Wedding Of The Sunshine And The Rose / I Love To Tango With My Tea medley (One Step)

Wedding Of The Sunshine And The Rose / I Love To Tango With My Tea medley (One Step)

by Albert Gumble

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Publication date: 02/29/2000
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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Wedding Of The Sunshine And The Rose / I Love To Tango With My Tea medley (One Step) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Dress: Rose wears a Fit 'n Flare warm Ivory dress with a sweetheart neckline. The top of the dress (The Fit) Is a warm Ivory color, that is tied up in the back, simmilar to a corset. The back of the top of the dress drops just below her shoulder blades, and the front evenly frames her chest with a sweet heart line. Around her middle, is a tuxedo black sash, which is tied in a delicate bow in the back. The two ends of the sash not tied into a bow are left to flow down her backside. Where the fit stops, (The Flare) there is a soft white lace that covers the flare of the Ivory dress. The desgin is not complex. The dress falls wavily infront of her, and trails behind her in a wavy trail. The lace is slight longer then the dress itself, and when she would walk up the isle, the back of the dress would side behind her, weaving the slightest bit. The end of the lace overcoat would have a few black thread embroidered flowers, all delicately hand-made by Rayne. Rose would for once and probably only once, wear a pair of white open-toed heels, exposing her regular french pedicure, with a matching manicure. <p> The Hair: Rose's Hair would be a bight lighter than normal. Being the sun has now appeared more, Rose's Redish-Brown hair would be a bit more red then brown. Her hair is pinned up in a flowy bun, after delicately being cured the slghtest bit resulting in a small wave at the ends of her hair. On the sides of her face, there is small strands of hair left to loop gently beside her ears, (much like Katara's from Avatar the Last Airbender. xD) <p> The Veil: The veil would be attatched to a small silver plated diamond tiara, where the diamonds would be a mixture of black and regular diamonds. The center white diamond would be at the top of the tiara, and would be circled by several black and a few more withe diamonds. The veil would be lace as well, much like the overcoat of the flare on the dress, with embroidered black thread flowers at the end. <p> Bouqet: Several Creamy white roses with black roses as well, wrapped with white satin and a small black ribbon. <p> Jewlery: Her Engagement ring (Rider can describe this, if he wishes to! *-*), and a small dimond necklace with a silver chain. <p> Makeup: xD Not alot. A bit of Mascara and some skin-tone eye shadow. The 'After Wedding' Dress: A small black form-fitting strapless party dress, that stops about mid thigh. Rose's hair would be flowing down her shoulders, still slightly wavy. She would be wearing a pair of black velvet flats, and a small clutch would be in her newly ringed hand. She would have the same makeup, (and would most likely be showered with rice,) so a bit of Rice in her hair. xD <p> (Tur-Dur! To the reception you go! ^-^)