Welcome to Palestine: Chronicles of a Season in Ramallah

Welcome to Palestine: Chronicles of a Season in Ramallah

by Anne Brunswic, Kenneth Casler


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Recent books on the situation in the Occupied Territories focus on the violent confrontations between the Israelis and Palestinians.
With the exception of Amira Hass, no Jewish journalist has ever worked in the Occupied Territories. Most journalists cross over into Palestine only when there are newsworthy incidents. Anne Brunswic takes a different approach establishing residence in Ramallah for a season.
Her engaging day-to-day contacts with Palestinians provides her narrative with depth. Her insights help the reader understand why the direct peace agreements negotiated between Tel Aviv and Washington are divorced from the aspirations of the Palestinian people. Why the policy of collective punishment against the Palestinian population leads to radicalisation.
Her portrayal of the occupation through the experience of ordinary Palestinians reveals a cynical enterprise that fosters colonisation under the pretext of guaranteeing the security of Israeli citizens.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/01/2006
Pages: 238
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About the Author

The well-respected French author and writer, Anne Brunswic, was born in 1951 into a Central European Jewish family, which extends to Jerusalem, London, Berlin, New York, Saint Petersbourg.... Over the years she has taught literature, journalism and documentary cinema in Paris. After two books of fiction in 2000 and 2001, she published two travel narratives with Actes Sud (one on Palestine in 2004 and another on Siberia in 2006). Her last book deals with the legacy of the gulag in northern Russia (Actes Sud, 2009). Anne continues to free-lance as a journalist for cinema reviews and the radio.

Books in print

Les Eaux glacées du Belomorkanal, Actes Sud 2009.
Sibérie, un voyage au pays des femmes (Siberia. Journeys in a Country of Women), Actes Sud, 2006
Bienvenue en Palestine (Welcome to Palestine. Chronicles of a Season in Ramallah) (new augmented edition), Babel 2006
Bienvenue en Palestine, chroniques d'une saison à Ramallah, Actes Sud 2004
Qu'est-ce que tu fais là ?, éd. Delphine Montalant, 2001
A Contre-Oubli, éd. Delphine Montalant, 2000

In Italian:
Bienvenue en Palestine (Welcome to Palestine): Benvenuti in Palestina, éd. Le Lettere (Firenze), 2006

Recent articles

Pourquoi je suis partie (Why did I leave ?), XXI, review of world report.
Carélie : La complainte de la grande baie et du lac gelé (Karely : The Lament of the Great Bay and the Frozen Lake), Le journal des Lointains, éditions Buchet Chastel, Paris, January 2008
Bosnie, Un printemps au goût de cendres (Bosnia : Spring with a Taste of Ashes), La Pensée de Midi n°20, éditions Actes Sud, March 2007
Palestine, Juste une image (Palestine : Just a Photograph), Action Poétique, January 2005
Israéliens, Palestiniens : en finir avec les stéréotypes (Israelis, Palestinians : Doing away with Stereotypes), La Pensée de Midi n°14, Winter 2005

Radio reportage
Palestiniens par-delà les murs (Travel Notes from Palestine during the attack on Gaza), Radio suisse romande, feb 2009.
Carnets de voyage en Carélie (Travel Notes from Karly), Radio suisse romande, Un dromadaire sur l'épaule , five 30-minute radio broadcasts (17 - 21 March 2008).

Prizes and Awards

2007 Stendhal Grant for the Karely project (the canal of the White Sea)
2005 Stendhal Grant for the Siberia project
Short listed for the Ulysses Award for Literary Reportage 2005
Literary Award -Témoin du monde RFI 2004

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