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What a Son Needs from His Mom

What a Son Needs from His Mom

by Cheri Fuller


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Ever Feel Like Your Son Is From a Different Planet?

Don't worry, Mom. There's a good reason why your son perplexes you. He's the OPPOSITE sex! Boys really do think, communicate, and process the world differently than girls. But no matter your son's age, he needs you, and he needs you in not-so-apparent ways.
Drawing from her own experiences, as well as those from moms and sons from around the country, Cheri Fuller shares what makes boys and young men tick and how to become a more welcome influence at every stage in their lives. She answers all the top questions, including:

"How can I help my son (and me!) deal with his emotions in a healthy way?"
"School is such a struggle. How can I help him?"
"Our personalities are SO different. How can we get on the same page?"
"My son hardly says a thing. What can I do?"
"What are the best ways to instill good values?"
"How can I encourage a lasting faith in God?"

With page after page of use-it-today advice and encouraging stories, this book will help you steer your son toward becoming a caring, confident young man.

Includes Reflection Questions for Personal or Group Use

Great for understanding grandsons, too!

"Some mother-son relationships seem to add credence to the adage that 'men are from Mars, women are from Venus.' Even mothers who have a
close bond with their sons may think they harbor a complete stranger when their male offspring reach puberty. Fuller is a speaker and author, as well as mother of three (two boys and a girl) and grandmother of six. She lists specific activities that all sons need from their mothers, such as encouragement, communication, prayer, and confidence-building. She adds questions at each chapter's end to 'ponder, journal or discuss,' lending the book to both individual and group study. Recommended for the parenting section of any church library." —Church Libraries

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780764210303
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/15/2013
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 239,693
Product dimensions: 5.74(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Cheri Fuller is an inspirational speaker and the author of twenty-eight books with more than one million copies sold, including the best-selling When Mothers Pray. Winner of the Gold Medallion award for Extraordinary Kids (coauthored by Louise Pucker Jones) and finalist for When Families Pray, Fuller is a prolific author who has written hundreds of articles for Focus on the Family, Guideposts, Better Homes and Gardens, Moody, CHILD, Pray! Magazine, and many others. She is a contributing editor for Today's Christian Woman and her web site, features her column, "Mothering by Heart." She and her husband live in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Table of Contents

1 Mothers and Sons 9

2 A Mom Who Encourages 21

3 A Mom Who Builds Confidence in Her Son 35

4 A Mom Who Overcomes Her Fears 49

5 A Mom Who Prays for Her Son 61

6 A Mom Who Listens and Communicates 75

7 A Mom Who Stays Connected 91

8 A Mom Who Understands Her Son's Unique Personality 105

9 A Mom Who Helps Her Son Shine in School and Beyond 117

10 A Mom Who Develops Her Son's Character 133

11 A Mom Who Helps Her Son Manage His Emotions 147

12 A Mom Who Nurtures Her Son's Faith 159

13 A Mom Who Releases Her Son to Manhood 175

14 A Mom Who Pursues a Purposeful Life 191

Recommended Books 207

Notes 209

Acknowledgments 217

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