What Are the Odds: The Chances of Extraordinary Events in Everyday Life

What Are the Odds: The Chances of Extraordinary Events in Everyday Life

by Jefferson Hane Weaver

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How often have you wondered about the probability of winning the lottery? Maybe you'd like to know the odds of marrying a millionaire, or of just finding matching socks when fumbling around in a dark dresser drawer. We're barraged with statistics every day about health risks, life expectancy, and the chances of success, but to most of us all these numbers and percentages mean very little. If you're curious about how statistics can significantly impact your life but don't want to wrestle with the equations in a dry-as-dust textbook, this lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek, whirlwind tour of entertaining statistics has everything you need.

Not only will you be amused by J. H. Weaver's many entertaining examples, but you'll actually learn something about how statistics work. Even the most math phobic individual won't be able to resist delving into the many provocative topics covered, including:
Dating: What are the chances of finding your perfect mate?
Health: What are the odds that you will have surgery performed this year?
Success: What is the likelihood that this book will be a best-seller?

Weaver admirably succeeds in proving that statistics can be fun, while showing that knowing the probabilities for any given situation can help you avoid risks and increase your chances of a successful and enjoyable life.

Jefferson Hane Weaver (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is the highly acclaimed author of many popular science books, including Conquering Statistics, The Story of Physics, and The Story of Mathematics.

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ISBN-13: 9781615925926
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication date: 10/01/2001
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