What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism: Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews

What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism: Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews

by Rabbi Evan Moffic


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Explore the wisdom and traditions of the Jewish faith and examine what they mean for Christians.

“In this extraordinary book, Rabbi Evan Moffic takes Christians on a journey through the roots of our faith, by giving insight into the history and tradition that Jesus would have observed. In this way, Rabbi Moffic provides the backstory to the main story. If you want to get more from your faith, this book is a must-read!” —Dave Adamson, Pastor, North Pointe Church

“Rabbi Moffic is an engaging teacher who excels at communicating ancient truths for modern audiences. His insights into Hebrew scriptures and the Jewish heritage of the Christian faith will be a blessing to all who want to learn.” —Steve Gillen, Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

When Christians learn about Jewish tradition and history, they see the Bible and the life of Jesus with a new and enriched perspective. Knowing more about Judaism brings them closer to Jesus because Jesus lived and died as a Jew and consistently quoted the Jewish scripture and stories.

In this book Evan Moffic, popular rabbi, author, and guide to Jewish wisdom for people of all faiths, continues the What Every Christian Needs to Know About series with an exploration of the wisdom and traditions of Judaism. Rabbi Moffic provides answers to hundreds of questions he receives about Judaism to provide a deeper understanding of the roots shared by Christians and Jews.

Through this book’s explorations, readers will learn insights of the great Jewish sages to live a richer and more meaningful life, soak up the wisdom and traditions of Judaism, and a develop closer relationship with God.

“My hope is that these teachings can serve as a way of fostering bonds focused not on the past and the troubled history between Jews and Christians, but rather one looking forward to a future in which we share wisdom with one another.”

– Rabbi Evan Moffic

Product Features:

  • A popular rabbi explores Jewish wisdom and traditions for Christian readers.

  • Topics explored include: Jewish texts, spiritual life, holidays and events, and others.

  • Highlights intersections of the Jewish and Christian faith that give deeper meaning to reading the Bible.

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ISBN-13: 9781501871498
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication date: 02/04/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 742,001
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About the Author

Rabbi Evan Moffic is a guide to Jewish wisdom for people of all faiths. A graduate of Stanford University, he is the spiritual leader of Congregation Solel on the North Shore of Chicago. He has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Forward, and Christianity Today, and appears regularly as a religious commentator on Fox News and CNN. He is an active blogger/vlogger who has contributed to sites such as Beliefnet.com, Huffingtonpost.com, and MichaelHyatt.com. Through his speaking events, he brings new understanding of the Jewish heritage to churches of varied denominations and beliefs. Moffic is the author of several books including What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Jewishness of Jesus, What Every Christian Needs to Know About Passover, First the Jews, and Shalom for the Heart. You can learn more and see dozens of videos unpacking biblical texts and Jewish insight at www.rabbimoffic.com.

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What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism: Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Rabbi Evan Moffic does an excellent job explaining the basic tenets of Judaism to those (not just Christians) who may be unfamiliar with them. Topics he covers include holidays, prayers, weddings, and funerals. His writing style is friendly, engaging, and easy to understand; it's evident that he is accustomed to speaking with people from different religious backgrounds. Recommended for all public libraries. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
trollman 4 days ago
Although I think the title itself is self explanatory, I will attempt to share what I love about What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism - Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews by Rabbi Evan Moffic. First of all, it is written by someone who has had training and experience to really be able to explain Judaism. Second is that Rabbi Moffic's mission is to really build bridges between people so that we can come together united in faith. I love that!!! Another reason to read this informative text is that it is an easy read...and an interesting one too. Am I the only one who has imagined the voice of God to sound like James Earl Jones? Apparently I am not, as Rabbi Moffic mentions that exact idea of God's voice in the beginning of Chapter one. Love it, made me want to fall out of my chair while reading because it felt like this gentle Rabbi read my mind! Each chapter unveils more of Judaism and the explanation/origin of beliefs that may or may not be similar to the reader's belief system. I love that the overall tone is sharing information rather than conversion. This is a book I really do recommend. It caught my eye the moment I saw the title and does not disappoint. From learning about God's name, the different classes of Judaism, I do not think the audience is limited to Christians...I think the audience is anyone interested in learning about Judaism. I am ready to order my own copy to keep! Table of Contents: Chapter One: God Chapter Two: Texts Chapter Three: Election or God's Jedi Masters Chapter Four: Israel Chapter 5: The Calendar: Autumn Holidays Chapter 6: The Calendar: Winter and Spring Holidays Chapter 7: Prayer: Experiencing Oneness Chapter 8: Everyday Holiness: Homes, Food, Blessings Chapter 9: Life- Cycle Events Chapter 10: The Eternal Questions Notes Thank you to NetGalley, author Rabbi Evan Moffic, and Abingdon Press for this temporary, digital advance review copy for me to read and enjoy! As Always my opinions are my own. #WhatEveryChristianNeedstoKnowAboutJudaism #NetGalley
Markael 4 days ago
From page one this book is easy to read and clearly written. And yet, it is packed with information and insight--too much substance to absorb it all in a single reading. If you are not Jewish (I am not), it is a book worth not just reading, but studying. I found it to be, in a word, a blessing.
Rach05 6 days ago
What Every Christian Needs To Know About Judaism by Rabbi Evan Moffic is an amazing read that has taught me so much! I grew up in a Christian home yet was never taught all these important parts of Gods Word. In this book he teaches about holidays, prayers, weddings, and funerals. This book was easy to read and understand. It has helped me to see the Bible with new eyes! I believe anyone would benefit from reading this and learning more about the traditions of the Jewish faith! I know I did!