What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business: Real-Life Start-Up Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs

What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business: Real-Life Start-Up Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs

by Jan Norman

Paperback(New Edition)

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What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business: Real-Life Start-Up Advice from 101 Successful Entrepreneurs by Jan Norman

An updated picture of the trials and triumphs of today's entrepreneur increase the company's bottom line.

Starting a business involves inevitable ups and downs, for first-time as well as experienced entrepreneurs. This updated, expanded edition by Jan Norman, one of the nation's foremost small business authorities, guides readers through every stage of business start-up, from planning to marketing.

What No One Ever Tells You about Starting Your Own Business is designed for people who are launching a business, whether they be first-time entrepreneurs or people who have been tripped up by the start-up process before and want to do it right this time. Using the real-life experiences of 101 successful business owners, Norman combines practical, straightforward how-to advice with interesting and memorable narratives. The updated second edition includes:

* Thirty new start-up stories from successful entrepreneurs.

* All-new advice about how to make maximum use of the Internet.

* An expanded resources section with helpful information about start-up assistance.

* Detailed how-to tips about writing business plans, selecting the right business, what financial records to keep, and more.

The eye-opening lessons from successful business owners who learned the hard way are akin to hiring a personal entrepreneurial coach to point out potential roadblocks in advance.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780793185962
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2004
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Look Before You Leap1
1.It All Starts with a Dream3
2.Honesty and Personal Commitment4
3.The Business Doesn't Define You6
4.Make a Plan8
5.Suddenly, You're Nobody10
6.Unknown Territory Is Dangerous11
7.Overcome Ignorance with Desire13
8.Investigate before Buying a Business14
9.Know the Rules16
10.Know Yourself18
11.Hobbies Aren't Businesses20
12.Set Your Sites21
13.Harder than Hard23
14.Plan for Failure24
15.Get off the Dime26
Part 2Early Decisions29
16.Take the Business Seriously31
17.Find Your Niche32
18.The Support System Is Gone34
19.The Value of a Good Name35
20.The Value of Being First37
21.Pay Attention to You39
22.Don't Take It Personally40
23.Leasing Issues42
24.A Damaging Association44
25.Balance Niche with Diversity45
26.Investments That Differentiate47
27.The Right Stuff49
28.Seize Growth Opportunities50
29.After This, What?52
Part 3The Money Chase55
30.What Your Financials Tell You57
31.Be Realistic59
32.Everything Costs More Than You Think60
33.A Cushion to Start62
34.Live within Your Means63
35.Cash Is King65
36.Keep an Eye on the Money66
37.Track Inventory for Profitability68
38.Pricing a Product70
39.Pricing a Service71
40.The Money Search Is Endless73
41.Equity, Not Debt75
42.Give a Piece of the Action76
43.What's Wrong with a Million-Dollar Contract?78
44.Digging Out of Early Holes80
Part 4Management Issues83
45.Investigate before Creating Relationships85
46.Learn to Be a Resource86
47.Act like a Professional88
48.Prepare for Quick Response89
49.Count the Hot Dogs Too91
50.Make a Success Yardstick92
51.Never Stop Learning94
52.Clients Know Best95
53.No Instant Successes97
54.In Search of the Ideal Customer99
55.Recovering from a Move100
56.Customer Nightmares102
57.Get the Goods onto the Shelves103
58.Who's Next?105
Part 5Helping Hands107
59.Reward Your Workers109
60.Ask for Outside Help110
61.Delegate to Grow112
62.The Search for Good Workers113
63.Hire the Best115
64.You Can't Ask That!116
65.Complement Yourself118
66.It's Policy119
67.Side One: Get a Partner121
68.Flip Side: Forget a Partner122
69.Trust but Verify124
70.Take Care of the Child126
71.Link with Others127
72.Find Your Pioneers129
73.Build with Boards131
Part 6Marketing133
74.The Myth of the Better Mousetrap135
75.Marketing Needs a Plan Too136
76.Marketing Is an Investment138
77.The World Is Not Your Market140
78.Relationship Marketing141
79.The Right Network143
80.Talk to Your Customers145
81.The Right Balance of Time Well Spent146
82.Homemade Marketing148
83.Customers by Mail150
84.Sign of Your Times151
85.Speak Up153
86.The Write Way154
Part 7The Internet157
87.Build the Business for the Customer159
88.Get a Web Site160
89.It's Only a Tool162
90.Business Basics Still Apply163
91.Pricing for the Internet165
92.Online Customer Research166
93.The Dilemma of New Technology168
94.The Best of Technology and People170
95.What's in a Domain Name?171
96.Easy as E-zine173
97.Opt-In E-mail174
98.eBay Business176
99.No Boundaries177
100.Be Flexible179
101.Reaching Online Denizens181
Part 8Start-Up Guide183
Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?185
What Business Should I Start?186
Money Sources188
When Borrowing Is Your Choice191
Forms of Business Ownership192
Where to Locate Your Business194
Write Your Business Plan195
Pricing a Product or Service198
Find Help to Make a Good Business Better199
Record Keeping202
Start-Up Checklist204
Appendix AInternet Resource Guide207
Appendix BWeb Sites of Businesses in This Book209

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