What a Bachelor Needs

What a Bachelor Needs

by Kelly Hunter

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BN ID: 2940151461207
Publisher: The Tule Publishing Group, LLC
Publication date: 03/13/2015
Series: Bachelor Auction , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 131,857
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What a Bachelor Needs 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite What A Bachelor Needs by Kelly Hunter is the story of single mom Mardie and sexy ski bachelor Jett. Mardie and Jett have known each other since high school, but neither of them is able to forget one fateful night years ago. When they run into each other the night of the Marietta bachelor auction, they both remember their chance meeting but don’t speak of it. Mardie’s friend buys Jett’s handyman services to help Mardie with her newly bought fixer upper. Kelly Hunter does a lot in a few pages with this story. Jett is a jet-setting bachelor and Mardie is a single mom who doesn’t trust easily, especially men. Despite their mutual attraction and admiration, there are so many reasons they can’t be together, but if they can get over those issues they just might find what they both need. What I loved most about What A Bachelor Needs is Mardie and Jett. Mardie is a very strong woman and a loving mother. Having left an abusive husband in her past, she is moving on and making a great life for her and her daughter. Jett is just an incredible man. Sure he’s an award winning skier, but he is fun, capable and flirtatious, making Mardie laugh and winning over her young daughter, Claire. Kelly Hunter penned some great dialogue between them that clearly shows their mutual attraction and the sizzling chemistry between them. Throw in the friends and family of both characters and you have a recipe for a fun and sexy read that will easily win your heart!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Another winner for the Bachelor series. This is the story of Jett and Mardie. Jett was bought by Ella, a week for handyman fixes, she gives her gift to Mardie. Mardie is a single mom, with a run down house. The chemistry and banter between these two are so enjoyable. A very sweet romance. You will not want to miss this book or the other books in the series.
Cindy111 More than 1 year ago
What a Bachelor Needs by Kelly Hunter is book #4 in the Bachelor Auction series by Tule Publishing,and is another hit in my book! Mardie Griffin is a single mom raising her daughter Claire on her own after a bad, abusive marriage and when Mardie's friends buys her Jett Casey at the bachelor auction, that is when things get interesting. Jett Casey is a champion skier (who is recovering from an injury) who is also a handyman and for a week he will be fixing up Mardie's rundown house. Mardie and Jett are two very interesting people. Mardie is a hard working mom with an adorable child who wants to do better. Mardie is also not very trusting of men after suffering abuse in her marriage. Jett is a strong, charming, fun, capable sexy man who wants Mardie to trust him as his feelings grow for her. Check out the book to find out what happens, I am sure you will not be disappointed. This book deals with issue that are realistic and I liked how Mardie grows into her inner strength and who can resist an adorable cute child. Kelly Hunter delivers a great short story.  I received a ARC from the publisher for an honest review.
gcwex22 More than 1 year ago
Jett Casey, Olympic skier, all around good guy, is offering up a ski trip but at the last moment tweeks his knee and needs to postpone that trip, or he’ll offer up his handyman skills for a week. Mardie is a single Mom with a fixer-upper house that needs plenty of fixing, and friends who win the bid for Jett for her. What they don’t know is that a few years before Jett rescued Mardie after finding her badly beaten, something even her family knows nothing of. Jett shows up at Mardie’s house, tools in hand, ready to make the repairs she needs to make her house safe for her and her baby. The time spent together rekindled their friendship, and sparked something new between them. Another great story in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So sweet and soft and fast and the dialogue is funny and smart and quick. I had a smile on my face the entire time reading.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
Superb addition to the series In Grey's Saloon, Marietta, they're holding their first ever bachelor auction and this is one of six books concerning the bachelors up for sale. I've enjoyed them all! The auction is to raise money to help Molly Dekker pay for her eleven year old son, Josh, to continue getting the medical treatment he needs after a fall on Copper Mountain has left him in a wheelchair. The first bachelor to be auctioned was Jett Casey - local hero, gold medal winning Olympic skier, hunk and a genuinely 'good' guy. Friends buy him to carry out much needed repairs on the home of Mardie Griffin - hardworking, bar tending, single Mum to Claire. Little did the friends know that Jett had been her secret crush whilst at school and had also come to her rescue after she was badly beaten up. She's fiercely independent and has little money to spare but her home does need repairing and between them, her friend and Jett convince her to let him help. Jett never forgot Mardie. He remembers her from High School and from the night of that dreadful incident. He's kind, caring, jokey, fun and hot. She's reticent, sometimes jumpy, reluctant to trust but she does trust Jett. Their developing relationship is portrayed in a meaningful way, making it easy to relate to and empathise with them both as he woos her and she learns to love and trust again. A fantastic addition to this series. It is great to keep meeting characters from the other books in the series and I still find it incredible that the books are written by different authors but work so well together as a cohesive unit, making this one of my favourite romance series set somewhere I'd now like to visit to see if it is truly as beautiful as portrayed! Thanks to the author and publishers, too, for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review.
My_Peace More than 1 year ago
Book Blurb: Your date with ski champ Jett Casey is an either/or deal. He’ll take you off-piste for the ultimate Montana ski adventure or he’ll put his handyman skills at your disposal for a week. Single mom Mardie Griffin has a run-down old house in need of fixing and a memory of Jett Casey as her saviour in a time of great need. So when her friends acquire Jett’s services at a bachelor auction and send him to fix up her house, she sets aside her mistrust of men and lets him in. Elite athlete Jett Casey has the world at his feet and no desire for stability. But there’s one woman he’s never forgotten and if he can help make her safe this time, maybe she’ll stop haunting him. No strings, no sex, no commitment. Just fix things. Surely it can’t be that difficult…  My review: I really, really like Jett!  He is fun, easy going and gets things done!  He's thought a lot of Mardie over the years, and it was really unique how they finally meet again.  I really like how Jett is with Mardie.  He wants to help her and keep her safe, but he doesn't overstep her boundaries (too much!).  Jett is very attracted to Mardie, secretly he always has been.  Is Mardie ready for more though? The last time they met was a night Mardie would rather forget.  She's moved on since then, and she is fiercely independent, determined and strong.  She is so independent she doesn't want to accept any help at all...even when she needs it desperately but won't admit it.  But with a young daughter to think of now, Mardie just might have to lean on someone else for a little while.  As she's accepting some help, she finds her walls slowly crumbling just a little.  If she has a little fun with Jett, what will it hurt? Jett might do more than fix up Mardie's house...if she lets him he can help her heart start to heal. What A Bachelor Needs is a fast paced novella with good a good romantic build up.  The characters are interesting (love Mardie's little daughter, and Jett's brother must have a story lurking in there somewhere!!) and kept me involved in their story. What A Bachelor Needs is part of the Montana Born Bachelor Auction series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone (although the whole series is great!).  I'd recommend this to romance readers looking for a quick, feel good romance. 
MLR17 More than 1 year ago
   Mardie is a single hardworking mom who is trying to create a new life for herself and her daughter Claire after ending her bad marriage. Jett is an Olympic skier and talented handyman. He is in Marietta while taking some time off from his career due to injury. Jett is roped into the bachelor auction, offering a week of handyman services. Mardie's well meaning friends buy Jett to help her out with her rundown new house. Unknown to them, Mardie and Jett share a bit of history. Mardie has a hard time accepting help, and specifically struggles with Jett who saw her at her during a low point in her life.     Jett doesn't look at Mardie and see the weakness she dies, he sees how strong she has become while building a new life. Can Jett convince Mardie to let him fix more than just her house?    I love this series and really enjoyed this book. The characters are well developed and it fits in with the other Bachelor Books. Looking forward to the last two bachelor books as well as reading about Jett's brothers!
momof3boysj More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC in exchange for my opinion** Mardie doesn't have time for love, so when her well-meaning friend "buys" her a bachelor at the auction fundraiser, she opts for the "handyman" projects rather than a date with playboy skier Jett. Jett knows a secret about Mardie and her past, and he goes above and beyond the project list to make her house safe for her little girl. As they spend time together, the attraction is mutual, but are they each able to take the risk on the next step for romance. Taking things slow, learning there can be love without hurt, leads these two into a love for a lifetime.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
The big event in Marietta is the Bachelor Auction. Mardie Griffin is a single mother. She doesn't want to win a man. Ever since she escaped from an abusive marriage, she's determined to make it on her own. Suddenly she finds that her friend, Ella Grace, had bid for and won her a bachelor handyman to help repair her house. Jett Casey is a ski champ who is recovering from an injury. He's working with his brother's construction company while he recovers. What's going to happen now that she has him for the next seven days? Mardie is a feisty woman who has learned that men can be dangerous and brutal. She doesn't want to be involved with Jett, but he's so tempting. This man is all charming flirtation. He wants her to relax and have fun. He doesn't want anything permanent. He's a love them and leave them guy. Their story warmed my heart. The romance was sweet and Jett's reaction to her baby was touching and humorous. Claire has him wrapped around her little finger. I love the setting. Marietta is where you find family and friends that love and support you. What a Bachelor Needs is a heartwarming story that brought a smile to my face.
CatmomJD More than 1 year ago
A feel good romance that will leave you wanting more. Single mom, Mardie Griffin wanted to be anywhere but at working the night of the bachelor auction, especially after she saw who bachelor number one was. She did not want to be anywhere near the boy she had a crush on back in high school. He is the same guy who helped her one tragic night after she was attacked in an alley and left injured. She can’t even look at him without feeling a mix of emotion. Jett Casey is an Olympic gold medalist and current alpine ski champion. The prize for his highest bidder is a back-country skiing experience or a week of handyman services. His winning bidder turned out to be Ella Grace Emerson. Little did Mardie know, Ella Grace planned on giving Jett’s handyman services to her to help fix up her house. Jett works hard to make it a home that Mardie will be proud of and her daughter will be safe growing up in. Mardie tries to keep her feelings inside even as Jett continuously flirts with her. How long will she be able to say no before she gives in and takes what she has wanted all of these years? This is a really sweet story that went by fast and kept me interested the entire time.
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
A very enjoyable story! Mardie Griffin is working hard to make a good life for her little girl. She has a job at Grey's Saloon and she bought a house. She is distancing herself from her lowest point. While she fully supports the cause, she wishes the Bachelor Auction was being held elsewhere, or, at least, not on a night she works, because one of the bachelors helped her when she needed it most. Jett Casey was happy to volunteer for the Auction: as an Olympic Gold Medalist and current ski champion, he has no modesty when it comes to his worth. He also can't forget the beautiful woman and former classmate he helped one night, and always wished he had done more. Mardie is determined to make it on her own, but finally agrees to accept Ella Grace Emerson's gift: Jett's handyman skills for a week to help transform her house into a safe home for her little girl. She just hopes he doesn't remember that night. Jett is determined to do as much as he can to help Mardie now to make up for not doing more in the past. Can these two people, who admired each other from afar during high school and share the secret of Mardie's worst night, find common ground and grow a relationship? I loved how strong and determined Mardie was to overcome the past and build a future on her own terms. I also love that Jett was a shameless public figure that was not afraid to make fun of himself or have his brothers do it to keep him grounded and remember his roots and "normal" life. The romance grew based on honesty and understanding, but didn't seem too rushed because they went to school together and shared an important and pivotal evening together. I really, really enjoyed this story. It was well-written and held me from beginning to end with no desire to put it down.