What Would Emma Do?

What Would Emma Do?

by Eileen Cook
4.0 47


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What Would Emma Do? 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 47 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Emma was raised by her single mom in a small town in the middle of Illinois. She goes to a private Christian high school which is socially ruled by the local minister's daughter, Darci. She has a damaged relationship with her best friend, Joann, and her boyfriend, Colin.

Everything was going fine until at Christmas Emma and Colin kissed. Even though the kiss was in a mall in a different town, it happened right in front of Joann's mother.

Now Emma runs track and wants to get a full ride scholarship to Northwestern University. She wants out. Then Darci and her BFF, Kimberly, do something outrageous and Emma is the witness.

Should she tell what she knows even if it means that she might lose her scholarship? She keeps trying to figure out what it means to do the right thing.

I enjoyed this book very much. It has a great lesson about what is important, that being a person with a lot of integrity is more important than many other things in life. Emma has to do what is right and it is a scary thought.

Read WHAT WOULD EMMA DO? It is one story that is going to stay with me for a long time.
MIZAMAZINXD More than 1 year ago
when i picked up this book i thought it was interesting from the moment i saw it i mean who hasn't gone through this problem before and if you haven't it helps you prevent from this type of situation ever happening i loved the way she made this character open up to us i would def recommend this book to other and it most def a reread type of book
Team_Jacob4ever More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was amazing! It was very funny and sweet. I also kinda like that the main characters name is Emma it's a name that isn't used alot. It is also my name! :) I wish it were longer maybe a seond installment????
Laura_Clark More than 1 year ago
Emma Proctor is a high school senior in "Nowhere, Middle America", as she calls it, and she hates it. Her goal in life is to get a track scholarship to an out of town college and a one way ticket out of Wheaton. Things seem to be going according to plan until something starts happening to the popular girls at TES, the private school she attends. Now, Emma doesn¿t know exactly what is going on but she does know how it started - and she knows people are lying. The only thing is, if she comes forward and tells what she knows, she could be kicked out of school and her dreams for the scholarship and life outside of Wheaton go down the tubes. How long will she be able to stand by and watch as one-by-one the "losers" of the school are plucked out and blamed for things she know they didn¿t do? Will she do the right thing or will she take the safe route to ensure her plans aren¿t jeopardized?

Eileen Cook has created characters that are relatable and believable - she totally nailed teenage angst. What Would Emma Do? is a smart and funny book that had me laughing out loud. I couldn¿t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, easy read - regardless of one¿s age.
Rebecca Jaeger More than 1 year ago
this book is the perfect romance mystery book.
Gabriela_Iris More than 1 year ago
This book was interesting enough to keep my attention and rile my emotions at the allotted points. It's an easy read and true to real life. It also helps that it is laugh-out-loud funny! I'd recommend it.
liyahlovesu More than 1 year ago
This book is one of those fun books you just need to read every once in a while. Take a break from those serious love, thriller, mystery books and sit back and enjoy What Would Emma Do?.
aaauuubbbrrreeeyyy More than 1 year ago
This book was the best book i have ever read!?. it is AMAZING! the ending is awesome.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was really good. It pissed me off at times with the characters not fessing up right away, but when everything unfolded it was great.
sparkyanddenver More than 1 year ago
This book is laugh-out-loud funny, read-straight-through-in-one-sitting, un-put-down-able. Eileen Cook nails the workings of a small-town high school and writes characters that are so believable you want to yank them into your living room and tell them it will be okay. Emma is smart, witty and sincere and finds herself in quite the pickle. A small misstep is overblown by this small town and can only be resolved during an over-the-top, but completely realistic, televised revival. You've got to pick this up so you can find out what Emma did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Through out this book i could totally relate to it. I even found myself crying at the end of the book because as a reader you feel so sorry for the main chactor. This book will change the way you view your friends, family, and the town you live in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Books4Tomorrow More than 1 year ago
I’m probably going to say it more than once, but I loved absolutely everything about this book! If it comes down to it, I’ll even admit to wanting to spend a day inside Eileen Cook’s mind, because it seems that it could be a fun place to be for anyone who has ever read any of her books. Admittedly, apart from this book, I’ve only read one of her books so far, but I have another two waiting on my kindle to be read, and because I had such an awesome time reading this book – and finishing it in less than a day – I’m moving those two books up on my to-read list. What Would Emma Do is exactly the sort of book I would like to read more of. It has the exact mix of all the elements that makes it that perfect read. First of all, it takes place in a little town called Wheaton. It’s not just any small town; it’s one of those small towns that locals describe as “the heartland of America”, and where religion is taken so seriously, it almost reaches cult-like proportions. Nothing much ever happens in Wheaton, but high morals and the church’s rule are the order of the day. Anything or anyone that is considered different, or falls outside of the belief system of the citizens of Wheaton, is rejected and revolted against with a burn-at-the-stakes passion. So imagine the widespread panic incited by the popular crowd when the unpopular kids at school are suspected of being terrorists because apparently they’re trying to poison students one popular girl at a time and...oh yeah, they’re “different”.  That was actually the second thing that attracted my interest in this story. The first would be Emma’s voice. Every chapter opens with Emma having a little monologue with God. Nothing offensive. Just a regular teen sharing her thoughts with the Lord. That right there instantly connected me with Emma, because I’ve had a few similar monologues with God, and I couldn’t help smiling as some of the things she said to Him were like an echo of my own words. Anyhow, I also really liked Emma because she made me laugh. I don’t mean smiling or giggling, I’m talking belly-clutching, tears-rolling-down-my-face laughs. Laughs that made others stare at me as I was trying to get control over my dignity, laughs. Yep, this author nailed it with the humor. Anyone who doesn’t laugh at least once while reading this book would, in my opinion, rank right up there next to sauerkraut. Especially with the locker incident. I read it like three times, and every time it made me laugh. OK, so you get my point about the humor, right? Darci – the Reverend’s daughter – she’s the antagonist in this story. And trust me, she’s pretty scary. Nothing freaks me out more than a two-faced, scheming, lying, pastor’s daughter with the face of an angel who is the most popular girl in school and who is loved by ninety percent of the townsfolk. In their eyes she can do no wrong. That means, anyone who has the misfortune of landing on Darci’s wrong side, don’t stand a chance. Darci and her posse rule the school, rule the town, and have all the important decision-making adults wrapped around her pinkie. So where does that leave pariahs like Todd and Emma? Emma just wants to do the right thing, but she has so much to lose if she tells the truth. While she makes up her mind about whether she should do the right thing or let a few innocent students take the fall for Darci’s elaborate scheme, she suffers one embarrassment after the other, and have her own issues to deal with such as her relationship with her mom, falling in love with her best friend’s boyfriend and the school’s Jewish outcast. This girl has to make more than one tough decision and lots of times I was happy not to be in her shoes because I had no idea what I would’ve done faced with the same dilemmas. There’s a tiny smidgen of romance in this book, and I especially love how the author dealt with it at the conclusion. The characters – main and secondary – are all three-dimensional and each of them has a unique voice. The small-town atmosphere, and specifically the entire Faith Forward scene at the end, was done terrifically! I felt the crowd’s anticipation and got caught up in their exuberance. The conclusion was just right, and if I had written this book I wouldn’t have done it any differently. What Would Emma Do subtly presses the reader to contemplate what decisions they would make if they were in Emma’s shoes and how it would affect their faith.  I’m fast becoming a fan of Eileen Cook’s writing and I can’t wait to read more of her books. The two I’ve read thus far has proved to have substance and were refreshing in its approach to the subject matter. I’d recommend What Would Emma Do to fans of Miranda Kenneally’s books. If you have a sense of humor, appreciate sarcasm and irony, and have an open-minded view towards God, I’m positive you’ll love this clean read as much as I have!  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well...i got my copy of this book in my school library....i didnt know what to expect....( well my name is emma and look at the cover....do the math...) i ended up loving this book!!! All my friends thaught i was crazy for getting this book unuill they did to!!! So not only am i obsessed....but now my friends are to! Im so happy i judged this book by the cover!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book. Read it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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