Well-Being: Positive Development Across the Life Course

Well-Being: Positive Development Across the Life Course

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This volume derived from original presentations given at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia, under the auspices of the Center for Child Well-Being. Scholars, practitioners, public health professionals, and principals in the child development community convened to address a science-based framework for elements of well-being and how the elements might be developed across the life course.

Integrating physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains, Well-Being is the first scientific book to consider well-being holistically. Focusing on a set of core strengths grouped within these three domains, the book also includes a fourth section on developmental strengths through adulthood that broadly examines a continuum of health and development, as well as transitions in well-being. This volume takes a developmental perspective across the life course, describing foundational strengths for well-being--the capacities that can be actively developed, supported, or learned. These foundational strengths--problem solving, emotional regulation, and physical safety--are the positive underpinnings of early child health and development, as well as ongoing well-being across the life course. Working together and blending their respective disciplinary perspectives and expertise, 53 experts in psychology, sociology, child development, and medicine have contributed to the book.

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ISBN-13: 9781135641214
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 02/26/2003
Series: Crosscurrents in Contemporary Psychology Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 624
File size: 2 MB

Table of Contents

Contents: M.H. Bornstein, Series Prologue. W.H. Foege, Foreword. K.A. Moore, C.L.M. Keyes, A Brief History of Well-Being in Children and Adults. E.L. Pollard, M.L. Rosenberg, The Strength-Based Approach to Child Well-Being: Let's Begin With the End in Mind. J.F. Zaff, D.C. Smith, M.F. Rogers, C.H. Leavitt, T.G. Halle, M.H. Bornstein, Holistic Well-Being and the Developing Child. Part I:Physical Domain. C.H. Leavitt, T.F. Tonniges, M.F. Rogers, Good Nutrition: The Imperative for Positive Development. T.F. Tonniges, C.H. Leavitt, Preventive Health Care in Early Childhood and Throughout the Life Span. J.M. Conner, Physical Activity and Well-Being. D.A. Sleet, J.A. Mercy, Promotion of Safety, Security, and Well-Being. J.M. Conner, J.E. Dewey, Reproductive Health. B.G. Simons-Morton, D.L. Haynie, Growing up Drug Free: A Developmental Challenge. Part II:Social-Emotional Domain. T.G. Halle, Emotional Development and Well-Being. W.G. Graziano, R.M. Tobin, Emotional Regulation From Infancy Through Adolescence. L.J. Bridges, Coping as an Element of Developmental Well-Being. L.J. Bridges, Autonomy as an Element of Developmental Well-Being. L.J. Bridges, Trust, Attachment, and Relatedness. M.J. Cox, K.S.M. Harter, Parent-Child Relationships. B.L. Volling, Sibling Relationships. W.M. Bukowski, Peer Relationships. J.F. Zaff, E.C. Hair, Positive Development of the Self: Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, and Identity. N. Eisenberg, Prosocial Behavior, Empathy, and Sympathy. Part III:Cognitive Domain. R.V. Kail, Information Processing and Memory. N. Wentworth, S.L. Witryol, Curiosity, Exploration, and Novelty-Seeking. K.D. Jennings, L.J. Dietz, Mastery Motivation and Goal Persistence in Young Children. R.S. Siegler, Thinking and Intelligence. D.C. Smith, Problem Solving as an Element of Developmental Well-Being. B. MacWhinney, M.H. Bornstein, Language and Literacy. S.B. Plank, D.J. MacIver, Educational Achievement. D.A. Hart, D.A. Burock, B.E. London, A.M. Miraglia, Moral Development in Childhood. E. Winner, Creativity and Talent. Part IV:Adult Development Domain. J. Eccles, J. Templeton, B. Barber, M. Stone, Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: The Critical Passage Ways to Adulthood. E.L. Schneider, L. Davidson, Physical Health and Adult Well-Being. D.C. Reitzes, Social and Emotional Engagement in Adulthood. D.M. Isaacowitz, M.E.P. Seligman, Cognitive Styles and Well-Being in Adulthood and Old Age. C.L.M. Keyes, M.B. Waterman, Dimensions of Well-Being and Mental Health in Adulthood. Part V:Overarching Issues and Themes. R.M. Lerner, M.H. Bornstein, D.C. Smith, Child Well-Being: From Elements to Integration. L. Davidson, M.L. Rosenberg, K.A. Moore, Well-Being and the Future: Using Science Based Knowledge to Inform Practice and Policy.

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