Whaddaya Say? Audiocassettes (3)

Whaddaya Say? Audiocassettes (3)

by Nina Weinstein



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ISBN-13: 9780201670431
Publisher: Pearson Education ESL
Publication date: 02/06/2001
Pages: 1
Product dimensions: 2.65(w) x 4.15(h) x 1.62(d)

About the Author

Nina Weinstein was a teaching fellow at Harvard University and has published twenty English language textbooks. She's interviewed frequently on Voice of America Radio (Wordmaster Series) on her teaching and writing techniques. Some of her textbooks are included in the following libraries: Oxford University, Stanford University, New York University, Duke, Carnegie-Mellon, The University of Hong Kong, UCLA, etc. Whaddaya Say (including first and second editions) has gone through forty printings and is used successfully all over the world.

Table of Contents

1 How’s Your Family?

2 Yours Is a Great Job!

3 I Have the Perfect Car for You

4 Where Are the Bags of Chips?

5 Do You Like the Internet?

6 Let’s Go Shopping

7 What Are You Doing This Weekend?

8 I want to Have a Hamburger

9 We’re Going to See “The Monster That Ate Cleveland”\

10 Can You See the Stage?

11 What Can I Get You for Your Cold?

12 Take Bus 4 to Second Street

13 I’m Going to Try to Find a Job

14 I’ve Got to Check Your Teeth

15 I Used to Be an Engineer for the Railroad

16 What’s the Fastest Way to Send His Packages?

17 We Arrive on Tuesday and Leave on Thursday

18 Do You Want a Chocolate or Lemon Birthday Cake?

19 I Don’t Know What Classes to Take

20 Can’t You Find an Apartment?

21 Could You Check My Sink?

22 Who Have You Asked to Fly the Plane?

23 Could I Have an Appointment with Dr. Okamoto?

24 We Should Have Taken a Left

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