B.M. Bower DARK HORSE (Flying U Series # 8 ) B. M. Bower Westerns # 25 ) Western Novels Comparable to Louis L'amour Westerns

B.M. Bower DARK HORSE (Flying U Series # 8 ) B. M. Bower Westerns # 25 ) Western Novels Comparable to Louis L'amour Westerns

by B.M. Bower

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B.M. Bower DARK HORSE (Flying U Series # 8 ) B. M. Bower Westerns # 25 ) Western Novels Comparable to Louis L'amour Westerns by B.M. Bower, B. M. Bower, Other Westerns from Ryetown Classics, Zane Grey,, Max Brand, Hopalong Cassidy

The cowhands of the Flying U ranch attempt to help a mysterious stranger with amnesia.

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BN ID: 2940016082219
Publisher: Ryetown Classics
Publication date: 12/15/2012
Series: WESTERNS Comprehensive Collection of Classic Western Novels , #8
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 759,233
File size: 562 KB

About the Author

B. M. Bower (aka Bertha Muzzy Sinclair) was born in the state of Minnesota in 1871. The Bower family headed west to Montana in 1888 where Bertha became a teacher in Grand Falls. Her first husband's name was Clayton J. Bower, whom she married at the age of nineteen. Around 1900 Bower started to pen short stories, but her novel CHIP OF THE FLYING U was her first commercial success and is still said to most representative of her work. It was unheard of for a woman to write westerns back then, and many thought B.M.Bower was a man. Her writing stands up to Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour.

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Westerns: DARK HORSE, (Flying U Western Series #8) (BM Bower Western Series #30) Comprehensive Collection of Classic Western Novels 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Spottedpine <p> Gender: Tom <p> Age: 36 moons <p> Rank: warrior <p> Former Mentor: Icefire <p> Looks: He has cream-colored fur with brown spots scattered across his pelt. His eyes are deep, chocolate brown. <p> Persona: He is sweet, loving, and cares for his clan a lot. He can occasionally be a bit of a troublemaker, but usually keeps to himself. <p> Kin: Silverbolt(Mother, dead), Moosetail(father, dead), Shiningfoot(sister, dead), Flowernose(sister) <p> Former Mate: Mistyrose(her rper has been grounded for a while) <p> Kits: Patchtooth(inactive) and Crystalpaw <p> Theme Song: All About Us - He Is We
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Read everything before posting your biography!)<p> This is for the *Warriors* of HorseClan to post their cats' information. Include things such as your appearance, personality traits, relationship status, likes and dislikes, etc., etc. Have fun with it! Queens can post the descriptions of their kits at 'holly yew' results, and they can stay there while they are apprentices and until they are warriors. If you're looking to roleplay a kit, check there for any open kits and ask the queen at the main camp (currently located at 'farout guides' earth book).<br>lf you're new and haven't been accepted yet, please go to our main camp and wait until your warrior ceremony and formal welcoming to add your description. (Of course, this is still just for cats with warrior names!) Welcome to HorseClan! ~Rosepetal &hearts~<p> My biography locations:<br> Rose: 'petal of the rose'<br> Missing: 'head to the stars'<br> Crystal: 'crystal falling'<br> Lava: 'lava lamp'<br> Stryke: 'holly yew'<p> Dead cats' biographies:<br> Opalburst: 'opal death'<br> Ebonpelt: 'ebon heart' edits at 'ebon'<p> If a biography isn't posted yet, it means l'm working on making it look nicer, busy, and/or compiling information. Thanks!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey girl
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Nose of the Flower, of course. <br> Age: Bish, whaa..? <br> Gender: &female <br> Rank: Medicine Cat <br> Appearence: a solid yellow pelt, bright green eyes & an unusually light pink nose. She average-hight only because her long legs make up for her small body. Flowernose also has a longish tail & small paws. <br> Persona: She's very very clever in her role as medicine cat. She experiments on combining herbs to put a whole new view on things. She's intelligent as well. Physically delicate, sure- she couldn't hurt a fly or catch as mouse for the life of her (yes, I meant couldn't, not wouldn't!)- But she has the paws for reviving cats back to full health, which in her opinion, is more important than all the prey in the world. <br> Crush/Mate/Kits: NUUUU! She's a med-cat! <br> Kin: o.o a ton. Let's do the basics... Silverbolt (Mother, desceased) - Moosetail (Father, missing) - Spottedpine (brother) - Shiningfoot (sister, missing) <br> Other: ask! <p> Name: Choco & Vanilla. Oh, wait, nvm, it's Halfnight. <br> Age: ... Normal-warrior-aged <br> Gender: &female <br> Rank: Warrior <br> Appearence: The front half of her body is white, & the back half is black. She has deep, forest green eyes. <br> Persona: She tries to be helpful, but usually keeps to herself. Halfnight isn't shy, but she isn't extroverted. She can get emoional easily, but she's strong on the outside. <br> Crush/Mate/Kits: Eh/Nah/Nu <br> Kin: Another long one! :[] I'm doing the basics. Velvetstar (mother, desceased) - Nightfang (father, missing I think) - (erm... I may or may not have forgotten my brothers & sisters... T-T <p> Name: Gingersky <br> Age: Idk... Young warior <br> Rank: Warrior <br> Appearence: Ginger fur, midnight blue eyes. <br> Persona: Very outgoing & loves attention. Bold, brave, you name it. Sometimes he might get caught in a pickle when he tries to do "brave" things. Other than that, he has a oft heart to kits & elders &, well, everyone. <p> Crush/Mate/Kits: na<_>da. <p> Ahh! Running out of characters! Hope that was enough!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Flightpath <p> Gender: Tom <p> Rank: Medicence cat. <p> Look: Tan with white paws and tail tip. A claw scar lines the left side of his face. Has blue eyes. <p> Mate/Kits/Crush: Not allowed to have them. <p> Personality: He is fun, caring, thoughtful, friendly, smart. He is never afraid to defend a cat or stand up for them. He can be very quiet. He loves friends and family and is loyal to his clan. <p> Kin: Mother: Vesperwind (dead) <br> Father: Jigsaw (dead) <br> Sisters: Morningdew, Rabbitwhisker, Emeraldfire (currentley in RainClan) Risingstorm (currentley in RainClan) <p> History: He got lost from his parents and found HorseClan. That happened when he was a kit. <p> Name: Morningdew <p> Gender: Shecat <p> Look: Light blue with darker blue eyes. <p> Crush: Rainsplash <p> Mate: No. <p> Kits: No. <p> Personality: Funny, bubbly, a bit bossy toward Rabbitwhisker, friendly, quiet, serious, loyal. She is brave. <p> History: She got lost from her parents when she was a kit. She joined NorthClan, then left as an apprintence. She joined HorseClan later. <p> Kin: Parents: Vesperwind & Jigsaw (Both dead) Arourastar (Adoptive mother) <br> Sisters: Rabbitwhisker, Emeraldfire & Risingstorm (Both in Rainclan) <br> Brother: Flightpath. <p> Name: Rabbitwhisker <p> Gender: Shecat <p> Look: Tan, with a white paw, tailtip, and ear. She has blue eyes. <p> Crush/Mate/Kits: None. <p> Personality: She is bubbly, sweet, helpful, friendly, smart. Can jump super high. She is speedy and a good sport. She is loyal and brave. She is also kind and caring. <p> History: She got lost from her parents and found AshClan. She joined, but left as an apprintence. She joined HorseClan after. <p> Kin: Parents: Vesperwind & Jigsaw (both dead) <br> Sisters: Morningdew, Emeraldfire & Risingstorm (in RainClan) <br> Brother: Flightpath <p> Other: Ask! Bye!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Whitefury (Derp) Age: Probably 4-5 mabye 6. Discription: A huge, cloud white tom with orange splotches inbetween his ears, left upper cheak, lower left neck wraping around his back neck, down his lower back, under his right front leg, his right front leg(not paw), and upper tail. He has a black tail tip, front right paw, one spot on his right lower belly, and two on his left side. Also he has a large, grey cloud shaped splotch on his right shoulder. Whitefury has many scars, including a set of four down his right arm about 3 inches long, on his left upper belly in an angle towards his tail that fit a large cats paw, on his back he has a bite mark scar from a badger, a single 4 inch scar rests on his left inner arm, and finally, a long four clawed scar across his right ear, down to his upper muzzle that fits Mouseheart's paw perfectly. His ears are also scared up, with some of the upper ear on both sides missing. He is probably the largest cat in Horseclan, example, Lilywolf at her top height would only reach his lower muzzle. His eyes are sun yellow, and his claws, along with teeth, are always sharp. Mate: Mouseheart Kits: Lightningstorm(first son) Velvetsnow(he is her birthfather) Bramblepaw(second son) Bluepaw(third son) Lavapaw(idk adopted i guess?) Father: Unknown(lol >;) Mother: Unknown Siblings: Unknown Best Friend: A rouge named Rock Past:He was a rouge who was caught hunting on Horseclan's territory by Lilywolf, and ended up falling for Mouseheart.(rest will stay hidden untill further notice) Personality: He's a quiet, impatient, arogant cat. Tends to be sarcastic, or hot-headed (as Lilywolf would say.) He is very intelegent, and loyal to cats he cares about. Fighting style: brute force, with agility mixed in, but don't get him wrong, he knows how to use his brain on the battlefield. Theme Song: Idk, probably Seven Devils, by Florence and the Machine. Favorite pasttime: Spending time with Mouseheart. (Or annoying Lilywolf.) (I will do Lightningstorm and Bramblepaw when Bramblepaw is a warrior in the next res. Don't have enough characters to do Lightningstorm too. Untill then!) (Post)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: RiverPool <br> Gender: &female <p> Appearance: Silver,grey with black tabby marks, and clear, light blue eyes. <p> Personality: Meet her :p <p> Relationship: Yet to be discovered. <p> Theme/Catch phrase/WHATEVER: "When I'm bored...llama." <p> That's All, Folks! The bio ll get better and better as this cat gets a life. x3