Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants

by U. Citizenship &. Immigration Services




This book is also available in Spanish as Guía para inmigrantes nuevos: Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de América ISBN: 9781936583430

There are many things to know when you move to the United States. This helpful guide tells you and your family how to:

  • find a place to live
  • find a job
  • manage your money
  • drive
  • get health care
  • find childcare
  • find a good school for you or your children
  • learn English
  • become a permanent resident
  • become a USA citizen
  • learn about the United States of America– its history and government

There is also excellent information about where to get help with many different kinds of problems and situations.

This is a practical and informative guide for anyone who wants to live in the United States. It is easy to read and understand and will also be helpful for adults who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL-EFOL).

Highly recommended.

Also published as Guide for New Immigrants: Welcome to the United States

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ISBN-13: 9781936583348
Publisher: Learning Visions
Publication date: 09/07/2012
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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