Wedding Days: When and how Great Marriages Began

Wedding Days: When and how Great Marriages Began

by Susan J. Gordon, Susan J. Gordon



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ISBN-13: 9780688148607
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/07/1998
Pages: 400
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Lifelong love after a whirlwind courtship

COUNTLESS LOVERS HAVE CHOSEN VALENTINE'S Day as the perfect wedding day -- even some who've known each other only twenty-two days.

Charles Boyer, the thirty-four-year-old suave French actor with impeccable charm, thought he was past the age of falling in love when he met Pat at a Fox Studio lunch party on January 23, 1934. Already he'd become a success on the French stage and in silent films in America. When the talkies began, Charles learned English, and with his velvet voice and captivating dark eyes, he was soon playing leading roles.

That winter Charles was in Hollywood to film Caravan. He wasn't looking for romance, but he found it in Pat, a twenty-four-year-old vivacious blond English musical comedy actress. Her breakthrough role in the movie Bitter Sweet had brought her to California and the brink of stardom the previous year.

If Cupid ever shot his arrow into anyone, it was Charles. As soon as he saw Pat at the party, he couldn't think of anyone else. Other beautiful actresses were there, but Charles looked only at Pat. She was intrigued by his continental charm and French accent, and they began seeing each other right away. He had always avoided "affairs of the heart," but not being with Pat, even for a day, was more than he could bear.

They talked about getting married and all the reasons it was better not to do it -- until they jumped into Charles's Plymouth roadster, drove to Yuma, Arizona, and were married by a justice of the peace. After a one-night honeymoon in a nearby motel, they went back to Hollywood. Charles's friend, singer MauriceChevalier threw a party for them and their stunned but delighted friends.

Who says whirlwind courtships never work out? These two sweethearts were married more than forty years, and their love for each other never wavered.

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Wedding Days 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I discovered this book in my local bookstore. The stories of famous couples are not to be missed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a super, fun book for couples of any age and a outstanding gift, especially for the to-be-marrieds. Full of wholesome, and diligently researched, stories of both well known and pretty obscure characters, it is often amusing, poigniant, and frequently fascinating, in an easy to read style....and the type of book to which curious reference will oft be made.