Wetwood in Trees: A Timber Resource Problem

Wetwood in Trees: A Timber Resource Problem


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Available information on wetwood is presented. Wetwood is a type of heartwood which has been internally infused with water. Wetwood is responsible for substantial losses of wood, energy and production expenditures in the forest products industry. The need to evaluate these losses and to find ways to eliminate or minimize them is emphasized. Because of increased interest in wetwood, excellent opportunities exist in initiating a comprehensive program of research. Both short and long-term studies are included in the program with the short-term studies answering the immediate utilization problems created by wetwood and the long-term studies directed at examining the causes of wetwood and its control and prevention. This paper summarizes available information on the timber quality characteristic described as wetwood. Included are some possible causes of wetwood, where it occurs in tress, its properties, and the problems associated with it. The need for research to solve utilization problems associated with wetwood and the processing of logs and products containing it is recognized. With the report as a guide, a concerted research effort directed at the problem of wetwood can be organized. Such research will, in the short run, target in on and provide answers to wetwood-related processing problems presently plaguing industry and, at the same time, build a base of scientific knowledge with which to solve the problem of wetwood in timber stands.

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