Weight Management for Triathletes

Weight Management for Triathletes

by Ingrid Loos Miller


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Every triathlete wants to be leaner, faster, and more successful. But for most athletes, training is not enough. You need to focus on diet as well as training volume to achieve your optimal weight.

Weight Management for Triathletes

provides detailed and practical information and the tools that can help frustrated triathletes to improve their body composition for performance and aesthetics. This book is aimed to help triathletes competing on every level and distance from sprint to Olympic and longer distances.

Well researched and insightful, this book offers easy-to-follow strategies for various diets, describes the importance of low body fat, and shows how to use body fat data in order to implement a weight control program for the long haul. You will find the motivation and encouragement to lose weight, and with a leaner and fitter body, and an understanding of proper nutrition you will quickly perform better in races.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781782550891
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Publication date: 10/31/2016
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Ingrid Loos Miller is a USAT Certified Coach, Sport Nutrition Consultant, and triathlete. A Team Trainer for the Weight Watchers® Momentum Challenge, she has helped athletes and non-athletes alike achieve their weight loss goals by showing them how to reduce the calorie impact of the foods they enjoy. She teaches the strategies needed to achieve goals and provides tools and daily practices that make permanent weight management a reality. Even after becoming an Ironman® and a regular podium finisher in triathlons, her greatest personal accomplishment has been overcoming a lifelong struggle with weight. She has written for Trail Runner Magazine and her writing has appeared in

Triathlete Magazine, Marathon and Beyond , and on BeginnerTriathlete.com. Ingrid lives and coaches in Southern California.

Table of Contents

Preface 10

Introduction: You Can't Out Run a Bad Diet 11

Part 1 Groundwork 14

Chapter 1 The Truth About Weight Control 16

Chapter 2 The Program 24

Baseline Calories 25

Follow the Rules and Use the Tools 28

Gradually Reduce Structure 29

Part 2 The Body 32

Chapter 3 Body Composition 34

Leaner Is Faster 34

Body Build 35

Body Composition 36

What Is Lean Mass? 36

Stick to One Method 37

Measuring Methods 38

Digital Imaging 38

Bioimpedance Devices 38

Displacement Methods 39

Skinfold Analysis 40

Imaging Technologies 41

Factors That Influence Results 42

Limitations of the Body Mass Index 43

Part 3 Planning 46

Chapter 4 Make a Plan 48

Start With Your Goals 49

Consider What Is ideal for the Sport 50

Consider Who You Are 51

Don't Look Too Far Back 51

Consider the Skin You're In 51

Set Body Composition Coal 52

Estimate a Timeline 52

Dynamic Calorie Model 52

Setting Activity Levels and Baseline Calories 54

Victory Races 55

Chapter 5 Working your Plan 58

Be Prepared for the Long Haul 58

Phase 1 Weight Loss 59

Stick With Your Coal 60

Plateaus 61

Incorporate Strength Training 62

Strength Training During Rides and Swims 66

Incorporate High-Intensity Training 68

Phase 2 Maintenance 70

Maintenance Means Less Structure and Adding Calories 70

Phase 3 Stabilizing 71

No Shortcuts 72

If You Cain Weight 73

Retest Body Composition 73

The Miracle of Your Stable Weight 73

Part 4 What to Eat, Brain Training, Rules and Tools 74

Chapter 6 What to Eat 76

Foods to Avoid 76

Calorie Density 79

Make a Food List 80

Eating Better 83

Canned Food Is Fine 85

How to Limit Your Favorite HCD Food 86

The 10-Gram Rule 87

Avoid Caloric Drinks 88

Blended Salad Recipes 90

Substitutions 93

The 5:1 Rule 94

Modifications 95

Chapter 7 Brain Training 96

Facing Your Truth 96

The Black Box Exercise 97

Think Like an Athlete 100

Rewire your Brain 103

Change Your Food Preferences 103

Practice the 10 Times and Mix It in Strategies 104

Be Vigilant 105

Change Your Thoughts 106

Make Yourself Mentally Strong 107

Chapter 8 Rules for Success 110

Rule 1 Plan Ahead 110

Create a Recovery Plan for Slip-Ups 111

Plan a Weekly Indulgence 112

Rule 2 Track Your Food 113

Weigh and Measure 114

Rule 3 Weigh-In 115

Record Your Weight Daily 115

Weekly Accountability 117

Rule 4 Limit Food Choices 117

Stop Sampling 117

Skip the Buffet 118

Rule 5 Avoid Alcohol 119

Rule 6 Keep Your Environment Safe 120

No Junk Food 120

Have Access to Safe Snacks 121

Throw Out Unhealthy Food 121

Rule 7 Focus on Empowerment 122

Pay Attention to Success 123

Renew Motivation 123

Say No to Just One Bite 124

Rule 8 Use Time to Your Advantage 125

Rule 9 Get Rid of Things That Don't Fit Anymore 126

Get Rid of Clothes That Are Too Small 126

Get Rid of Clothes That Are Too Large 127

Rule 10 Gather Personal Support 128

Structured Weight-Loss Groups 129

Chapter 9 Fuel Your Training 132

How to be a Saint on the Couch and a Sinner on the Bike 133

Baseline Calories 134

How to Fuel for Workouts and Races 134

Don't Carbo Load 135

Eat Before Your Workout 135

Fuel with Sugar During Workouts 135

What to Eat 137

Solids vs. Liquids 137

Protein 137

Caffeine 138

Salt 138

Reload, Don't Overload 139

But I'm Training for an Ironman! 140

Sources 142

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