What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me

What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me

by Rielle Hunter
1.7 135

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What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me by Rielle Hunter

The John Edwards–Rielle Hunter affair made headlines for years. “One of the biggest political scandals of all time,” “a fall from grace,” “a modern-day tragedy”—it’s a story that has been reported, distorted, and spun over and over again by the media, by political aides, by the U.S. government, by supposed friends. However, there is someone who actually knows the truth, someone who lived it from day one—the woman at the heart of the story itself: Rielle Hunter.

In the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly bestseller What Really Happened, Hunter offers an extremely personal account of her relationship with John Edwards: the facts of how they actually met, how their accidental love started and escalated, what it was like to fall in love with a married man who decided to run for president, the surprise of becoming pregnant during the campaign, how the affair became public, the extensive cover-up, and finally, what happened in the years after Edwards publicly admitted to being the father of their daughter, Frances Quinn.

Meet Edwards’s political players and get an intimate look at how they really operated. Learn about the evolution of “friends,” enablers, and do-gooders, their involvement with the affair and Edwards’s 2008 presidential campaign, and where the money from Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and Fred Baron actually went.

This book doesn’t spin the truth to achieve a prettier picture or a better story. It isn’t about changing anyone’s mind. It’s simply the facts, the truth of what really happened.

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About the Author

Rielle Hunter has been writing since 1993. She has studied meditation, yoga, and Eastern philosophies. What Really Happened is Hunter's first book. She has one daughter, Frances Quinn.

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What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me 1.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 135 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First page of the book, Rielle Hunter states the book is a "love story." Could have fooled me and the rest of the world. Where's the love on John Edwards part? It's clear there isn't any. Hunter picks up some married man in a bar (JE.) Follows him all over the country. She obsessed over him and stalked him like in Fatal Attraction. John Edwards lies to her and everyone else constantly. She buys him a bootie call phone which he uses to request her sexual services while she's hiding in a lobby or bar waiting for him to call her. Next thing you know, she gets her wish and is knocked-up by this rich, married man whose wife was dying of cancer. Then, JE who Rielle claims is so "madly in love" with her, disappears. He didn't see her when she's pregnant. He never went to the hospital to see the baby. He denounced his baby on TV to the entire world. In fact, he spent just 3 hours total with Hunter and the baby from February until New Years. Yet, Rielle Hunter blames all this on Elizabeth Edwards. EE kicks him out of the house and then dies from cancer. He's now a free man and yet he still doesn't spend much time with Hunter, if any. When EE was alive he used her as the excuse why he couldn't be with Rielle. Now that she's dead, he uses his children as the excuse as why he can't be with her. Worse, he's never acknowledged Hunter's existence. He's a multimillionaire but leaves Hunter and his child for months without money for food. THIS IS LOVE? Throughout the book, Hunter judges Elizabeth Edwards. (Why didn't EE stay home with her children instead of campaigning after the cancer returned?) Reading this, I wanted to punch Hunter in the face. What Elizabeth Edwards does is NONE OF Rielle Hunter's business! How dare Hunter judge Elizabeth Edwards! The Edwards marriage is NONE of Hunter's business. How dare she judge their 30 year marriage. The fact remains, JE chose his wife and family over his mistress & illegitimate kid. Hunter blames Elizabeth Edwards for that. Rielle Hunter intruded on Elizabeth Edwards and her family and destroyed their lives. However, twisted Rielle Hunter has the unbelievable audacity to be annoyed at Elizabeth Edwards for inconveniencing HER! God help Quinn when she reads this sick twisted fantasy her mother wrote. It's sad really. Rielle Hunter has no concept of the truth. Worse, she has no class, morals or decency.
VirginiaHorseLover559 More than 1 year ago
Elizabeth Edwards tried so hard to protect John Edwards from this poisonous psychopath. Time and time again, John Edwards tried to do the right thing and break it off with Hunter. Time and time again, Hunter interposed in this family's lives. And then, of course, Hunter plotted and connived and got herself pregnant on purpose to insure they were all stuck with her forever and had to support her financially. This must have tortured Elizabeth Edwards to watch her successful, optimistic, husband destroy himself and the rest of the family - all for nothing. And how horrible for Quinn to be used this way. She was created by Rielle Hunter to trap a married man and ruin his life and for monetary purposes. NO CHILD should be used this way. Hunter has said a million times how 'off the rails' the Edwards marriage was for 20 years. However, this is WISHFUL thinking AND AN EXCUSE on her part. In her warped head, she thinks this justifies her home-wrecking behavior. John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards seemed to have a normal, happy marriage up until Hunter destroyed their marriage and family. It's obvious he respected and admired Elizabeth and treated her like a Queen. He didn't HAVE to stay married to her for over 30 years, like Hunter insists he was a helpless hostage in that marriage. Ridiculous!!!! John Edwards WANTED to be married to her. He was PROUD of his wife and he let the whole world know it. Like many men having a mid-life crisis, if a cheap tart throws herself at him, like Hunter did, he's not going to throw her off his lap, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife, or wants to be married to a hooker. John Edwards sure as HELL never loved Rielle Hunter, he more than proved that by treating her so poorly, and yet, in her delusional mind, she thought he did. John Edwards is very close to his own family and Elizabeth Edwards wrote in her books that she was very close to her family. She was all about family and friends. Rielle Hunter doesn't know the FIRST THING about healthy relationships because she NEVER had a healthy relationship. How can she dare judge or criticize the Edwards marriage? Hunter has no family relationships and just goes from friend to friend. Her OWN immediate family wants nothing to do with her. Lord knows, she didn't have a healthy relationship with John Edwards. She calls herself and John Edwards 'Kurt and Goldie.' Hilarious! Kurt and Goldie are EQUAL partners and they LIVE together. John Edwards never had any intention of acknowledging Hunter, let alone setting up house with her. Her relationship with Edwards was a degrading one. He DEGRADED her! Summoned her up to his hotel room for sex in the middle of the night. She is so cheap. It's obvious to me, Hunter is jealous of all the successful friendships and family relationships that Elizabeth Edwards enjoyed in her life. I'm sure Hunter's book upset the Edwards family. They thought they were DONE with her drama and then she does this to them. She's a horrible human being. And she's NEVER going to GET IT! The good news is Rielle Hunter hung herself and burned all bridges with John Edwards and his entire family. John Edwards loyalties have to be with his own children with Elizabeth. Even the best piece of kiester is not worth losing your children over. And I'm sorry, his legitimate children with Elizabeth come before Quinn. Bye-bye, Rielle. I truly feel sorry for anyone unfortunate enough to be in your life. You are a trouble-maker with a capital T.
JennHartwell2 More than 1 year ago
Hunter spends the entire book trying to convince Elizabeth Edwards children how crazy and evil their mother really was. You gotta laugh at this. Hunter just plots and connives and destroys everything in her path. How could John Edwards get caught up with this sociopath? Unbelievable how Rielle Hunter even throws John Edwards sister, Kathy, under a bus and reveals their private conversations. I'm sure that's going over real well in the Edwards family. If Kathy talks to Rielle Hunter again - she's very foolish and she's being disrespectful to her nieces and nephew. And who is the mistress to speak on behalf of John Edwards and his family to tell what everyone thought of Elizabeth? John Edwards never said a bad word about his wife in public, so why does Hunter think it's remotely appropriate that she speaks for him??!!! Worse, she's SELLING his private information. Ironically, Hunter writes Elizabeth was much angrier with John Edwards about the affair then she was with her. Which is reasonable and rational. You should be angrier at your cheating spouse. Yet, Rielle Hunter never blamed John Edwards for anything; He denied their daughter, he didn't call to ask about his daughter, he didn't see their daughter, he didn't give them money for child support or even food. Yet Rielle Hunter blames all this on ELIZABETH!!! Is Rielle Hunter really this crazy? The answer is yes. During one of the many times John Edwards dumped Hunter, Rielle begged him not to cut the connection to her (she used Quinn as the excuse.) I don't care if they have a child together. He needs to cut the connection to Rielle Hunter. Someone can transport Quinn to the Edwards home for visitation. At this point, he would be betraying his own children with Elizabeth if he had any more contact with this awful ex-mistress. She's done them all enough dirt to last 3 lifetimes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I believe Rielle Hunter is being honest for the most part. However, everything she writes about Elizabeth Edwards, she received the information from John Edwards a man who lied to her and everyone else time and time again. It is sickening how she blames Elizabeth Edwards for everything and defends John Edwards for all his baloney. I don't know how Rielle Hunter didn't feel dirty using John Edwards ATM card and taking money from Fred Baron. She has no shame that way. Actually, she has no shame in many ways. It's scary how she perceives things. Example: Hunter seems to believe her relationship with "Johnny" is a great love story. I read the book and think the man treats her like garbage. He doesn't call her. He don't buy her anything. He denied their beautiful daughter. He called her a "crazy you-know-what." Why would she believe anything he said about Elizabeth? Even now, years after Elizabeth Edwards death, he's clearly ashamed to be seen with her. Yet, when Elizabeth Edwards was alive, he never stopped gushing about how much he loved his wife, respected her, etc. This must infuriate Hunter yet she blames Elizabeth, not Johnny. Just because a man doesn't kick you out of bed, doesn't mean he loves you, but Rielle Hunter seems to think that sex in a motel room is how a man shows his love. Very disturbing. I read NOTHING to indicate John Edwards ever loved her. Hunter clearly resents Elizabeth Edwards because Johnny bought HER the biggest home in North Carolina while she sits in a tiny rental home. My take on the situation is Hunter is transferring her anger at John Edwards onto Elizabeth Edwards. Whenever John Edwards does something outrageous, Hunter gets furious at herself. Why can't she be furious at John Edwards? It's HIM not Elizabeth Edwards who Hunter should direct her anger at. If Elizabeth Edwards acted crazy the last years of her life, it's because John Edwards drove her crazy. If you read Andrew Young's The Politician and thought John Edwards was a dirt-ball before, you're really going to think he's a bad guy after reading What Really Happened. Anyway, the book is not a bad read so I will be fair and give it 3 stars. All the information Hunter writes about Elizabeth Edwards is second hand information from a complete liar (John Edwards.) With respect to Elizabeth Edwards, the book is fiction, because John Edwards can't tell the truth if his life depends on it. The last person Quinn should believe is something her father said.
BookLover4Ever1 More than 1 year ago
Hunter RIPS ELIZABETH EDWARDS TO SHREDS!!! I am shocked by how hateful and jealous Rielle Hunter is of a dead lady. I am shocked she could do this to John Edwards legitimate children. Couple things enrage me the most. In between Hunter's hateful remarks about Elizabeth, she goes on to write how she's so "sad" and "heartbroken" because Elizabeth Edwards is so pathetic and "crazy." Unfreakingbelivable!!!! Elizabeth Edwards is the LAST person on earth who wanted pity from anyone let alone pity from the town tramp. Even on Elizabeth's craziest day (which John Edwards caused), she's never been as crazy as Rielle Hunter. As far as I know, Elizabeth Edwards never picked up strange married men in bars, and then, even after being told the married man has multiple sexually partners - she sleeps with him an hour later - with NO protection !!!!! What woman in her FORTIES is crazy enough to do that?? Hunter made a couple of references in the book where she thinks SHE'S entitled to money for being the "mother of John Edwards daughter." I don't think so. The sad fact is Hunter's sorry status in life is that of " Woman of ill-repute and mother of John Edwards illegitimate daughter, a daughter Hunter tricked him into." John Edwards has FOUR legitimate children from his long time marriage to a highly respectable lady. The mother of THOSE children deserves respect and earned her respectable status. She didn't deserve to be ripped to shreds by this low-life vixen who INTRUDED ON THE EDWARDS FAMILY. And Rielle Hunter doesn't deserve a damn penny. The poor, innocent, illegitimate child deserves child support and her fathers time - WITHOUT RIELLE HUNTER AROUND. Hunter deserves NOTHING. A damn shame Rielle Hunter destroyed any hope of that family blending. Gone now. Rielle Hunter took away any chance of healing or peace for little Quinn to fit into that family. I feel so sorry for that little girl. She's going to absolutely despise her mother when she's older.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think this book is honest in some respects, dishonest in others and absolutely horrifying in how Hunter trashes the dead wife of Edwards. Also, has this woman ever had a real job? She seems to have a sense of entitlement I find disturbing...this book is full of name dropping high end hotels, clothing brands and stores,private planes and fancy cars, all on others dime. When she met Edwards she was living in the attic of a friend in New Jersey. In end, I just couldn't believe how much she went after the mother of her daughter's siblings--I hope her daughter will be able to have a relationship with them after this book.
AshlandDrive More than 1 year ago
I read the book. It's a piece of work by a selfish, highly delusional woman. She throws John Edwards and the entire Edwards family under a bus, throughout the entire book. Elizabeth, she portrays as a complete monster. John Edwards, she portrays as a lying, simpleton who never matured past age 14. She portrays herself "following her heart" - and to Rielle Hunter whatever her heart desired was fine and dandy and excused all her horrendous behavior. It's clear in the book, John Edwards is a selfish, lying, narcissist and he's just using her, but she's too stupid to believe him. Rielle Hunter never spoke to Elizabeth Edwards when she was alive. As far as I'm concerned, what is said about Elizabeth Edwards should be taken with a grain of salt because it's all hearsay from John Edwards - a known pathological liar. The only Elizabeth Edwards the world ever saw was a beautiful, smart, classy, dignified, wonderful wife and mother. I'm sure EE had her moments behind the scenes. Who wouldn't be angry if their beloved son died so young and so tragically, you were dying of cancer and your husband of 30 years wouldn't stop lying to you and then impregnated the town trollop? Hunter says time and time again how John Edwards is madly in love with her. If you read Hunter's book, it's obvious - he never loved her - he treats her like crap. He enjoyed the free bootie call she provided, but that's as far as their "relationship" went. (She calls what they had a "relationship." She's delusional. He was just stringing her along because he needed her to shut up until after the criminal trial.) The part that enraged me the most in the book is when Hunter wrote (regarding EE's objection of Rielle Hunter going to the media to out John Edwards as the father.) "Her actions were teaching her kids to lie and deny is better than telling the truth." What did Rielle Hunter's actions teach Quinn? How to be a manipulative, sneaky, conniving, low-life, home wrecking, leech, trampy mistress and cockroach? I feel very sorry for Quinn, but mostly I feel badly for John Edward's children. I am sick for them. Their mother was a remarkable woman. She was highly respected, admired by everyone. They should be nothing but proud of their dear mother. That's the real TRUTH!!!
Rad-Reader More than 1 year ago
I am donating my $15 to the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation. The Elizabeth Edwards Foundation is a charitable organization which will provide educational opportunities, tools and support to youth with limited resources. A much, much better use of my money.
LisaDruckIsRetarded More than 1 year ago
Is she the dumbest most desperate middle aged woman in America, or what? The only thing John Edwards ever wanted from this cheap whore was sex. John Edwards stayed married to Elizabeth Edwards for 30 years because he wanted to, not because Elizabeth put a gun to his head like Hunter tries to convince herself. Rielle Hunter - do yourself a favor and buy Greg Behrendt's book He's Just Not That Into You. A woman as old as you should already know when a man isn't into her, but you clearly don't get it. John Edwards isn't into you, stupid!
FloridaOranges More than 1 year ago
First she castrated John Edwards, now she's throwing acid in his face. I can see why John Edwards is so madly in love with Rielle Hunter. She's so accomplished, moral and classy. And look how far he's gotten in life with her help!!! No wonder he loves taking her out and flaunting her. And it's obvious why she's so madly in love with her Johnny. She has to beg her lawyer for money for food for her and Quinn because John Edwards won't her give a damn penny. What a beautiful love story to tell Quinn.
TruthAndRealitySeeker More than 1 year ago
Sorry Cupcake. You can rationalize your con-artist games all you want. John Edwards was married to Elizabeth Edwards until the day she died. They were never divorced. You were not in a "relationship" with John and Elizabeth Edwards. It's an absolute insult to his children you going around saying you were in this 3-way "relationship." There were TWO people in that 30 year marriage. You were an intruder and home wrecker. You hurt his young children with your selfishness and lack of any consideration for their young lives, not to mention you hurt a dying woman who already suffered a life-time of pain because she lost her precious son. Shame on you. YOU owe his children an apology. (You also owe Quinn an apology for forcing her into a firestorm when you forced her into this world.) Of course, John Edwards legitimate children will never receive an apology from you because according to you, your affair with their father is all their mother's fault because she was so crazy and abusive she deserved all the misery that you brought to her. You are such a silly cliche. Don't all mistresses justify their trashy behavior by telling themselves this hogwash? By the way, YOU weren't there in the Edwards home when all this "abuse" supposedly took place. How dare you speak for John Edwards and put words in his mouth TO HIS OWN CHILDREN! Unless HE tells them himself - YOU shut-up about their deceased mother. How tacky and mean can you be? Stop selling the fairy-tale that Johnny was dying to be in your life full-time, but big bad Elizabeth Edwards was holding a gun to his head, preventing you two teenager lovers from running off together. This is even more laughable than when you claimed Andrew Young was Quinn's father. Honey, I hate to burst your bubble, but John Edwards was free to be with you long ago. He makes the choice everyday NOT to be with you - because he doesn't think you are special to him. The most attention you'll ever get from Johnny is a nighttime romp in the hay, if he's horny enough, but any reasonably attractive woman will do. NEWSFLASH: Sex isn't love. However, you dangerously confuse the two. And please stop insulting everyone's intelligence by saying you HAD to stay with Johnny, (every time he dumped you), to SAVE him from his life with his beast of a wife. Oh, that was a real horror story John Edwards was living with Elizabeth before you came along to rescue him from it all. Respected and admired by everyone, almost becoming president, everything he touched turned to gold, lovely family. Good thing you saved 'your Johnny' from that hell-hole great life he enjoyed. Sweetie, you're not a "life-coach", you're a death-coach. You caused the death of the Edwards family, the death of John Edwards former wonderful life and career, and the stress you caused Elizabeth killed her sooner than she needed to go. Just because John Edwards got some nookie elsewhere at times, didn't mean he didn't love his wife or family. He didn't stay with her for 30 years for nothing. You claim Andrew Young used YOU to stay connected to John Edwards. Pot calling the kettle. It's obvious you use QUINN to stay connected to John Edwards. You insist you're a family. Ludicrous! He has his OWN family, and it's not you. Quinn is his illegitimate kid but you're just the baby mamma and he's not with. You caused his life to be reduced to rubble and the only way he can rebuild is to cut you out of his life. Elizabeth Edward
HeatWave345 More than 1 year ago
I cringed throughout the entire book reading how Rielle Hunter, the obnoxious mistress from hell, hated and was jealous of the wife, Mrs. Edwards. Not only does Rielle Hunter hate Mrs. Edwards, but she tries to convince the reader that everyone in the Edwards family hated Mrs. Edwards.(Hunter writes how Kathy, John's sister, always wanted to run to the media to trash her sister-in-law, but didn't. How Kathy was always in tears after talking to her sister-in-law on the phone because Elizabeth was always so mean to her.) Cate Edwards must be heartbroken hearing that her aunt became close to Rielle Hunter and trashed her dead mother to the evil vixen who destroyed her father and broke up her family! If I were Cate, I'd be very upset if any of the Edwards were talking and hanging out with Rielle Hunter. The Edwards' should embrace Quinn but not Rielle Hunter. Throughout the entire book, Rielle Hunter tries her best to get the readers to hate Elizabeth Edwards and feel sorry for her and Quinn. While I don't believe John Edwards is a demon and Mrs. Edwards was a saint - Rielle Hunter is a HOME WRECKER of the highest order. Rielle Hunter never cared about John Edwards or his children. Lust and obsession have NOTHING to do with love! The ONLY person Rielle Hunter is looking out for is herself. Mrs. Edwards is the person who truly cared about John Edwards - she always had his back. She always spoke well of him and made him look better than he really was. And he reciprocated that. He spoke so well of her. Mrs. Edwards was John's greatest asset and ally. Unfortunately, she couldn't save her family from the devious mistress who hit on her husband and immediately spread her legs in his hotel room and brainwashed the naive, vulnerable, weak John Edwards. Rielle Hunter, the life-coach, did her magic and destroyed him. Turns out, John Edwards (ACCORDING TO RIELLE HUNTER) is the most cowardly, weak man who ever lived, he's also a completely unsophisticated, dishonest, horny, Southern hick. A man who can't cross the street unless she puts on her "teacher's hat" and "helps" him. If I hear her write or say one more time "Andrew Young claimed paternity" I'll spit. SHE is the mother of Quinn and SHE is the one who CLAIMED Andrew Young was the father of Quinn!!! End of story. What does Andrew Young have to do with what SHE did? If John Edwards was such a vile pig he disowned his own child - why the HELL is Rielle Hunter blaming Andrew, Cherrie, Elizabeth for HIS actions? It's sad Rielle Hunter convinces herself of her delusional nonsense, but it's tragic she wrote a book revealing to the world how mentally disturbed she really is. I felt so sorry for Josh Brumberger, John Edwards aide. He's obviously a good guy who saw Hunter for who she is and he tried to save John Edwards from destroying himself over the likes of her. However, John Edwards was too brainwashed by lust at the time. I couldn't believe Rielle Hunter used her position as John Edwards' slut to brag in her book (to Quinn) "of course Johnny was going to pick me over hard-working, moral, nice guy, Josh. After all, Josh wasn't screwing the boss. I was! How DARE Josh object to me sleeping with the very married man (with young children) who was running for president!" Disgusting, Delusional, & disturbing! I can't believe ANYONE could be so arrogant, vile, entitled. Rielle Hunter is a total nightmare. Let her book be a warning to anyone out there who
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Instead of giving Rielle Hunter money she doesn't deserve, how about all of us donate $15 to the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation. At least the money will go towards a good cause and will send a message to Ms. Hunter that you don't get rewarded for writing a tell all which trashes Elizabeth Edwards.
BookReviewerTR More than 1 year ago
How does Rielle Hunter sleep at night? She has no morals and no conscience. She didn't care when she was hurting Elizabeth Edwards while the poor woman was dying of cancer and she doesn't care that she hurts Cate, Emma Clare and Jack - the motherless children. Rielle put a gun to her own head with this book because it makes her look heartless, and "off." I can't tell if she's really this stupid, mentally ill, or both. And John Edwards is disgusting. He sure doesn't have a penis. Hunter has made that painfully clear on every page. No wonder Elizabeth Edwards wasn't having relations with him! He's such a weak, weak man. He's also a liar and he's terrible to HER. Why is she madly in love with this jerk? He never had her back. He denied their child, then when the trial is over he dumps her! When is she going to get that he doesn't love anyone but himself. It astounds me that Rielle got annoyed with Elizabeth Edwards for screaming at her lying, cheating husband. What wife is going to put up with a lying, cheating husband like John Edwards? The dirtball was playing Elizabeth Edwards, telling her how much he loved her, all the while screwing a demented floozy (Rielle) in high-end hotel rooms all over the country. John Edwards just used Elizabeth for his political career. He never would have been elected dog-catcher (let along president) without Elizabeth by his side and he KNEW it. That's why he used her. To win elections. He couldn't be more of a dirtball if he tried. Elizabeth Edwards only mistake in life is she let John Edwards off the hook too easy. She had every right to use the golf clubs on him, but she was too much of a lady. The book stinks. Glad I borrowed it and set it on fire.
Goldfish1 More than 1 year ago
Hey Lisa, bet Cate Edwards sees to it that you never see her brother or sister (who you claim to love) ever again!!! And STOP calling the Edwards YOUR FAMILY. They were NEVER your family. YOUR REAL Family has NOTHING to do with you!! How freaking pathetic is that??? You have a mother and 3 sisters and only ONE of your sisters talks to you??? If your OWN immediate family hates you, this says a lot. You've probably caused your mother and sisters a lot of grief just like you did to everyone else in your life. Your book is a COMEDY. John Edwards just used you for sex. You must be the dumbest bleached blond alive. He'd drop dead before he took you out in public. He's embarrassed of you!!!! He dumped you for good this time. Go out a get a freaking JOB, you weirdo!!! And start supporting the poor kid you tricked Johnny into. You destroyed the man's entire life. You made Elizabeth Edwards final year a living HELL. You are clearly ruining Quinn's life. The poor kid is only 4 years old and you already BURNED THE BRIDGE with her entire family. Leave the Edwards family ALONE!!!!! Poor Quinn. I hope John Edwards gets custody of her. I hope his 2nd wife raises her.
HoneywellTeacher More than 1 year ago
All she wants you to know it's all Elizabeth Edwards fault. Or, Andrew Young, or Cheri Young, or Josh Brumberger, or Pigeon O'Brien, or, her sister, Roxanne, or ... The two trials, the sex tape, the illegitimate kid, the destruction of the Edwards marriage and family have nothing to do with Rielle Hunter! She was minding her own business at the Regency when she threw herself at some woman's husband and slept with him 5 minutes later. If Elizabeth Edwards has a problem with her politician husband having a mistress while she was dying of cancer, she shouldn't take it out on poor Johnny. How could poor Johnny be blamed for having a mistress when his mean wife was cranky. So what if she was cranky because her son died, her husband was cheating and she was dying? And the 20/20 interview wasn't Johnny's fault. It was Elizabeth's! Johnny was TEMPORARILY INSANE because Elizabeth Edwards screamed at him for impregnating his scheming Fatal Attraction mistress while he was asking for people's money and votes for him to become president. Why would Elizabeth Edwards be mad at Johnny. This really irritated Rielle Hunter - the "victim" in this sick dynamic Rielle Hunter created. When Quinn is older and has a "married w/children a drug dealer boyfriend" who wants Quinn to drive the get-away car while he's robbing a bank - I guess Quinn is going to have to do what her boyfriend asks because when you are "madly in love" you can't control your morals, values, or anything! I guess Rielle Hunter is going to tell Quinn not to bother using birth control or protection for STD's - after all, you could meet a married man in a bar, fall "madly in love" and have sex with him 5 minutes later in his car. You can't worry about wives, pregnancy and STD's when you're "madly in love." Rielle Hunter makes me sick with her stupid philosophy about truth, reality, men and relationships. She's a desperate woman, desperate to keep John Edwards and she has always just settled for the crumbs that bastard throws at her. And he doesn't throw her much, but she runs after his small crumbs, picks them up and licks his feet like he's a freaking rock star. And why is "precious Quinn" named after the ex-husband Rielle Hunter divorced years ago? Because John Edwards is embarrassed of the illegitimate kid and refuses to give his name to her like his "real" children have. He is the worst father a kid could be stuck with. It's a damn shame Rielle Hunter is Quinn's role model. It's a damn shame Quinn sees how terrible her father treats her mother and how desperate her mother is to keep a guy like that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Why was this person given a book deal? She slept with a married man whose wife was dying of cancer , I don't care what his job was or what office he was running for, nor do I have any respect left for him anymore. The idea of needing to know her side of the story is sad and she is hurting people all over again. If she cared for her daughter, she should let it be, she's done enough damage. Did not read, will not read.
Roses3Z More than 1 year ago
First, I cannot believe the brazen audacity of a mistress coming out with a book slamming the dead mother of her child's siblings. Rielle Hunter keeps adding fuel to the fire with her unimaginable antics! Even though I expected the book to be tasteless and tacky, I was shocked how malicious and spiteful this woman truly is. I watched her on Piers Morgan, making a complete fool of herself, trying desperately to weasel out of the "witch on wheels" statement she used in connection with Elizabeth. Incredulously, Rielle sat there and denied she had Elizabeth in mind when she wrote that. Yet, she used Game Change and stated as FACT that Elizabeth was an "abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending, crazy woman." Hunter goes on and on in her book about John Edwards marital problems. Like she was there! How could she write this stuff in book and dedicate it to Elizabeth's children? In the Acknowledgements she thanks Emma and Jack! Rielle Hunter is cruel to Elizabeth Edwards throughout the entire book. After Elizabeth died, Hunter writes she wished she would have talked to Elizabeth to "form a truce" for Emma, Jack and Quinn. Why the HELL would Elizabeth Edwards agree to a truce and extend an olive branch to that woman? Elizabeth didn't want her around her children and no one could blame her. The "truce" Rielle wanted was to benefit her. So she could move in with Elizabeth's children and take over. Rielle Hunter has more brazen audacity than anyone I ever head of. If only John Edwards would have listened to his wise, protective wife instead of some unemployed, loser, wicked, new-age, lunatic. Devil called Johnny's name and he went running like the fool he is. He got actually what he deserved with Rielle Hunter. Karma is a beautiful thing.
MotherOf3FH More than 1 year ago
What Really Happened starts out with the author hitting on a married man and following him to his hotel room (to help him.) She says this with a straight face and she thinks the readers are going to buy her kookiness. Like any married man messing around on his wife, the cad/adulterer tells his "one-night-stand" right off the bat his marriage is no good. Unfortunately for cheating John Edwards, his wife Elizabeth, is a beloved public figure. So, sleazebag Johnny came up with a whooper about his wife and marriage to impress his new lover, and play the "victim" in his adultery. Yet, the two-faced liar, never shut-up in public about what a saint his wife was and how wonderful their marriage was. How could Hunter justify all this? Oh, but she does! What's maddening, is not only did he fill Rielle's head with crapola about his wife, he also completely made up three other mistresses, giving Hunter all sorts of details to make her believe his tall-tale. And he kept up his mistress lie for years - never coming clean about his mistress fabrication until his hand was forced. Lying his head off and coming clean ONLY when his hand his forced is a PATTERN for John Edwards. He does this continually to Elizabeth AND Rielle throughout the book. Elizabeth Edwards didn't put up with John's dishonesty. Rielle Hunter not only puts up with his fraudulence, she blames all his lies on Elizabeth! Just HOURS after Rielle met John Edwards and after basing her opinion on what liar John Edwards tells her, SHE presumes how "off the rails" his 30 plus year marriage is and that Elizabeth Edwards is not the "victim" of adultery and she had every right to sleep with her husband! This is Rielle Hunter's attitude throughout the entire book. She twists reality completely around to excuse her and Johnny's repulsiveness. All through the book, Rielle Hunter insists John Edwards marriage didn't reflect reality and that Elizabeth was an evil witch. Truth is, the ONLY supporting evidence she has to make this assumption is what incorrigible lying, slimeball, John Edwards is telling her. How could she write this inaccurate fable for Quinn and his other children to read? Rielle wants the entire world to know the Edwardses hadn't had sex in years! Yeah Right! I'd sooner believe Andrew Young was the father of Quinn before I believe the baloney of John and Elizabeth weren't sleeping together. Elizabeth Edwards LOVED her husband. They renewed their wedding vows. They were sleeping together! Andrew Young said they slept in the same bed in his book. Andrew Young is a hell of lot more credible that John Edwards. Speaking of Andrew Young. If he never wrote his book, The Politician, Quinn would still be denied by John Edwards. Another time John Edwards ONLY came clean with his blatant lies because his hand was forced. Finally, in her book, Hunter writes how Elizabeth Edwards filled Jack and Emma Claire's heads with the notion "Daddy's mistress is a bad person who destroyed our family." Hello? Elizabeth Edwards was telling the TRUTH to her children to protect them from Hunter. It must have terrified this dying woman thinking Rielle Hunter was going to step in and have ANY influence on her precious children. And the fact that John Edwards has been allowing his immoral, compulsive crackpot, mistress around Elizabeth's children AND TO WRITE THIS BOOK ABOUT THEIR MOTHER proves he hasn't changed one bit and is still as repulsive as ever.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
During the time Johnny was so madly in love with you, why did John Edwards go on Oprah Winfrey to gush to the entire world; (September 2006) John Edwards referring to his wife, Elizabeth Edwards: "She's the most extraordinary person I've ever known. I call her my conscience," John says. "She knows intuitively the difference between right and wrong. She seems to have an understanding of what to say and what's real and what's not. She is an extraordinary woman." Then later John Edwards gushed to the media, about Elizabeth: "I've been in love with the same woman for 30-plus years, and as anybody who's been around us knows, she's an extraordinary human being, warm, loving, beautiful, sexy and as good a person as I have ever known. WHO WAS HE LYING TO . . YOU OR HIS WIFE?? Why should anyone believe your book, based entirely on the lies of John Edwards? If John Edwards' mouth is moving - he's lying!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rielle Hunter didn't write her ridiculous defense, What Really Happened, to clear her reputation. She's spent her life flaunting her bad girl image. Jay McInerney wrote an entire book 25 years ago, detailing how repulsive, slutty, sneaky, conniving and devious Rielle Hunter is, (which Hunter is proud of), and she obviously hasn't changed one bit in 25 years. Hunter doesn't care what people think of her, but she's obsessed with John Edwards and is still scheming and manipulating to get her way and to force "Johnny" to be in her life. Her obstacle to Johnny is no longer Elizabeth, it's his children. Hunter complains Johnny doesn't see Quinn or her all that much because (HE TELLS HER) he's too busy with his children with Elizabeth. Ironic, because when he was filled with lust, he would spend 4 hours on the phone with her every night during the time he was running for president, had a wife and two young children at home. Now that he's unemployed, is single, and has no wife, he has no time for her? And his children with Elizabeth are teenagers now. Yet, as usual, Hunter falls for all his bullchit. Just like she fell for all the bullchit he told her about Elizabeth. Hunter is aware he lies like a rug, yet she writes a book about Elizabeth Edwards based on his lies? Obviously, John Edwards would be with her and Quinn if he wanted to, for unknown reasons, he's stringing her along and she's not smart enough to get it. This book is meant to convince her competition, Elizabeth Edwardes' children, that their mother was an evil, crazy woman not worth John Edwards being honest or faithful to her. Hunter also tries desperately to convince them that John Edwards marriage to Elizabeth was null and void, years and years ago, and he was free to cheat on his dying wife and impregnate other woman because their mother belonged in a loony bin. She laughingly portrays herself to Elizabeth's children as an innocent victim in her seduction of their father, her PLANNED pregnancy and the subsequent divorce proceedings regarding their parents marriage - while their mother was DYING of cancer. Hunter complains bitterly that Quinn gets "the short end of the stick" compared to John Edwards other children. DUH!! Unfortunately, poor Quinn Hunter, is the illegitimate kid forced on him by her deceptive, conniving mother. He will never feel the same about her as he feels about his other children in his family with Elizabeth. For that, Rielle can't blame John Edwards. She only has herself to blame for her daughter always getting "the short end of the stick." This is what happens when you are a sociopath mistress who gets pregnant by a married man who already has a big family. Her daughter will always get seconds - just like she settled for seconds as his mistress. She passed that onto her daughter.
LondonBooks More than 1 year ago
Read between all the lines in Rielle Hunter's book and it's all about how "Johnny" treats her and Quinn like dirt. But, somehow it's never Johnny's fault. It's always his wife's fault why he treats everyone so badly. If John Edwards marriage was so "off the rails" for 30 years, thus allowing Rielle to think she had a free pass to sleep with a married man with young children; Why then, did HE praise his perfect marriage and perfect wife on TV every chance he got? Why have more children with his wife if he's so miserable. Why renew his wedding vows if he's so miserable? Why didn't he get a divorce 20 years ago if he was as miserable as Hunter insists? Rielle Hunter's version and spin on the story doesn't make ANY sense. If she put the blame on John Edwards, the man who publicly denied Quinn, who never bothered to check on his daughter or see her, the man who lied all the time to everyone, cheated on his wife for 20 years, and denied Quinn money for food, her story might have some truth to it. But blaming Elizabeth Edwards for all John Edwards crap is just laughable. The most disturbing part of Hunter's book for me, was when she writes John's sister Kathy and John's whole family would trash Elizabeth to Rielle. As if Kathy's brother was this perfect man instead of what he really was, a complete jerk, especially to his wife and children. Part of John Edward's personality disorder and narcissism probably stems from his parents and siblings. They seem to think he could walk on water even while he was cheating on his wife and impregnating whores. Reading that, I thought, no wonder Elizabeth Edwards didn't like his family. Also, how in God's name did Elizabeth Edwards "ostracize" John Edwards family? He was a man in his 50's. A man who was a multi-millionaire and running for president. A man who sneaked around in hotel rooms and hid from the paparazzi to be with whores. You mean he couldn't call his parents or sister or visit them but he would visit his mistress? He CHOSE not to call and visit his family. Don't blame his wife for that! Why does Hunter blame Elizabeth for everything John Edwards does or doesn't do? But she does this throughout the entire book. I also think the Edwardses family has been very disloyal to Cate, Emma Claire and Jack trashing Elizabeth Edwards to Rielle Hunter. If I were Cate Edwards reading that, hell would freeze over before I spent Christmas with those people. And hell would freeze over before Rielle Hunter is ever in the same place as Jack and Emma Claire. Shame on John Edwards sister and family members who have sided with the devil (Rielle Hunter.) They have done John Edwards NO favors. No wonder he was still seeing her. Furthermore, John Edwards, siblings and parents are the ones who ostracized themselves from Elizabeth Edwards children. If I were Elizabeth's children, I would spend Christmas and holidays with Elizabeth Edwards side of the family. John Edwards is such a weak, dishonorable man to do all this to his family in order to be with Rielle Hunter. How in God's name could he be romantically involved with this woman who wrote this horrific book about the mother of his children including his beloved son, Wade. Wade must be spinning in his grave over what his father became and how badly his father treated his dear mother.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The unsolved mystery is how this woman has any hair left on her head!!! . . . If I were Cate Edwards, I would've pulled out every strand of hair from her frizzy blond head long ago! . . . If this Hunter chick wrote this book about my mother . . I shudder at the thought of what I might do! . . . She'd be hiding for the rest of her life. What difference does the state of John and Elizabeth Edwards marriage make? . . . He was married, period!! . . . . she threw herself at him the first night KNOWING he was married with young children. At that point, there was no love, it was a one-night-stand as far as she knew. . . how could she excuse shagging some lady's husband!!!! Without condoms, birth control, NOTHING! . . . He had a wife she KNEW was sick and had young children at home! Every bit of her outrageous behavior can all be excused because she was 'head over heels' in love! . . . It never occurred to this sociopath mistress that Elizabeth Edwards had real problems . . .the death of a son, fatal cancer, young children she knew would never see grow up, . . . and a husband who turned out to be the stupidest, most deceitful idiot in North Carolina (if not every trailer park in the country.) He's pure white hillbilly trash underneath his designer clothes and $400 haircuts.) I can see why low-life "Johnny" was attracted to an even bigger low-life . . Reille Hunter. The only good thing, this sorry excuse for a woman ever accomplished is she brought out the "real" and "authentic" John Edwards. He'll never be in politics again and he'll never walk into a courtroom, unless he's in trouble again with the law. His law degree? Useless!!! The only person in America with a worse reputation is OJ Simpson. As to Elizabeth, she can be excused for all her faults . . I'm sure she had them, but she's forgiven by everyone and can do no wrong . . because she suffered so much in her life and she was tortured by John Edwards and Rielle Hunter up until her deathbed. This book made me so sad . . I am so sorry for what Elizabeth Edwards had to go through because of these two sneaky selfish pigs. I borrowed this book from my friend to read at the beach . . . Believe me, I wanted to throw it in the Atlantic ocean!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I feel so sorry for the little girl, Frances Quinn. Here the poor thing was already the "poor relation" in the Edwards family. But, her mother has made her standing in the family, much, much worse with this book. My concern is this awful book clobbering Elizabeth Edwards will hurt the relationship between Quinn and her siblings. Mrs. Edwards children will most likely associate Quinn with her mother. It's not fair what Ms. Hunter has done to her own daughter in order to gain notoriety for herself. The poor little girl never leaves her home without sunglasses. Not because she's an A-List celebrity child like, Suri Cruise, but because her mother selfishly dragged her daughter into her infamous scandal. I got the chills reading that if John Edwards was sent to prison in Virginia, Ms. Hunter would have moved her daughter near the prison and life for the child would revolve around a prison. This for a man, who never married Ms. Hunter, never treated either of them well, nor did he offer his child his last name. Ms. Hunter is sick. God help little Francis Quinn. We should all pray for that little girl.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Elizabeth Edwards didn't take John Edwards crap!!! Rielle Hunter, the complete door mat, takes ALL his crap. She obviously resents the hell out of Elizabeth Edwards because this is how John Edwards referred to his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, "and as anybody who's been around us knows, she's an extraordinary human being, warm, loving, beautiful, sexy and as good a person as I have ever known. Other times, he called her his "moral leader." He also went on 20/20 to brag that he has only loved ONE woman - Elizabeth Edwards. Other than "her Johnny" calling Rielle Hunter "a crazy slut." he's never mentioned the bimbo. This book is a jealous vendetta. Hunter is so jealous that the world admired Elizabeth Edwards, because of her courage, her brilliant writings, her wisdom. She was a LADY. Hunter is nothing but a tramp. Elizabeth Edwards suffered no fools during her life. And John Edwards was no exception. She let him have it. Good for her!!! Hunter is the BIGGEST fool because John Edwards treats her like the dirt she is.