSP source525
18Creating custom tags529
18.1Role of custom tags530
18.2How tag libraries work531
18.3Tag library descriptors535
18.4API overview544
18.5Example tag library559
18.6Content substitution560
18.7Tag attributes563
18.8Content translation567
18.9Exception handling575
18.10To be continued580
19Implementing advanced custom tags582
19.1Tag scripting variables583
19.2Flow of control587
19.3Interacting tags613
19.4The final ingredient619
20Validating custom tag libraries621
20.1Two representations of JSP622
20.2JSP pages as XML documents624
20.3Tag library validation631
20.4Example validators634
20.5Packaging the tag library660
20.6For further information666
AChanges in the JSP 1.2 API669
A.2Changes to the API670
A.3Web application changes672
A.4Custom tag improvements673
A.5JavaBean changes674
A.6New servlet features674
BRunning the reference implementation676
B.2Downloading and installing Tomcat677
B.3Web applications and Tomcat681
CIncorporating Java applets683
C.1Browser support for Java683
C.2The plug-in action685
C.3Example: applet configuration690
DJSP resources697
D.1Java implementations697
D.2JSP-related web sites697
D.3JSP FAQs and tutorials698
D.4JSP containers698
D.5Java application servers with JSP support699
D.6JSP development tools700
D.7Tools for performance testing700
D.8Mailing lists and newsgroups700
EJSP syntax reference702
E.1Content comments702
E.2JSP comments703
E.3[left angle bracket]jsp:declaration[right angle bracket]704
E.4[left angle bracket]jsp:directive.include[right angle bracket]705
E.5[left angle bracket]jsp:directive.page[right angle bracket]706
E.6[left angle bracket]jsp:directive.taglib[right angle bracket]707
E.7[left angle bracket]jsp:expression[right angle bracket]708
E.8[left angle bracket]jsp:forward[right angle bracket]709
E.9[left angle bracket]jsp:getProperty[right angle bracket]710
E.10[left angle bracket]jsp:include[right angle bracket]711
E.11[left angle bracket]jsp:plugin[right angle bracket]712
E.12[left angle bracket]jsp:scriptlet[right angle bracket]713
E.13[left angle bracket]jsp:setProperty[right angle bracket]714
E.14[left angle bracket]jsp:useBean[right angle bracket]715
FJSP API reference718
F.1JSP implicit objects719
F.2Package javax.servlet719
F.3Package javax.servlet.http727
F.4Package javax.servlet.jsp735
F.5Package javax.servlet.jsp.tagext740

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