What it Takes

What it Takes

by Kathryn Ascher


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After graduating college, Kelsey Morgan left her small-town Virginia roots to make it in LA. After years slogging in commercials and music videos, her movie career is finally taking off. But she's still miles behind her current costar, and Hollywood playboy, Patrick Lyons. Kelsey does everything she can to avoid Patrick off-set, hoping to not become fodder for the supermarket tabloids that scour the streets for Patrick, trying to get an exclusive look at him and his alleged woman of the week. Kelsey has successfully kept Patrick at a distance, and her reputation intact, until her drunkard brother-in-law Richard threatens to ruin everything by selling her darkest secret to the highest bidder. Now the victim of blackmail, Kelsey has nowhere else to turn but to Patrick's arms. But, can he be trusted? Or will the past destroy them all before she can find out if he's the hero she needs?

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ISBN-13: 9781939371256
Publisher: Boutique of Quality Books
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Series: Rocky Creek Series
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Born and raised in Virginia, Kathryn Ascher tried her hand at poetry and fiction in high school, but put it all aside when she went to college. After graduating with her degree in communications, she married her college sweetheart and went to work for a local radio station. It wasn't until after the birth of her third child and a blind book exchange that Kathryn decided to give writing another try. When she picked up her first romance novel, she immediately knew that was the genre for her. Kathryn currently resides in Florida with her husband and three children.

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What It Takes 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
csingh More than 1 year ago
I expected What It Takes to be the typical new adult novel featuring movie stars.  Meaning I expected less on content and character and more heat and chemistry.  Instead I got a story that had great content, great characters, and the chemistry I was looking for.  It just goes to show once again, I shouldn't be making assumptions. I liked Kelsey.  Even though she was getting her big break, she was still down to Earth.  I liked how much importance she gave to her family, and tried to protect them from the madness that was about to descend on her.  I liked Patrick a lot too.  He too was genuine and it was Kelsey's assumption he was a total man whore from what she'd read and seen in the media that made it hard for her to let him in.  Of course, it was even harder because of her attraction to him.  I did not like Kelsey's brother-in-law Richard.  I think he got less than he deserved.  That man made my blood boil.   I found it hard to put this book down.  There was so much going on between Patrick, Kelsey, filming, the drama with Kelsey's secret, and Richard making life difficult for all of them.  I am astonished this is Kathryn's debut novel.  It's written so well.  I also liked how she built Kelsey and Patrick's relationship.  She also made sure to include pitfalls of being a celebrity, which also helped keep the story grounded.  All in all, I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ISuch a wonderful book!  it was so easy to fall in love with all of the characters!  I can't wait to read the following books by this author and find out what happens next for Kelsey and Patrick! After a surprising admission and a turn of events that had me on the edge of my seat, I can't wait to see what happens next!
tiggeruoSO More than 1 year ago
I am impressed since this is the authors first book, Over all I really liked this book. The story line was well wrote the only thing I think I did not like about the book it the way the build up at the end. I think if that would have been maybe earlier in the book and maybe worked a little bit different it would have been that much better. Over all I hope that this author writes a follow up book with the story of Janelle. I also love how the author did not shy back from bring awareness to tough subjects such as Domestic Violence and alcoholism. This is a book you won't want to put down I have found out after writing this review that author is releasing more to the series so I no understand the build up at the end.
Chenet_Fabiola More than 1 year ago
What it takes is the first title published by the author Kathryn Ascher. It’s my friend Bridget who told me this book was available on Netgalley. The synopsis was interesting, so I jumped at the chance. My huge problem with this book was precisely what attracted me to begin with: its synopsis. Really, I ask the authors to make an effort on what is said because when the reader is expecting something that never arrives, it’s very, very frustrating, and results in a poor rating. Here, in the synopsis, I understood that at one point in the novel, the heroine is forced to turn to the hero following her brother-in-law’s threats... That never happens. In fact, What it takes is a traditional contemporary romance with a heroine, Kelsey Morgan, and a hero, Patrick Lyons, who meet, are attracted one by the other, try to fight their attraction, and end up falling in love and accept their feelings. Of course, said like this, it seems simple. However it’s not. Firstly, the story takes place in the movies’ world. Indeed, both the heroes are actors: he is born in this world; she’s a new comer who made a name for herself. Our heroes must count on a very numerous entourage, groupies and sometimes long separations because of their duties. Fortunately we are in the 21th century, means of communication are numerous. ¿ A positive point for the author: the setting is well done. I even wondered if Kathryn knew this glittering world at one point or another in her career. Besides, the heroine had a very bad love experience which has her distrusting every man and even more womanizer like the hero. She spends a great part of the novel rejecting him when Patrick makes every considerable effort to show her he’s worthy of Kelsey’s attentions. Usually, the latter is the kind of heroine I don’t like. Too stubborn and quite contradictory in her actions. But here, the author succeeded in having me accept her behaviour thanks to the prologue, which was certainly too long but made me accept Kelsey’s conduct. I loved the hero. So yes, he’s not a saint but his past acts are well explained by the author. At the beginning of the novel, I almost shook him, especially the nightclub’s scene (those who read the story will understand) but once he takes the decision Kelsey is the one for him, he becomes really admirable. I really liked his determination which never fails in spite of the impediments on his road, first of all our heroine and her lack of trust. I really liked the evolution of the heroes’ feelings, the heroine’s evolution and the hero’s logical change when he realizes his feelings for her. The two heroes confess their feelings long before the end of the novel but the heroine’s past hovers on their happiness till the end. And our hero stays determined right to the end and he even surprised me by making a decision I wasn’t expecting. The romance side is a success for me. The author also has a flowing style and she succeeds in incorporating emotion in her story. I’d have much more appreciated this book if the synopsis hadn’t misled me from the beginning. Regarding the secondary characters, there’s potential for a sequel with the two other actors of the film, Victoria and Grayson. It remains to be seen if the author will make them in a couple or not, knowing that What it takes is the first volume in a series titled Rocky Creek and we have no information on the sequel for now. The heroine’s sister, even if she’s an important character, will not have a story as she finds her HEA in the end of What it takes. However, as explained in the synopsis, Kelsey’s brother-in-law is mean and he threatens her regularly. I won’t say anything else here; I let you discover what it’s about when reading the book. The heroine’s secret is quite obvious for everybody quite fast, but I didn’t feel like it was an element the author wanted the reader to stay on for ages. The heroine’s mother is one of the worst villains I ever meet in a romance. On this matter, I felt a huge frustration in the end when the author doesn’t have an epilogue showing us how the relationship evolves between Kelsey, her sister, and their mother. Indeed, seeing some of the events, I’d have preferred apologies from the latter or a real break in the family. In short, it lacks a real closure to this story. Another point on which the author should work in her next book. There are sex scenes in the story but they come late. Like I explained previously, it’s a romance that focuses on the characters’ love relationship, and they don’t sleep together until their feelings are completely accepted and confessed. Thanks to the author for that. ¿ To conclude, only the synopsis prevents me to give a very good rating to this contemporary romance I recommend despite everything. It’s sure I’ll try this author again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first thing I wrote down in my notebook when regarding how to review this book: This book made me want to throw my Kindle. That is extreme for me. I love romance stories - they are a great escape and since they are predictable (you know there will be happy ending) they don't require a lot of stress reading them. If this had been the first romance book I had ever read, I am not sure I would read another. The heroine, Kelsey, was annoying and it is her character that really soured this book for me. I thought her attitude towards getting pregnant out of wedlock was incredibly archaic. The fact that she was ashamed to the point of having to hide her pregnancy and the steps she took to keep it hidden even years later really struck me as old-fashioned and weak. While I consider myself to be very conservative when it comes to morals, I don't buy the extreme amount of shame that Kelsey carries over getting pregnant out of wedlock. I also found the supporting characters of Veronica and Grayson to be shallow and frustrating as well. Grayson was a jerk and I couldn't fathom why Kelsey considered him such a friend. And her mother - I don't buy that either. Sure, moms have been disapproving of their children's actions and choices for generations...but to carry it to the extreme and her father never stepping up and confronting her. I can't imagine any mother taking an abusive husband's side over her daughter.  The one redeeming element of this story was Patrick, the hero. Even though he lacked depth as a character, I did like as I felt that he was very genuine and did not exhibit any of his tabloid persona in the book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put this book down! Romance, Hollywood, strong family ties, and elements of a thriller...all rolled into one. If you like Nora Roberts, Kristin Hannah, and other such authors you will really love Ms Ascher's debut novel. Her writing style makes it easy to feel a part of the story and I really found it hard to believe such a well written book was a debut book! The characters are well fleshed-out and there is plenty of old school, classic romance without instant gratuitous sex. The plot line kept me turning the pages fast and furious.  I admit I felt let down at the end, only because I was hoping for an epilogue to tell me what happened to the main characters - how Zach felt at the end, were Patrick and Kelsey headed for the altar - and what about Janelle (who I hope will be the focus of a future book!) I see this is book one in a series - I can't wait for the next installment!