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The West: Encounters & Transformations, Volume A (Chapters 1-11) / Edition 2

The West: Encounters & Transformations, Volume A (Chapters 1-11) / Edition 2


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ISBN-13: 9780321384140
Publisher: Longman
Publication date: 02/22/2006
Series: MyHistoryLab Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 8.38(w) x 10.78(h) x 0.62(d)

Table of Contents

“What Is the West?”

The Shifting Borders of the West.

Asking the Right Questions.

1. The Beginnings of Civilizations, 10,000-2000 BCE.

Culture, Agriculture, and Civilization.

The Birth of Civilization in Southwest Asia.

The Emergence of Egyptian Civilizations.

The Transformation of Europe.

Conclusion: Civilization and the West.

Justice in History: Gods and Kings in Mesopotamian Justice.

2. The International Bronze Age and its Aftermath: Trade, Empire, and Diplomacy, 1600-550 BCE.

Civilization of the Nile:  The Egyptian Empire.

Civilizations of Anatolia and Mesopotamia:  The Hittite, Assyrian, and Babylonian Empires.

The Civilizations of the Mediterranean:  The Minoans and the Mycenaeans.

The End of the International Bronze Age and its Aftermath.

Conclusion: The International Bronze Age and the Emergence of the West.

Justice in History: Egyptian Tomb Robbers on Trial.

3. Persians, Hebrews, and Greeks:  The Foundations of Western Culture, 1100-336 BCE.

Persia:  An Empire on Three Continents.

Hebrew Civilization and Religions.

Greece Rebuilds, 1100-479 BCE.

The Classical Age of Greece, 479-336 BCE.

Conclusions: Classical Foundations of the West.

Justice in History: The Trial and Execution of Socrates the Questioner.

Encounters and Transformations:  The Alphabet and Writing in Greece

4. The Hellenistic World and the Roman Republic, 336-31 BCE.

The Warlike Kingdom of Macedon.

Hellenistic Society and Culture.

Rome's Rise to Power.

Beginnings of the Roman Revolution.

Conclusion: Defining the Westin the Hellenistic Age.

Justice in History: A Corrupt Roman Governor Is Convicted of Extortion.

The Human Body in History: Aphrodite of Melos: The Hellenistic Portrayal of the Perfect Female.

5. Enclosing the West: The Early Roman Empire and Its Neighbors: 31 BCE-235 CE.

The Imperial Center.

Life in the Roman Provinces: Assimilation, Resistance and Romanization.

The Frontier and Beyond.

Society and Culture in an Imperial Age.

Conclusion: Rome Shapes the West.

Justice in History: The Trial of Jesus in Historical Perspective.

Encounters and Transformations:  The Roman City:  Agents of Cultural Transformation.

6. Late Antiquity: The Age of New Boundaries, 250-600.

Crisis and Recovery in the Third Century.

Christianizing the Empire.

New Christian Communities and Identities.

The Break-Up of the Roman Empire.

Conclusion: The Age of New Boundaries.

Justice in History: Two Martyrdoms: Culture and Religion on Trial.

The Human Body in History: The Ascetic Alternative.

7. Medieval Empires and Borderlands:  Byzantium and Islam.

Byzantium: The Survival of the Roman Empire.

The New World of Islam.

Conclusion: Three Cultural Realms.

Justice in History: “Judgment Belongs to God Alone”: The Battle and Arbitration at Siffin.

Encounters and Transformations:  Ships of the Desert:  Camels from Morocco to Central Asia.

8. Medieval Empires and Borderlands: The Latin West.

The Birth of Latin Christendom.

The Carolingians.

Invasions and Recovery in the Latin West.

The West in the East:  The Crusades.

Conclusion: An Emerging Unity in the Latin West.

Justice in History: Revealing the Truth: Oaths and Ordeals.

Encounters and Transformations:  Roland the El Cid.

9. Medieval Civilization:  The Rise of Western Europe.

Two Worlds:  Manors and Cities.

The Consolidation of Roman Catholicism.

Strengthening the Center of the West.

Medieval Culture: The Search for Understanding.

Conclusion: Asserting Western Culture.

Justice in History: Inquiring into Heresy: The Inquisition of Montaillou.

The Human Body in History: A Tale of Two Marys.

10. The Medieval West in Crisis.

A Time of Death.

A Cold Wind from the East.

Economic Depression and Social Turmoil.

An Age of Warfare.

A Troubled Church and the Demand for Religious Comfort.

The Culture of Loss.

Conclusion: Looking Inward.

Justice in History: The Trial of Joan of Arc.

The Human Body in History: The Black Death: The Signs of Disease.

11. The Italian Renaissance and Beyond: The Politics of Culture.

The Cradle of the Renaissance: The Italian City-States.

The Influence of Ancient Culture.

Antiquity and Nature in the Arts.

The Early Modern European State System.

Conclusion: The Politics of Culture.

Justice in History: Revenge as Private Justice.

The Human Body in History: The Natural and the Ideal Body in Renaissance Art.


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