What Is Truth? The Truth of the Bible

What Is Truth? The Truth of the Bible

by Ed Pal


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I was born sixty-eight years ago; at the age of thirty I began to wonder about the purpose of Life. I had many questions in my heart but not answer. The creation reveals a great purpose; therefore I cannot believe that the Creator of all these wonders did not leave any message!

I searched through the religions for answers to my questions in vain; maybe because the religions are not based on revelations but on questions. The religion that doesn't give answers to our questions is not from God but from men! Only the True God can give the answers to all our questions! Religions, traditions and symbols are what deviate people from the Truth!

I began to write this book, because the things that people believe are so absurd and untrue that it stimulated me to write something about it. For some reason I feel responsible before the Lord God if I do not do something about it. I began to read the Bible for passion; I wanted to know who created me. I cannot believe in the theory of the evolution, because it requires far more faith than to believe in God! To believe in God is easy, everything leads to Him; at the contrary nothing leads to the evolution of the species; it was a theory more than two hundred years ago, and will be a theory as long this world lasts! The Bible, besides making people wiser, reveals the entire human's story in relation with the Creator from the beginning to the end. The story of the Bible starts with the creation and ends with a New Creation. It starts with men's kingdom and ends with God's Kingdom. Men's kingdom lasted one moment; God's Kingdom lasts forever! It starts with men's failure and ends with the Savior's success! Because man is created in the image of God, he thinks that by disobeying he can prove to himself to be independent as God; but the Truth reveals otherwise!

May the Lord God have mercy on us!

Ed Pal grew up in a small town in Italy. This is his first book.

Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/EdPal

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