What Is Forever?

What Is Forever?

by Joel McIver
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Guest More than 1 year ago
Love is a term of endearment often synonymous with forever. It is an overwhelming emotion which consumes us when we encounter that special someone who will enlighten us to something greater than ourselves. It is the fire burning deep within our soulful dimensions; one in which we never knew existed. When such a love is discovered, we pray for the one thing that cannot be guaranteed - forever. What is forever? The answer to that question is revealed in the thought-provoking debut novel by the same title. For three women of completely opposite backgrounds and lifestyles, forever begins and ends with-Damon Black. Damon Black, an independent, socially conscious man who believes in doing the right thing. His exceptional charm and winning smile pale in comparison to the radiant beauty of his heart. A single father, soon to be husband, and true friend, Damon is a chameleon, morphing into whatever a soul needs him to be. Keisha is an around the way girl far more capable than she gives herself credit for. A single mother and former love interest of Damon, theirs is a relationship which defies the classic baby mama drama syndrome. What Keisha lacks is confidence in her abilities to recover from a haunted past. Her inability to cope with the regrets of yesterday serve only to prevent future growth; until she discovers the regret consuming her is the very substance condemning her. Tara, unmistakably beautiful and possessing the potential which can propel her career and jumpstart her life, lacks the essence of what she needs most - the ability to self-validate while not concerning herself with the approval of others. Damon takes Tara by the hand and guides her to a new life; one that shows promise of a future together. Finally, there is Alexis. Self-made, successful business owner, and highly self-confident woman with amazing features, she is mesmerizing to any man's eyes and has the inner beauty to match. Both drama and worry free, Alexis has won the heart of Damon and is on her way to becoming Mrs. Damon Black¿until she discovers her near perfection is somewhat flawed by a small veil of jealousy.. Alexis realizes she loathes the very thing she loves most about Damon ¿ his heart. What happens when a ring of love centered around one man comes full circle? 'What is Forever?' tells the story of three amazing women permanently affected by the tenderness of one phenomenal man. Joel McIver has skillfully crafted a novel full of intrigue, suspense and romance. The depth and scope of Joel McIver¿s debut effort represents his distinctive voice. 'What is Forever?' will ensnare the emotions of its readers until the very last word in this romantic tale with a shocking twist. For the women in Damon¿s life, the answer to the age old question what is forever is revealed. - Collier Lunn, founder of NaMari Publishing