Welding in Energy-Related Projects

Welding in Energy-Related Projects

by Sam Stuart

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ISBN-13: 9781483145136
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 502
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About the Author

Professor Yong Zhou is a recognized expert in the field of non-linear difference equations and their applications in China. He was Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations over 2007-2011, and is present Guest Editor at Optimization (T&F), Nonlinear Dynamics and Journal of Vibration and Control (Sage), and at Elsevier former Guest Editor of Computers&Mathematics with Applications over 2010-2012 and Applied Mathematics and Computation over 2014-2015.

Table of Contents


Materials and Weldability of Steels for Energy Structures

Properties of Welds in Thick Section Nb-Containing Steels

Development of Normalized and Aged Mn-Mo-V-Nb Steel for Fittings

Development of Heavy Wall High Strength Bent Pipe for Arctic Usage

Steels for Pipes Over Grade X 70 and Their Weldability

The Weldability of Rare-Earth Treated Linepipe Steel

Solidification Cracking Prevention in Pipeline Girth Welding of Low Carbon Steel

Development of Low PCM X70 Grade Line Pipe for Prevention of Cracking at Girth Welding

Field Weldability of Thick Section Material


Pipeline Girth Welding Using the Flux-Cored Arc Welding Process

A New High-Speed Circumferential Root Pass Welding for Pipeline Construction

Position Butt Welding of Technological Pipelines of Power Engineering Structures

Automatic Welding of Pipelines With the "Satume" Process on a Laybarge

Quality of Welds in Large Diameter Pipe Joined by Flash Butt Welding

Resources-Saving Technology of Position Automatic Flux-Cored Wire Welding of Gas Pipelines With a Forced Weld Formation

Automated Welding Development for Electrical Power Plant Maintenance and Construction

The Potential Use of Non-Arc Welding Processes in Energy Related Fabrications

Minimum Holding Time for Normalizing of Electroslag Weldments

Control Systems

Integrated Robotic Welding through Real Time IR Vision

On Line Weld Penetration Measurement Using an Infrared Sensor

Microprocessor Technology in Automatic Integrated Welding Systems

Protection System against Electrical Shock Hazard for SMAW Welders

High-Alloy Systems

Four Energy-Related Case Stories of Using Stainless Welding Consumables

New Welding Filler Metals for the Welding of Girth Welds on Pipelines of Corrosion-Resistant CrNiMoN-Duplex Steels

Weldability of Duplex Structure 12Cr-(Mo,W) Steels

Welding 304L Stainless Steel Tubing Having Variable Penetration Characteristics

Weld Pool Geometry Variation in GTA Welding of Austenitic Stainless Steel

Welding Procedure Optimization

Narrow Gap Welds Using under Strength Weld Material

Offshore Structures for the North Sea: HAZ Hardness Requirements and Practical Implications

Integrity of Non-Post-Weld Heat Treated Heavy Section Weld Repairs

Inadequate Field Welding Procedures Lead to Marine Boiler Superheater Header Failures

Submerged Arc Strip Overlay Welding of 2.25-Cr-1Mo Steel

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Quality Assurance in the Fabrication of Offshore Structures

Codes, Specifications and Training for Quality Assurance of Piping

"...... Because of QA"

Ultrasonic Debris Scanner in Energy Plant Piping

Consumables and Properties

The Properties of Pipeline Girth Welds Produced by Arc Welding Processes

The Toughness of Mechanized Gas Metal Arc Welds

The Selection of Welding Consumables and the Development of Welding Procedures for Steels for Offshore Constructions

Non Iron Powder NI-Bearing Electrodes for Low Temperature Environments

Fracture Toughness of Weld Heat Affected Zones (HAZs) in Steels Used in Constructing Offshore Platforms


Residual Stresses at Girth Welds in Pipes

Strain Analysis of Hot Tap Branch Connections under External Loadings

Common Misconceptions in the Fatigue Design of Welded Steel Joints

Modified Design Rules for Fatigue Performance of Offshore Structures


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