Welcoming the Bad Boy: A Hero's Welcome Novel

Welcoming the Bad Boy: A Hero's Welcome Novel

by Annie Rains

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Welcoming the Bad Boy: A Hero's Welcome Novel by Annie Rains

From the bestselling author of Welcome to Forever (“Full of heart and emotion!”—Lori Wilde) comes a sweet, sexy novel about breaking all the rules. In Seaside, North Carolina, the boys on the base are heroes—but that doesn’t mean they’re always well-behaved.
As a preacher’s daughter, Valerie Hunt only dates the very respectable, very boring men who meet her father’s strict standards. In private, however, she leads a double life as a romance writer of steamy stories about the least respectable sorts of men. Valerie has always kept her hottest fantasies separate from her real life, but when she nearly runs a hot-blooded biker off the road, the lines begin to blur.
Even though Valerie almost killed him, Griffin Black can’t be angry after he learns the reason for her distracted driving: an unruly puppy belonging to her ailing friend. As a member of the military police K-9 unit, Griffin insists on training the dog himself. But he soon wonders how he’s ever going to stay disciplined around the most alluring, down-to-earth, and totally unattainable woman he’s ever met. Valerie is the ultimate good girl. And Griffin is going to need all his old tricks to unleash her wild side.

Praise for Welcoming the Bad Boy

“Hot and sweet and adorable and steamy and sexy all at the same time . . . This story captured my heart and left me enamored.”—Books and Spoons Blog
“A wonderful series that will have you swoon, laugh, maybe even shed a tear or two at some points, and warm your heart all the way down to your toes (watch out for a bit of heat here and there, too!). . . . The men of Seaside will sweep you off your feet.”—Roberta’s Dream World
“Readers (and dog lovers!) who like their romance on the sweet and light side will love this one.”—Girl Plus Books
“The read was light, fast, sweet, and hit the spot.”—The Book Junkie
“With Welcoming the Bad Boy, you are getting a lot more than a bad boy romance or even a military romance. . . . I love absolutely everything about this book.”—Cara’s Book Boudoir
“Enjoy the fun and try not to fall for Griffin . . . it appears he’s already taken.”—Reviews from the Heart

Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

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ISBN-13: 9781101964798
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Series: A Hero's Welcome , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 279
Sales rank: 133,708
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Annie Rains is a USA Today bestselling author who writes small-town love stories set in fictional towns on the coast of North Carolina. Raised in one of America’s largest military communities, Annie often features heroes who fight for their countries, while also fighting for a place to call home and a good woman to love. When Annie isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her husband and three children, or reading a book by one of her favorite authors.

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Welcoming the Bad Boy: A Hero's Welcome Novel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
Annie Rains manages to bring together a group of, from the outside, disparate characters to tell a wonderful story. Valerie is a preacher’s daughter with a huge streak of good girl. During the school year she works as a secretary, is always available if her father needs help, and does volunteer time with a reading group at the local nursing home. Her biggest secret (and current conundrum) is her second job and true love, her life as a romance author. Unfortunately, she’s got writer’s block as big as a house, and publishers breathing down her neck for the next book. Griffin Black is a tattooed, motorcycle riding K-9 MP. He’s different than any man Val has ever known, and at first glance, most people would think he’s a bad boy. Far from that – he’s busy with work and training a new dog, and has just moved his mother into the local nursing home from California after her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. With her neighbor recuperating at the nursing home, her puppy Sweet Cheeks is in Val’s care. Unfortunately, the exuberant puppy nearly caused Val to run Griffin off the road. These two are wonderfully paired – both with an openness and desire for more, even as they are dealing with their own issues. Val is outwardly very caring, perhaps even a touch of a pushover as she’s careful to never disappoint. Griffin seems very controlled and structured, until you see the motorcycle and the obvious distress that his mother’s condition is causing. With input from the ladies of Val’s book club in the nursing home, their joy when they discover she also writes and the stories they demand, the clever use of the dogs and even Val’s struggles for her next story idea are just wonderful. What starts out as a light read hides surprising depth and moments of deep feeling, perfectly fitting into the series. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Marichus-Real More than 1 year ago
I was given a gifted copy by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Val is a romance writer who has been having a writer’s block for six months and needs a summer romance to get inspiration back. Griffin is a K-9 police officer who trains dogs for the military. He lives with Trooper his adopted K-9 dog retired from service. Griffin’s mother suffers from Alzheimer and she is in a nursing home. One thing I don’t understand is why Val is always referring to Griffin as a bad boy. I don’t think just because someone has tattoos and rides a bike, has to be a bad boy. Something negative in the story is the continuous references to Val being the preacher’s daughter and her writing of steamy romances, and Griffin’s adoption. I understand those references are important for the characters but they are too repetitive. There were a lot of things going on at the same time and the author did a great job weaving them together. I loved Griffin’s relationship with the dogs. It was so sweet to see how he cared for them. And I loved Val spending time with the people in the nursing home, reading to them or simply talking to them so they didn’t feel so lonely. The end is so emotional I couldn’t hold my tears from coming down my cheeks. I could feel the hurt, the sorrow, the sadness for several pages. A book worth reading.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
This is spin on a classic tale of a bad boy courting the preachers daughter. Griffin tattooed, motorcycle driving military policeman in the K-9 unit who is learning how to care for his adoptive mother who has early onset Alzheimer's. He fled home to join the military when he learned he was adopted. Val is a preacher's daughter who works as a elementary teacher who has published an romance novel. She is having writer's block and is filling her time by volunteering at the local nursing home. Griffin meets Val there and although they get off to a rough start, both recognize the attraction between them. They strike an unusual deal that helps Val with a retiree's dog and she will spend time with Griffin's mom. As they grow closer, it becomes harder for them to resist their attraction. When they give into their feelings will Griffin and Val relationship go the distance or will it be a fun fling that ends with the summer? I enjoyed Welcoming the Bad Boy and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this book. The story was engaging and well paced. The main characters drew me in and I was cheering their happy ending on. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Sweet, sexy, & heartwarming! I loved this book because it wasn't just about a sexual relationship (not that I mind those at all ;)) The book showcased how important all the relationships in our life are, how they mold us & make us who we are. I also loved this story for a personal reason, I am a PK & I felt so many of the feelings Val shared as both a child & now as an adult. I loved seeing Val & Griffin grow together & find a real relationship with each other. This is the 3rd book in the Hero's Welcome series but can be read as a stand alone. Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
(This is the third book in this series - after Welcome to Forever and Welcome Home Cowboy - but it can be read on its own. Val and Griffin are friends with the couples from the first two books, and they make the occasional appearance, but their storylines don't come into play here. Although it is nice to get an update on their relationships :) ) I did find this one to be a little lighter of a read than the first two books. Griffin has issues with his mom and Val has a difficult relationship with her dad, but overall this came off as a little more of a traditional contemporary romance than what we've seen before. Since they have friends that are in relationships together, Griffin and Val are aware of each other but they haven't spent any time together. A freak meeting puts them on a collision course that quickly turns flirtatious. It's a slow burn as they get to know each other and we get to know them a little better. Spending time together has them evaluating a few things and making some decisions about their lives & the relationships that they hold dear. Val is keeping her career as an author secret from everyone and you know that some how that is going to bite her. I will say that I didn't feel that part of the book was handled completely. And she also makes some decisions that doesn't make that much sense if she wants to keep it a secret ... although maybe she was just aching to get caught. The parts with her relationship with Griffin and her time with the people at the retirement community, even the stuff with her dad that needed to be addressed before she could truly be free (and which needed about three more paragraphs to really satisfy me), are wonderful. But the author thing only worked for me in spots. It wasn't enough to cause me trouble but it did make me shake my head here and there :) With sexy and fun characters, entertaining and flirtatious interactions mixed with heart and emotion when it comes to those who mean the most to them, Rains delivers another heart warming love story. And you just know she's got a couple more good ones up her sleeve. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this story & the series.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars Welcoming the Bad Boy was a beautiful and heartwarming read. From the first page I was drawn in with these endearing characters. It warmed my heart watching Valerie and Griffin connect and move from friends to lovers. Both Val and Griffin had big hearts, they loved hard and totally belonged together. I'm really enjoying the Hero's Welcome series, each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them.
TanyaAtkinson More than 1 year ago
Having read the previous two entries in the Welcome Heroes series, I was excited to continue with another story set in the fictional military town of Seaside, NC. As the daughter of a preacher, Val has always felt the pressure to live up to her father's high standards. A school secretary by day, Val writes romance novels under a pseudonym by night, knowing it would be looked down upon by her father. Griffin has just moved his estranged mother to a nursing home in Seaside and has no interest in a serious relationship. But when these two come together they both find the unexpected. Val feels suffocated by her role as preacher's daughter and the type of men her father would find suitable. Meeting Griffin at a time when she's in serious need of inspiration for her novel seems like perfect timing. Meanwhile Griffin, a military police officer with the K-9 unit, has his hands full with work and his mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's. Brought together again and again by the dog Val is caring for and by her volunteer work at the nursing home where Griffin's mother is living, the two enter into a summer fling. While I never saw any evidence of Griffin being a "bad boy" (do tattoos and a motorcycle automatically make a bad boy?), I enjoyed watching these two characters come together. Griffin in particular was an empathetic character. His interactions with his mother were heartbreaking and emotional. I loved the evolution of Griffin and Val's relationship and watching as they reached their happy ever after. Welcoming the Bad Boy was another thoroughly enjoyable entry in the Welcome Heroes series. Readers (and dog lovers!) who like their romance on the sweet and light side will love this one. Welcoming the Bad Boy is the third in a series but can easily be read as a stand-alone.
belllla More than 1 year ago
Welcoming the bad boy is one sweet romance. Interesting story with interesting plot with funny but also heartbreaking moments. I loved the characters they were well develop and easy to fall in love. They had insane chemistry and it was really effortlessly to read about them, the pages had flown them self. I loved Val she was funny, carrying and had a good hearted it is no wonder that Griffin fell in love with her. Griffin was hot and I liked his effort to seduce Val. I loved the end. Easy light funny read. Recommended. *ARC provided by Netgalley and author in exchange for an honest review
JenPH More than 1 year ago
Welcoming the Bad Boy is the third full-length novel in the Annie Rains-penned Hero's Welcome series from Loveswept. This latest addition is about school secretary Valerie Hunt, who was introduced to readers in the first novel, Welcome to Forever, and military K-9 officer Griffin Black, who we met in the second novel, Welcome Home, Cowboy. Valerie and Griffin complete their respective triumvirate of friends in the series, so there's a part of me that thinks this could be the series ender. However, there are two supporting characters who have caught my attention--Beth Phillips, Lawson Phillips's sister and introduced in book two, and Troy Matthews, Griffin Black's friend and fellow military K-9 officer and introduced here in book three. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but no harm in putting it out there. Ehem, ehem. Val Hunt is spending her summer break trying to finish the first draft for Sophie Evans's next novel. The pen name gives her a measure of anonymity and she's pretty sure that people wouldn't believe she was the type to write love stories with sex scenes. After all, she's the daughter of a preacher and her father certainly wouldn't approve of her being a romance novelist. One thing she's also sure he wouldn't approve of? Tattooed military badass Griffin Black, who is every bit the kind of guy she fantasizes about but would never dare date. But spending time with Griffin provides her the spark of inspiration she needs to work through her writer's block and there's no harm in a fling. After all, it's just for the summer...right? But dogs, volunteer work, and dating between the good girl and the bad boy may just lead them to fall in love. I'm a sucker for dogs and this story had three and each one had a distinct personality that made them all the more endearing. Of course, I didn't like the book just for the canines. There was a deeper story involving Val and Griffin and their respective issues with their only living parent. Griffin's mother suffers from Alzheimer's and he hopes for one lucid moment where she remembers him so he can apologize for disappointing her. On the other hand, Val believes her father sees her as nothing more than the daughter who didn't meet his high expectations. As temporary as they both thought their romance to be, these two were perfect together and I liked how they were able to bond over more than their mutual attraction. Welcoming the Bad Boy is my favorite in the Hero's Welcome series and it easily gets 4.5 out of five stars. ♥
Momscookingthebooks More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Hero’s Welcome series, but as with the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone. Characters from the previous books make an appearance, but it does not impact this story in any way. I was surprised that I enjoyed this story more than Welcome Home Cowboy. I think it’s because I like the bad boy vibe, however, you can’t judge a book by its cover. What I mean by this is Griffin looks the part of the bad boy with his tattoos, motorcycle and he appears broody, but he is so much more. He is a member of the military police K-9 unit and he even adopted his previous canine partner when he was retired. He is currently training a new partner that is struggling with obeying certain commands, which frustrates Griffin because he knows the consequences if the dog doesn’t obey those commands, he is either adopted out or put down depending on the outcome of his supervisors’ review. Valerie is a school secretary during the school year, however, she has a secret that she has told no one about, even her best friends. She is a best-selling romance author under the pen name that she referred to as her alter ego, Sophie Evans. She writes her books while she is on summer break and she has a deadline coming up and she has writers block. She has seen Griffin around at Hero’s a local bar on occasion, but has never talked to him until she almost ran him off the road while trying to get her friend and neighbor’s dog off her lap while driving. Her neighbor (Alma) is elderly and fell after tripping over Sweet Cheeks (the dog). Griffin under the guise of giving her pointers on how to train the unruly dog, tries to woo Valerie. Alma (recovering from her broken hip) is in the same nursing home that Griffin’s mom is at, she has early stage Alzheimer’s. Griffin just moved her to Seaside, North Carolina from California so she can be close to him. She doesn’t know who Griffin is and can’t accept that he is her son. This really bother’s Griffin as he has unfinished business with his mother, who he hasn’t talked to in 10 years. Valerie volunteers at the nursing home reading to the ladies in the book club. She has taken up what her mother had done years ago. Valerie’s mom died when Valerie was 9 from cancer. Being the only child of the town preacher, Valerie has obligations to the church that her father is constantly volunteering her for. Her relationship is strained with her father and she can never seem to please him. Griffin is interested in knowing more about Valerie, but he feels that he shouldn’t get into a relationship with the obligations he has to his job and his mother, however, he is drawn to her. Valerie is looking at Griffin as a muse, but she also would like to have a summer fling with him. He could provide her with all kinds of vivid ideas! This book had me swooning with Griffin’s efforts to court Valerie. He was so sweet to her. There was a lot of fun banter and teasing between them and I had a few laugh out loud moments. There was sweet heat and sexy times that were steamy! There are lessons to be learned in this book too, I won’t get into it, but definitely life lessons. There were parts that made my heart hurt for the characters and their predicaments. This is such a beautiful love story between two people who felt they couldn’t find room in their lives for love. I highly recommend this sweet military romance! I can’t wait to see who is next!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
This story resonates with me on so many levels, it hit me directly to the heart and took a good hold of it. Considering I am a romance novel loving preacher's daughter, who worked in a nursing home for three years to save money for college, and who's both parents have a disease that affects their memory, you can just imagine the connection I had with the characters, the story itself and world it created. I loved both Valerie and Griffin, together and as characters. Their chemistry was off the charts, they were so good together, caring, sweet, protective, helping each other, supporting each other, and then when they get together, and the heat level rises, it was so amazing I could feel it at the bottom of my being. And I might have whimpered a little, because really, hot and sweet and adorable and steamy and sexy all at the same time, so beautifully written, it just took my breath away. Both Valerie and Griffin has been labeled, not necessarily by who they are, but by their appearances or by their family. The bad boy and preacher's daughter together might have gotten some raise their eyebrows, but when you get to know them, the kindness, sweetness, caring side, or the adventures, daring, sexy side, you know they are nothing but perfect together. They both have a difficult relationship with their parent, something they both actively tried to work on while supporting the other in their efforts. They listen to each other and tried so hard to find a way to overcome the challenges, to make a peace with their parents and find a way to live with the past mistakes. From fun humorous moments to heartache and grief, to deliciously delectable and delightful swoon-worthy romance, and the most adorable dogs on the side, this story captured my heart and left me enamored. ~ Five Spoons
BookPlusHeart More than 1 year ago
Out of the three A Hero's Welcome Series, I think this one was so far my favorite. We have well-developed characters with an important back story that is addressed within the text. Our two protagonist have family obstacles that need to be resolved before they can truly allow themselves to open up fully to someone. The story alternates POV’s between Griffin and Val. I have come to like that a great deal, because we (as the readers) see how their internal thoughts evolve. Griffin and Val are so endearing. You love Griffin. He is your bad boy with all that roughness and hard exterior, but once you get to know him he is a complete softy. He is a K-9 Marine Cop. His partner and constant companion is his dog. He is training a new dog named Jaws, because his other partner, Trooper, has now retired from the military. Trooper has become Griffin’s pet at home. I love when we have some animals in a story. They have their own personalities that shine through the pages. Griffin’s family obstacle is his Mother. He found out some startling facts when he was about the head to college that shook his whole world. Ever since then, he hasn’t spoken to his mother. Now she is ill and Griffin guilt over his mother weights him down in all other accepts of his life. It isn’t till he finally is able to talk to her and have a real conversation that the burned is able to be lifted. Till then he struggles to find a balance between helping his mother and his strong attraction to Val. Val was born and raised in Seaside. Her father is a pastor for one of the churches in the area. Their relationship has been estranged since the death of her mother. Even though she still attends his congregation and helps him out with church duties, she still seeks for his constant approval. This need to please her father makes her hide facts about herself from everyone. The main secret she harbors is the fact that she is a romance writer, and a popular one at that. It isn’t till the-cat-is-out-of-the-bag that she finally finds herself face to face with her biggest fear – her father shunning her or criticizing her for her art. Full Review available at bookplusheart.co
LaurenOBN More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed getting to know these two characters more and thought they were perfect for each other. The past characters really didn't play large parts in this third installment, which kind of bummed me out. I really love romanced that feature a tight-knit group of friends. Overall, Welcoming the Bad Boy was a quick and light-hearted read. It was the perfect summer read and a great addition to this sweet series.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I have read by Annie Rains, I was not aware that this was the third book in a series and I feel that this was easily read as a stand-alone novel. Valerie Hunt is a stereotypical good girl daughter of a preacher. She volunteers at the church (or rather her father volunteers her services), she's a school secretary, she volunteers at the local old people's home and when an elderly lady falls and breaks her hip she volunteers to look after the lady's puppy. But Val has a secret, an alter-ego, unknown to any of her friends and family she is the steamy romantic novelist Sophie Evans. It's the summer holidays and Val is weeks behind deadline on her latest book but she just can't seem to find any inspiration. Griffin Black is the epitome of a bad boy. He's tattooed, rides a motor bike and looks like he knows how to show a girl a good time. He is also a K9 officer in the Military Police. Griffin and Val know each other but they have never moved in the same circles, although in the quiet of her own home Val might, just might, admit that she finds Griffin more than a little intriguing. Griffin left home at eighteen and joined the Marines when he found out a secret about his past and he has never come back or been in regular contact with his family since. Until his mother is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease, now he's afraid that his intellectual mother may never recognise him again. He is desperate to apologise for his behaviour and tell his mother he loves her so he has moved back to town and spends as much time as he can at the home where his mother is being cared for. Val and Griffin almost literally run into each other when Val is distracted by the puppy, Sweet Thing. Brought together by a mutual need for each other's skills, Val's friendship with Griffin's mother and Griffin's K9 training ability, Val soon finds a rich source of inspiration in the sexy bad boy. Soon Val justifies a relationship with Griffin as a summer fling, something to help her deliver her book on time, but she never imagines that Griffin could want more. Griffin has always felt 'not good enough'. Not clever enough, always getting into trouble, a disappointment to his family and not the sort of guy that women date. This book could easily have strayed into cutesy territory with its goody two-shoes heroine, unruly puppy, forthright geriatrics and a full size blow-up man. Yet Annie Rains keeps the absurd under control. Griffin was such a lovable hero and I confess I did well up at some of the interchanges between him and his mother. Although Val could have come across as too good to be true, instead she felt like that friend we all have, the one is just the nicest. kindest person we know. I really enjoyed this novel and I will look out for the previous books in the series, recommended for anyone who likes a bad boy meets preacher's daughter romance. I received a free copy of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Just okay. I was really looking forward to this one--secret romance author! K-9 military cop!--but never really felt like it lived up to its potential. I really didn't feel the romance between Griffin and Val--honestly, there was a lot more emotion invested in Griffin's relationship with his mom (she's suffering from Alzheimer's and doesn't remember him most days) and his relationships with his dogs than between the hero and heroine. When they were on the page together, it just felt...blah. They said the right things, but it didn't seem like they really felt them. The good girl/bad boy aspect was played up a lot--but Griffin was about as far from "bad" as you can get. Sure, he had tattoos and rode a motorcycle and didn't always shave, but apart from that he was a real stand up guy who worked hard, loved his mom, and wanted to do right by her because he'd let her down in the past. Very little "bad boy" here at all--aside from the title. I liked the second book in the series ( Welcome Home, Cowboy ), but just didn't feel the same connection with this one. Hopefully it's a one-off; I'd still read more from the series and author. Book 3, but would be fine read as a standalone. Rating: 2 1/2 stars / C- I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
snoopypeach More than 1 year ago
This was a fantastic read! You will laugh, sigh, and have your heart broken, and your heart warmed. This story combines just the right amount of cute, funny and sexy moments. Val and Griffin together are a perfect match and their chemistry is off the charts steamy. The love scenes are well written and sensual. The storyline is easy to follow and the emotion tied up in the pages makes this story shine. I really enjoyed all the scenes involving the dogs and the K-9 training, it was interesting and it really added another layer to the story and to the individual characters. Also the way Alzheimer's was depicted is spot on, I work with these patients every day, and the author does a wonderful job of showing how it effects everyone around the person. The only drawback for me was with Val and her struggle not to "disappoint" her father. I see where the sentiment is coming from and agree with respecting your parent, but at 30 years old I think she should have been looking to her own heart and mind more than what her pastor father would expect. It just seemed like a lot of her choices and decisions were more like a teen still living at home. But even with that being said I truly enjoyed the story. I think it has a lot to offer anyone who loves romance, a good emotional read with bursts of laughter or just a well written engaging story. Received a copy for an honest review.
disneytothemax More than 1 year ago
Thanks to Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via NetGalley for a copy of this book! Welcoming the Bad Boy is book 3 in the Hero's Welcome series! Valerie is a preacher's daughter. She volunteers at a nursing home and is a secretary at the local elementary school. She's such a sweet ray of sunshine and a good girl, right? Well, Valerie has a dark side (in her father's eyes anyway), she writes romance with steamy scenes! She's content writing, but one day she almost runs over a handsome, hunky biker. Will she now want to act out what she only writes about? Griffin couldn't believe someone almost hit him! However, he's not upset when he learns the reason why Valerie almost hit him. He's a member of the military K-9 unit and insist on training the puppy that distracted Valerie and almost killed him in the process. Sounds like a great plan, at first but, there's definitely fireworks between them. How's he going to stay focused on training and not Valerie! Loved this book! The characters were amazing and the whole story was very well told!
Mgrabeel More than 1 year ago
What happens when reality and fantasy collide? Valerie Hunt is the preacher's daughter. She also has a secret life as Sophie Evans, the romance novelist. She lives her life for everyone else, her friends, her dad, his parishioners. Her romantic relationships don't hold her interest. Griffin Black is the quintessential bad boy down to his tattoos and his motorcycle. After being stationed nearby, he moves his ailing mother to be closer to him. He never wanted a relationship with a woman that lasted longer than his sheets being warmed but there is something about the preacher's daughter that he can't shake. I was immediately intrigued with this book. I loved how Valerie tried to maintained the two parts of her life and tried to keep them from intertwining. Griffin was created in such a way that I couldn't not love him. He was so much more than the bad boy. The writing of this book was great. There was some comedy interspersed throughout and I was kept highly entertained until the end. I have't read any other books by this author but look forward to finding more gems.
Jolie More than 1 year ago
Before I start my review, I want to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group-Loveswept for allowing me to review Welcoming the Bad Boy. **All opinions stated in this review are mine and mine alone. I received Welcoming the Bad Boy from NetGalley through Random House Publishing Group-Loveswept as an ARC for my honest and unbiased review** Now, onto my review: I LOVED this book. absolutely freaking loved it. I normally don’t say this about books in a series if I haven’t read the first 3 books but I will say it about this one. The beginning was hilarious (well at least to me it was). Val is taking care of her friend’s Pomeranian, Sweet Cheeks (OMG, THE NAME!!!) while she is in a nursing home recovering from a hip replacement. Because of Sweet Cheeks, Val almost runs down a motorcyclist, who happens to be Griffin. Sparks fly immediately and the story takes off from there. Griffin offers to train Sweet Cheeks (he trains dogs for the military K9 unit on base) in exchange for Val to help him with his mother. See, Griffin’s mother has Alzheimer’s and has no memory of him. All he wants is for his mother to remember him so he can apologize for their last encounter. I will admit this, I cried during parts of this book. And not sniffles and tears wiped away with my fingers. I ugly cried. Like legit ugly cried during Griffin and his mother’s scenes. The heartbreak, the regret came right off pages and into my heart. I will say that I couldn’t stand Val’s father. I understand his wife died when Val was younger but he was so cold towards her and very unsupportive of her dreams. So I really didn’t get into his miraculous turn around at the end. If I hadn’t of looked this book up, I wouldn’t have known it was the 3rd book in a series. You can read this as a stand alone. 3 things I liked about Welcoming the Bad Boy: Val and Griffin’s romance Val’s alter ego the storyline 3 things I disliked about Welcoming the Bad Boy: Val’s father Alzheimer’s disease It made me ugly cry How many stars will I give Welcoming the Bad Boy? 5 Why? I absolutely loved this book. It had everything. Great sex, people falling in love over the course of a month and the plot was fantastic. I LOVED the ending (read the book!!!) Will I reread it? Absolutely Will I recommend to family and friends? Yes Age range: Adult Why? Lots of steamy sex scenes. Is the book part of a series. Yes, it is book 3. The other books are: Welcome to Forever Welcome to Forever–Starting Today (Short story about Micah and Kat) Welcome Home, Cowboy
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
Griffin Black. Tattooed, motorcycle-riding Marine. One look at him and you think bad boy. Except that there’s more to Griffin than that. He’s an accomplished K-9 MP who is dedicated to the dogs he’s training and partnered with just as much as he’s dedicated to righting some wrongs with his mother, who has early onset Alzheimer’s. Valerie Hunt. Preacher’s daughter, volunteer at the nursing home, secretary at the elementary school. One look at her and you think good girl. Except that there’s more to Val than that. She secretly writes romance and she doesn’t have a perfect relationship with her preacher father. Val and Griffin have been on the periphery of each other for some time now. When they officially meet when Val runs him off the road because of the dog she’s watching, it’s like fireworks. Neither is looking for a relationship but no-strings attached never works with a couple with this much chemistry. This book pulled me from the beginning and I finished it in one sitting. I was connected to the characters and felt their pain and happiness. This is my first book by this author and it definitely will not be the last! *I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
Mollien More than 1 year ago
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5 Rating: 4 stars out of 5 This is the third book of this series of stand alone novels about the military town of Seaside, North Carolina. It is the second book that I have read of this series, and I may have to check out the book that I missed. This story revolves around Griffin Black, a military police officer in the K-9 unit, and Valerie Hunt, school secretary, daughter of the local minister and secret romance writer. The plot of the story has Griffin and Valerie fighting their mutual attraction. Griffin is the bad boy with the tattoos who rides a motorcycle. Even though Valerie has the good girl image, she keeps hidden the wild girl that reads and writes romance books, and an attraction to bad boys that would shock her conservative, preacher father. Suffering from writer's block, Valerie finds some hot inspiration in the man that has become a part of her life. The chemistry between Griffin and Valerie is hot from the beginning. The book moves along at a steady pace, building to a sweet romantic HEA ending. The characters not only grow to develop strong relationships with each other, but with their parents. Both Griffin and Valerie have strained relationships with their parents. Griffin with his once vibrant mother who doesn’t recognize him due to her advance Alzheimer's. Valerie with her strict, religious, father who has kept his distance and approval from Valerie since the death of her mother. This is a sweet, moving story that is worth reading. SCORES on a scale of 1-5 Stars rate each of the Following 5 Categories PLOT: 4 Stars CHEMISTRY: 4 Stars PACING: 4 Stars ENDING: 4 Stars CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: 4 Stars Review Copy of Welcoming the Bad Boy provided by the Loveswept for an honest review. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club
PrincessThuy1 More than 1 year ago
This is the second Annie Rains book I have read and I liked this story so much better than the last one I read. There were a few heartfelt moments in this story that brought a tear to my eye as well as a bad boy Marine with a sweet heart and a sweet preacher's daughter with a naughty side. Overall the story was sweet and hot. Unlike Welcome Home, Cowboy, there were lots of love scenes in this story that I would expect in any other romance novel and I loved that fantasies were being fulfilled. The ending felt a bit rushed but their HEA was reached anyway so I was happy. There were some story line elements that the author touched upon but didn't really elaborate on that I thought she should have but it didn't really take away from the story. ***SPOILER alert so stop reading here if you don't want to know what story element I though could have been elaborated on*** There were two items that I found that needed to be written more about. One, Griffin had offered to help Val train her dog but there were never any scenes of him doing that at all. He did it like once before his agreement so I thought that was kind of odd. Two, towards the end when his partner was hurt there wasn't much said about his recovery except for a phone call. For someone who loved his partner and spent the whole story trying to work with him, having one phone call stating he'll make a full recovery didn't seem enough for me.
RobertaCapizzi More than 1 year ago
Wow. Another amazing book by the author of Welcome To Forever and Welcome Home Cowboy. If you've enjoyed the previous books in this beautiful series, you will definitely love Griffin and Valerie's story. If you haven't, this could be your chance to discover a wonderful series that will have you swoon, laugh, maybe even shed a tear or two at some points, and warm your heart and all the way down to your toes (watch out for a bit of heat here and there, too!). I'll start this review by saying I'm not a fan of bad boys-the tattooed, heart-breaking, badass heroes that so many women drool after. Well, Griffin Black technically isn't really a bad boy at all, and I just couldn't help falling for him from the very first scene and a little more with every page I read. I liked Valerie back in book one, so I was looking forward to her story, and I'm happy the author didn't disappoint my expectations. I suffered with her, felt her frustration and insecurities, and by seeing Griffin through her writer's eyes and imagination, I couldn't help falling for him alongside with her. The story, as it's customary in this series, is a mix of heart-warming, emotional, funny and sexy moments all woven together to create a book you just won't be able to put down until you've reached the last page - and even then, you might end up wishing for a few more pages (or chapters). I know I did! From the very first chapter to the last page, I laughed, swooned, was close to tears, blushed a little and eventually was left with fuzzy feelings enveloping me. The characters from book one and book two are back (yay for Micah and Lawson, Kat and Julie!) and new characters are introduced - including some adorable police dogs that stole my heart almost as fast as Griffin did. I have to say, this book is way sexier than the others, but well, Griffin is supposedly a bad boy and Valerie is a romance author who needs real-life inspiration to get over writer's block, so... desperate times call for desperate measures! In short, if you're looking for a sexy book boyfriend and a relatable heroine, an intense story and a beautiful happy ending, look no further: Welcoming The Bad Boy is the book for you! And if you haven't, go back and read the previous books, too. I promise the men of Seaside will sweep you off your feet. ***I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
One look at Griffin Black and you see bad boy, but there's more to him than meets the eye. Sure he has tattoos, owns a motorcycle and looks the part, but underneath your first impression of him you find a caring man with a heart of gold. His job has brought him to North Carolina, to work as a Marine canine trainer, and also gives him an opportunity to spend some time with his ailing mother. When his life literally collides with Valerie Hunt's alongside the road, he knows he can't let her go... there is just something about her that intrigues him. Valerie Hunt has live her life according to her father's rules far long enough, she wants to experience things in life, that don't come from his good book and she has every intention of making it happen. For so long she's done everything she can to live up to his expectations, but she's tired on living her life according to his terms, she yearns to live out her wildest fantasies, and the minute Griffin Black walks into her life she knows he may just be the man to help her with that! This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I can say with complete certainty that it won't be my last! I was really impressed with the writing style, and how easy it was for me to just fall right into the story, and get pulled into it right away. The story line was unlike anything else I have read in the past, which made for a refreshing change of pace, it captivated my attention right away and kept me flying through the pages. I devoured this sexy and sweet little read in one sitting! Highly recommend this one, Ms. Rain's endearing characters will steal your heart and leave you with a smile on your face! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.