Weronika Ratusinska: Chamber Music

Weronika Ratusinska: Chamber Music


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Weronika Ratusinska: Chamber Music

The music of Polish composer Weronika Ratusinska (born 1977) bears little relationship to the traditions of her national predecessors like Lutoslawski or Penderecki. It sounds much more closely related to American post-minimalism, some pieces reminiscent of John Adams, some of Terry Riley, and some of Steve Reich. Her "String Quartet No. 2, Last Moments," particularly the last movement, is strikingly Reichian in its harmonies, use of canon, and juxtaposed repeating patterns, while its feral energy calls Riley's quartets to mind. For a piece that's transparently faux-Reich, though, it's skillfully put together and an engaging listening experience when taken on its own terms. "Nymphs," for the intriguing combination of soprano saxophone and harpsichord, is hardly groundbreaking, but it's endearingly sweet and unprepossessing. Ratusinska's "Concerto for amplified violin, ensemble, and tape" is the CD's most impressive and original piece. The influences of minimalism are still apparent, but processed through a more distinctive personal style. The use of electronics is limited to a few isolated sections, but the effect significantly contributes to the music's impact. The performances are committed, with all the energy the music requires, and the sound is bright and present. The album should be of interest to fans of post-minimalism who don't mind hearing some familiar formulas served up in a slightly updated guise.

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Release Date: 05/27/2008
Label: Dux Recording Prod.
UPC: 5902547005805
catalogNumber: 580


  1. Nymphs, for soprano saxophone & harpsichord
  2. Trio for clarinet, cello & piano
  3. Amarcord, for violin and piano
  4. String Quartet No. 2 "The Last Moments"
  5. Concerto for amplified violin, ensemble & tape

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