What They Don't Teach You in College: A Graduate's Guide to Life on Your Own

What They Don't Teach You in College: A Graduate's Guide to Life on Your Own

by James Kramon
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What They Don't Teach You in College: A Graduate's Guide to Life on Your Own by James Kramon

You're finally free-so now what?

You've passed the last final, and suddenly you're expected to know how to do all sorts of grown-up things-get a job, rent an apartment, pay for health insurance. The only problem is, no one ever told you how to do these things. Take a deep breath, because What They Don't Teach You in College is a crash course in Life 101.

Your Job
- soar through all the new-hire paperwork
- create the best benefits package for you

Your Money
- live large on a small but smart budget
- control your student loan payments

Your Health
- keep insurance costs low
- get to know your HMO

Your Apartment
- spot the most dangerous traps in your lease
- keep roommate headaches to a minimum

Your Taxes
- make filing your returns a breeze
- discover simple ways to increase your refund

Your Car
- avoid used car pitfalls
- negotiate like a pro for your first new car

Packed with helpful checklists for every situation, easy definitions of essential terms and practical advice from an experienced lawyer, What They Don't Teach You in College makes life's major decisions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Say good-bye to college and hello to your new life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781572485549
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 03/01/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

James M. Kramon, Esq., a graduate of George Washington and Harvard Law Schools, served as a federal prosecutor for four years and then opened his own law firm in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past thirty-five years, his clients have included paupers and billionaires, mom-and-pop businesses and international corporations, and everything in between. Mr. Kramon has represented hospitals, construction companies, manufacturers of goods, providers of services, insurance companies, financial institutions, real estate developers, and government agencies. Throughout his legal career, Mr. Kramon has provided legal advice on all the subjects addressed in this book to countless college graduates.

Mr. Kramon has held various positions in bar associations and public-service organizations, and has taught courses at several law schools. In his previous articles and books, Mr. Kramon has discussed a wide variety of legal and social issues. Mr. Kramon's work has been the subject of numerous television and radio broadcasts and it has been reviewed in major newspapers, such as the Washington Post. Mr. Kramon has been listed in Who's Who in American Law and The Best Lawyers in America.

Further information concerning him may be found at:

Table of Contents


Section I: The Basics-Work and Money
Chapter 1: Your Job -
- Employment Contracts
- Terms Used in Employment Contracts
- Checklist for Employment Contracts
- Employment Benefits
- Checklist for Employment Benefits
- Paperwork for New Employees
- Checklist for New Employees
- Sample Form W-4
- Changing Employment
- Checklist for Ending Employment

Chapter 2: Managing Finances -
- Making and Using a Budget
- Checklist for Making and Using a Budget
- Sample Monthly Budget
- Saving Money
- Checklist for Managing Your Finances
- Terms Regarding Student Loans
- Sample Letter to Bank
- Sample Letter to Credit Card Company
- How to Handle Your Checking Account
- Checklist of Dos and Don'ts for Checking Accounts
- Terms Used in Banking
- Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans
- Things to Do to Provide for Possible Death or Disability
- Checklist of Things to Do to Provide for Possible Death or Disability

Chapter 3: Your Income Taxes -
- Income Tax Basics
- Terms Used in Income Tax Matters
- FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
- W-2s and 1099s
- Sample Form W-2
- Sample Form 1099
- Filing Tax Returns
- Checklist for Preparing for Tax Time

Section II: The Necessities-Home and Car
Chapter 4: Renting an Apartment -
- Finding an Apartment
- Checklist for Finding an Apartment
- Dealing with Real Estate Brokers
- Checklist for Dealing with Real Estate Brokers
- Your Lease
- Terms Used in Leases
- Checklist for Your Lease
- Complaints and Requests
- Checklist for Complaints and Requests
- Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord
- Dealing with a Roommate
- Checklist for Dealing with a Roommate
- Apartment Insurance
- Terms Used in Apartment Insurance Policies
- Checklist for Apartment Insurance
- Making a Claim under Your Apartment
- Insurance Policy
- Checklist for Making a Claim under
- Your Apartment Insurance Policy
- Sample Letter to Apartment Insurance Company

Chapter 5: Automobiles -
- Should I Buy a Car?
- Checklist for Costs of Owning a Car
- Buying a Car
- Checklist for Buying a Car
- Financing the Purchase of a Car
- Car Inspections
- Checklist for Car Inspections
- Automobile Insurance
- Checklist for Components of Automobile Insurance
- Accidents
- Checklist for Handling Accidents

Chapter 6: Buying a House -
- Buying Your First House
- Terms Used in Buying a House
- Checklist for Buying a House
- Contract to Buy a House
- Checklist for a Contract to Buy a House
- Homeowners Insurance
- Checklist for Homeowners Insurance
- Closing
- Checklist for House Closing
- Repairs and Improvements to Your House

Section III: The Essentials-Insurance and Medical Care
Chapter 7: Liability Insurance -
- Obtaining Liability Insurance
- Checklist for Obtaining Liability Insurance

Chapter 8: Medical Care -
- Types of Medical Insurance
- Checklist for Types of Medical Insurance
- Selecting an HMO
- Terms Used in HMO Provider Agreements
- Checklist of Factors to Consider in Selecting an HMO
- Sample Worksheet for Comparing HMOs
- Forming a Relationship with Your HMO
- Checklist for Forming a Relationship with Your HMO
- Specialists, Testing, Drugs, and Other Medical Care
- Checklist for Obtaining Specialists, Testing, Drugs, and Other Medical Care
- Resolving Disputes
- Checklist for Resolving Disputes with Your HMO
- Sample Letter to HMO that Refuses to Provide a Specialist

Chapter 9: Life and Disability Insurance -
- Life Insurance
- Terms Used in Life Insurance Policies
- Checklist for Purchasing Life Insurance
- Disability Insurance
- Checklist of Possible Sources of Money in the Event of Disability
- Terms Used in Disability Insurance Policies
- How to Obtain Disability Insurance
- Checklist for Obtaining a Disability Insurance Policy
- Making a Claim for Disability Benefits

Section IV: The Lessons-Resolving Problems
Chapter 10: Resolving Disputes -
- Avoiding Disputes
- Checklist of Ways to Avoid Disputes
- Sample Chronology Prepared for a Lawyer
- Handling Legal Disputes
- Checklist for Writing a Legal Letter
- Sample Letter Regarding Defective Repairs
- Sample Letter to Bank Regarding Checking Account
- Sample Letter Requesting Approval to See a Specialist
- Sample Letter Regarding Lack of Trash Removal Services

Conclusion -
About the Author -

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What They Don't Teach You in College: A Graduate's Guide to Life on Your Own 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Apex More than 1 year ago
if you have doubts about this book... and you're just starting life i really recomend ... basically h.s student college w/e... if u want basic info on buying a car, job , apartment, taxes, hmo, insurance then this book is 4 you it gives you the basics on these topics and a couple more i bought it and it has actually helped me on a thing of there.... i don't recomend it if you have a decent knowledge of these topics... but if you're not clear how some of these work then deffff this book is for the eagerly student awaiting lifee