Weight Training for Martial Artists

Weight Training for Martial Artists

by Jennifer Lawler, Turtle Press


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ISBN-13: 9781880336236
Publisher: Turtle Press Corporation
Publication date: 02/01/1999
Pages: 201
Product dimensions: 7.03(w) x 9.98(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

Weight Training Basics
Weight Training Approaches
Strength Training Methods
Choosing a Fitness Center
Choosing Weight Training Equipment

Setting Weight Training Goals
How Weight Training Works
Lifting Weights Correctly
How Often Should I Lift?
Stimulating Muscle Growth
Making Lifting More Challenging

The Martial Artist's Training Program
Warm-Ups and Stretching
Strength Training Without Equipment (Isometrics)
Using Weight Equipment
Traditional Strength Training Methods

Training Programs for Specific Martial Arts
The Basic Workout
Judo-Jujitsu Workout
Aikido Workout
Karate Workout
Taekwondo Workout

Training for Conditioning
Power Plan
The Flexibility Plan
The Endurance Plan
Combination Workouts

Injury Prevention
Overuse Injuries
Hyperextension Injuries
Acute Injuries
Avoiding Injury

Staying Motivated
Setting Goals
Avoiding Burnout

Workout Log

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