What Does a Christian Look Like? Epistles of a Repentant Heart

What Does a Christian Look Like? Epistles of a Repentant Heart

by Miss Canaa L Lee



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ISBN-13: 9781523206483
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/30/2015
Pages: 126
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Now that I am a Christian, I write what the Lord puts on my heart. All of the letters that I wrote that are my book are messages God put on my heart. Each person that I encountered was either family members or men that I dated or attempted to pursue a relationship with me. I must admit that writing these letters were hardest messages to deliver. I feared the backlash. To my surprise, I did not receive any negative feedback! This was confirmation these messages were inspired by God! So I write about real life situations that impact people every day. I use the gift God has given me to help people understand and deal with issues that plague our lives: relationships, faith, sex, prayer, death, and the list goes on. It is a blessing to be able to use the gift of writing and words to help people see their need for Jesus in a way that customized just for them.

Repentance, the change of my mind and heart, is the greatest miracle that is no talks about in church. Other people cannot know about the miracle if I am not unwilling to share my life story. If I truly believe I am forgiven of all my sins - like the Bible promises - then what do I have to fear. What started out as just a friendly email conversation, evolves into a collection of poems and letters that I believe in my heart will draw people closer to God. My life is a testament of God's unconditional love and forgiveness: the underlining theme throughout the entire Bible.

"I read the book in one sitting it was good because it was real! This is an amazing read."
Chasity Lewallen

"Authentic and transparent" Dr. Tracy Bishop-Kiernan

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