What Law School Doesn't Teach You... But You Really Need to Know / Edition 1

What Law School Doesn't Teach You... But You Really Need to Know / Edition 1

by Walton
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West Academic

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What Law School Doesn't Teach You... But You Really Need to Know / Edition 1

A successful career isn't a matter of luck. Instead, it depends on knowing exactly what to do and what not to do. In this book, you'll learn hundreds of simple to use strategies, gleaned from conversations with top lawyers and law school administrators nationwide. Learn how to create an outstanding first impression, recover when you make a mistake, handle social events correctly, turn down work without saying "no," ace your research assignments, and negotiate for more money, plus other tips. For additional career resources, visit the AttorneyJobs Web site.

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ISBN-13: 9780159004531
Publisher: West Academic
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Series: Employment Guides
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 619
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.17(d)

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1The 1,640-Hour Interview: What Every Summer Clerk Should Know1
A.Keep Your Eye On The Prize: Remember The Goal Of Your Summer Clerkship2
B.Be Aware Of What Employers Are Looking For: The Top Eight Hit List2
C.Things To Do Before You Start Your Clerkship4
D.Handling The Work15
E.Your Thoughts Are Your Exclusive Property. Your Employer Only Cares About What You Say And What You Do. Here's How To Say And Do The Right Things!42
F.Socializing--How To Get To Know People Without Shooting Yourself In The Foot85
G.Handling Secretaries, Recruiting Coordinators, And Anybody Else At The Office Who Isn't A Lawyer106
H.Office Romances: Spend Your Summer Clerkship Getting To Know The Lay Of The Land, Not Getting To Be Known As The Lay Of The Land112
I.You Can't Do Well Without Knowing How You're Doing: How To Get--And Handle--Feedback116
J.What's Really In It For You? All Kinds of Tips for Figuring Out If This Is Really The Place Where You Want To Work121
K.What To Do If You Split Your Summer...132
L.What To Do About Fall On-Campus Interviews If You Leave Your Summer Clerkship Without An Offer In Hand133
M.You Drop The Ball, Or The Ball Is Dropped On You. You Don't Get An Offer From Your Summer Employer. Now What?134
Chapter 2Econ 101--The Business Of Law141
A.Understanding The Business of Law141
B.Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Billables, But You Have To Anyway: Including Squeezing Out More Billables Without Spending Even One Extra Minute Working148
Chapter 3Getting Off On The Right Foot ... Learning The Culture & Getting Organized163
A.Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Career163
B.You Can Get Away With Just About Anything If You Learn How To Play The Game. Learn The Culture!172
C.Getting Organized ... And Staying That Way!211
Chapter 4The "People" Part Of Work. It's Not What You're Like Or How You Feel--It's How You Seem That Counts. How To Come Off As The Person You Want Other People To See225
A.Qualities to Manifest226
B.Perceptions You Should Avoid Creating--And How To Do That!249
C.The Care and Feeding of Supervising Attorneys and Other Muckety-Mucks At Work264
D.Mentors: "When The Student Is Ready ... The Teacher Will Come."269
E.Tapping Into The Hidden Power Structure: Support Staff Issues276
F.Birds Do It, Bees Do It ... The Ins And Outs Of Office Romances291
G.Paying Attention To Things You've Never Paid Attention To Before: E-Mail, The Phone, And The Internet301
H.Social Graces, Or--How Not To Be Seen As A Pig, And How To Make Conversation With Anybody In Any Social Situation311
I.Work Is Work, Your Personal Life Is Your Personal Life ... And People At Work Are Colleagues First And Friends Second332
Chapter 5How To Crush Research And Writing Assignments337
A.Recognize The Importance Of What You're Doing. You're Not Really Performing Research Assignments. You're Solving Client Problems338
B.Receiving The Assignment: Getting It All, And Getting It Right339
C.Finding What You're Supposed to Find: How To Do The Research348
D.Time To Put Pen To Paper (Or Fingers To Keyboard): How To Write What They Want To Read372
Chapter 6Handling Everybody Outside The Office--Clients, Opposing Counsel, Judges, Court Personnel ... and the Media383
A.Handling Clients384
B.Advice For Everybody Who Spends Time In Court, Whether You Represent The United States, "The People," The State, Or Clients411
C.Never Air Your Dirty Laundry In The Media!427
Chapter 7When Your Boss Is A Judge: Handling Judicial Clerkships431
A.The Judge's World, And How You Fit Into It432
B.The Law Clerk's Bible--The One Book You Have To Have!434
C.Research And Writing Tips434
D.You've Got A Special Job--With Special Responsibilities436
Chapter 8Dealing With Jerks, Screamers, And Other Dwellers Of The Nether Anatomy437
A.Prepare Yourself For The "Real World Of Jerks."438
B.What You Can Do About Working For A Jerk, And Why "Yeah, Well, You Can Kiss My Ass" Is Not A Wise Strategy441
Chapter 9Handling Things You Don't Want To Handle: Mistakes, Too Much Work, Chimp Work, Ethical Issues, and Sexual Harassment453
A.Mistakes! It's Not Whether You'll Make Them. (You Will.) It's What You Do Next That Counts453
B.Handling Chimp Work Without Going Bananas!461
C.Help! I'm Drowning! What To Do When You've Got Too Much Work (Or Too Little ...)466
D.Ethical Issues: How To Avoid Being Led Away In Handcuffs And At The Same Time Avoid Torquing Off Your Boss476
E.Sexual Harassment: Stopping A Problem Before It Is A Problem484
Chapter 10Being Your Own Career Coach And Living The Life You Want497
A.Balancing Your Work And Your Life Outside Of Work. Stop Laughing!498
B.Use Evaluations And Criticism To Propel Your Career Forward506
C.Upping The Ante: How To Make Thousands More Than You Thought You Would521
Step 1Knowledge is power521
Step 2Recognize that in the absence of other considerations (which we're going to talk about in a minute), you have limited negotiating power as a new lawyer521
Step 3Answer the question "What's in it for me?"--or encourage them to overlook that question entirely522
Step 4What to do if your bid for more money fails525
D.As Will Rogers Said, "Even If You're On The Right Track, If You're Sitting There, You'll Get Run Over." Take Hidden Opportunities To Make Your Career Take Off Like A Rocket525
E.What To Do If You're Hating Your Job. Don't Turn Into A Boiled Frog!532
Appendix AInterest Research Resources557
Appendix BSample Law Firm Evaluation Forms563
Appendix CContact Information And Other Books To Check Out591

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