Whatever You Like

Whatever You Like

by Maureen Smith

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Whatever You Like by Maureen Smith

By day, Lena Morrison is an ambitious grant writer. By night, she's an escort to some of Chicago's most successful men. Sex isn't on the menu—Lena's job is to provide her elite clients with comanionship and sparkling conversation. She enjoys the extra income, but even more, Lena loves the empowering feeling of being appreciated for her beauty and her brains.

When tycoon Roderick Brand hires Lena as his date for a private party, their electric attraction leads to the most erotic night of her life. Incredible as the experience is, she vows not to mix work and pleasure again. But Roderick is relentless. His irresistible proposal: three weeks fulfilling all his fantasies, in exchange for a million-dollar grant that will guarantee Lena a major promotion.

Lena can play that game. She'll give him the hottest, wildest sex he's ever had, then she'll walk away, leaving him aching for more. But when it comes to desire, rules—and hearts— are easily broken. And the best-laid plans have a way of working out in ways neither could expect….

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ISBN-13: 9780373831982
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 10/19/2010
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 11.82(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Maureen Smith is the author of over 20 novels and novellas, garnering great critical acclaim with her deft combination of sensual romance and heart-pounding suspense. She has been nominated for four RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Awards and numerous Emma Awards. Maureen lives with her family in Texas where she is hard at work on her next novel.

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"Are we almost there?"

The uniformed chauffeur met Lena Morrison's gaze in the rearview mirror. "About five more minutes."

Nodding briskly, Lena slid a tube of MAC lipstick across her mouth and surveyed her reflection in the compact mirror she'd removed from her evening purse. The lustrous red color made her full lips look as juicy and inviting as ripe mangoes dangling from the bowed branches of a tree. Smoky eye shadow accentuated her wide, dark eyes and high cheekbones. She'd exchanged her conservative office attire for a sexy black dress that hugged her curves and had a plunging back. Diamonds glittered at her ears, throat and wrists.

She looked like a million bucks. Felt like it, too.

So it was only fitting that tonight she was escorting one of Chicago's most eligible bachelors to a glitzy party aboard his private yacht. Roderick Brand, president and CEO of a multinational energy conglomerate. Educated at MIT. Recently named Businessman of the Year by Forbes. Net worth $2.4 billion.

Lena had done her research, of course. As a professional escort, it was her job to learn as much as she could about her wealthy clients. The more she knew and understood about them, the better she could serve their needs.

"Here we are."

The Bentley limousine had glided to a stop in front of a sleek glass high-rise located on Lake Shore Drive. At the canopied entrance to the building, a doorman greeted elegantly dressed couples heading out for a night on the town.

From the backseat of the limo, Lena watched as the driver spoke into the car phone. After a few moments, he hung up and met her eyes in the rearview mirror. "Mr. Brand will be down shortly."

Lena nodded, smiled. "Thank you."

As a rule, she never entered her clients' residences. While most of them understood that she was paid to accompany them to social events, there were always a few who expected more from her. After being groped, propositioned—even cornered in a bathroom—Lena had decided it'd be easier to maintain professional boundaries if she never stepped foot inside her clients' homes.

Her need for boundaries was what prompted her to get up and move to the opposite seat. She felt more comfortable sitting face-to-face to her clients rather than side by side. And it worked out great for the ones who enjoyed ogling her legs across the aisle, hoping for a glimpse up her dress. Wryly she wondered if tonight's client—

Suddenly Lena gasped, staring out the window.

The most gorgeous man she'd ever seen had just emerged from the building. At least six foot three and powerfully built, with wide, muscular shoulders and endlessly long legs that carried him forward with purpose. Lena had escorted some of the richest men to countless black-tie affairs, but she'd never known any man to wear the hell out of a tuxedo. Until tonight. Roderick Brand couldn't have looked finer if he'd just completed a cover shoot for GQ.

As he reached the waiting limo, Lena mouthed to herself, Oh. My. God.

The driver had gotten out to open the back door for Roderick. Lena's stomach clenched as he lowered himself into the plush leather seat across from her.

Their eyes met.

It was as if all the oxygen had been sucked out of the car—or out of Lena's lungs, at the very least. Suddenly she had difficulty breathing.

For several moments neither of them attempted to speak.

As Roderick's dark, glittering gaze traveled over her face and body, Lena shamelessly returned the favor. None of the photos she'd seen of him could begin to do the man justice. He was devastatingly handsome, with black slashes for eyebrows, sculpted cheekbones and a square jaw. His skin was a deep, molten brown that made her think of the most decadent chocolate dessert she'd ever eaten. But what had her mouth watering were his full, sensual lips that brought to mind all sorts of erotic images—skin moving on skin, limbs entangled, mouths and tongues working, two bodies thrusting between hot, twisted sheets.

A slow, legs-spreading smile curved Roderick's lips. As if he'd hijacked her thoughts.

"Hello." His deep, dark voice was as sexy as the man it belonged to. "You must be Lena."

She smiled. "Either that, or you've climbed into the wrong limo."

He laughed, a husky sound that made her nipples harden. "A sense of humor. I like that."

Her smile widened. "I aim to please."

"Oh, you do," Roderick murmured, giving her another one of those slow once-overs. "You please me very much."

His words sent an illicit shiver down her spine. Her loins tightened, and her clit pulsed and tingled until she had to shift in her seat to alleviate the pressure.

"Would you care for a drink?" she offered abruptly.

Roderick smiled. "I'd love one."

The limo was equipped with a fully stocked minibar. Roderick watched as Lena went to work fixing him a dirty martini with three olives. As she passed him the glass, their fingers brushed. Heat shot through her veins, making her skin tingle.

"Mmm," Roderick murmured after sampling his drink.


"Very." He held her gaze over the rim of the glass. "You seem to know exactly what I like."

Lena smiled demurely. "If I didn't," she said, settling back against her seat, "I wouldn't be very good at my job. And I am."

Something hot and wicked flashed in his eyes. "How good?"

She returned his gaze, pulse thudding. "Good enough to know better than to answer that question."

He chuckled, raising his glass to her in a mock toast.

"Well played."

Lena grinned. It went through her mind that Roderick, with his heavy-lidded eyes and bone-melting smile, could easily pass for Idris Elba's brother. Have mercy.

As Roderick sipped his martini, she stared at his hand holding the glass. His fingers were long, broad and masculine. He oozed testosterone, confidence and power, and possessed an unmistakable swagger. Wearing an expensively tailored tuxedo, a gold Breguet wristwatch and John Lobb loafers, he looked right at home in the luxurious limousine. Yet even in his fancy threads he exuded danger, a ruthlessness that warned Lena that Roderick Brand would be formidable in a heartbeat if ever crossed. He hadn't gotten where he was without having a street fighter in him, courtesy of his South Side roots.

"It doesn't seem fair."

Lena's eyes snapped to Roderick's face. "What?"

"This setup. The fact that you know so much about me, and I don't know nearly enough about you."

Lena gave him an amused look. "What would you like to know?"

"Your last name, for starters."

"I can't tell you that."

"Can't? Or won't?"



Lena couldn't help smiling. "You know why. Those are the rules."

"Whose?" he challenged. "Yours or the agency's?"

Torn between laughter and exasperation, Lena shook her head at him. "Are you always this persistent?"

"Absolutely." His voice dipped low. "And the more I want something, the more relentlessly I pursue it."

Lena's mouth went dry at the thought of being pursued by this virile, gorgeous man. And what would he do to her once he caught her? she wondered, even as she imagined being tied to a bed, naked and spread-eagle as Roderick took her roughly from behind.

She swallowed hard, giving herself a mental shake to erase the erotic image. "All you need to know about me, Mr. Brand, is that I take my work seriously and I'm committed to serving your needs." At the suggestive gleam that entered his eyes, she added, "Not those kind of needs. You hired me to be your companion this evening, so that's what I intend to be. Nothing more, nothing less."

His lips curved in a lazy half smile. "In that case, I have a request to make."

Lena was almost afraid to ask. "What is it?"

"I'm feeling kinda lonely over here. I'm sure that wasn't your intention."

"Of course not," Lena murmured.

Roderick patted the seat beside him. "Then come join me."

Lena knew it wasn't a request. This was a powerful man who was used to giving orders and being obeyed. She doubted anyone ever refused him. And the reality was that he was paying good money for her company. The least she could do was sit beside him—even if doing so tested every ounce of her self-control. Because if ever there was a man she needed to keep at arm's length, it was Roderick Brand.

"Much better," he said approvingly as she moved to his side. "See? I'm perfectly harmless."

At Lena's skeptical look, he laughed. They both knew he was about as harmless as a bloodthirsty wolf on the prowl for its next meal.

As he set aside his drink and leaned back against the seat, she watched the way the fabric of his pants stretched over his muscular thighs. She could feel the heat radiating from his body. The subtle, woodsy scent of his cologne teased her senses, tempting her to lean closer and inhale deeply. Somehow she managed to resist.

"So," Roderick began conversationally, "how long have you been with the agency?"

Lena hesitated. "Three years."

He nodded slowly. "Zandra tells me that you're twenty-nine, you have a master's degree in communications and you speak fluent Italian and Japanese."

"That's right."

As the owner of Elite For You Companions, Zandra Kennedy prided herself on hiring escorts of the highest caliber. The women she selected were not only beautiful; they were intelligent, polished and able to discuss politics, world affairs and a variety of other subjects in any social or business setting. The wealthy clients who anted up for one of Zandra's escorts knew that they were getting more than just arm candy. They were getting a companion who'd be admired for her beauty and brains.

"I can definitely see why you're one of Zandra's most popular employees," Roderick drawled.

Lena arched a brow at him. "Is that what she told you?"

He grinned. "Are you denying it?"

"Oh, no," Lena said with mock solemnity. "Far be it from me to call my boss a liar."

Roderick's grin broadened. "Especially after she said such nice things about you."

Lena's lips twisted wryly. "If she had to resort to bragging about her escorts, you must have been a hard sell."

"Let's just say I needed a little, ah, convincing."

"Oh, I see." Lena gave him a knowing smile. "You're a virgin."

He chuckled softly. "If that's what you call clients who've never hired escorts, then yeah, I'm a virgin."

Lena's belly quivered. "So I'm your first."

"You're my first." He smiled, slow and sensual. "Lucky me."

As they stared at each other, the air between them crackled with the kind of raw, scorching energy generated by two people who wanted to screw more than anything, but knew they shouldn't.

After several moments Lena dragged her gaze away and stared blindly out the window. The limo was gliding smoothly through downtown traffic, busy even at this time of night. Soon they'd reach their destination.

The sooner, the better, thought Lena.

The party was in full swing when Lena and Roderick arrived.

At least two hundred people filled the elegant ballroom aboard Roderick's mega yacht on Lake Michigan. Colorful evening gowns were accentuated by jewels twinkling at ears, throats, fingers and wrists. Light scattered like falling diamonds from the crystal chandelier. A battalion of white-gloved waiters circulated through the crowd, serving hors d'oeuvres and champagne. A live orchestra serenaded the guests.

Roderick tucked Lena's arm through his, and together they made their way through the sparkling sea of partygoers. By working for an upscale escort agency, Lena had gained an encyclopedic knowledge of Chicago's movers and shakers. Not surprisingly, many were there that night. She recognized the mayor and his wife, a prominent senator, a judge and a famous media mogul.

With Lena at his side, Roderick mingled with his guests, greeting everyone by first name and remembering to ask about their children, their golf games and their summer homes in St. Tropez and Monte Carlo. He had a way about him, a cool charm and magnetism, that made people melt in his presence. Powerful men were reduced to grinning idiots, while their wives became blushing sycophants who batted their eyelashes and giggled at everything Roderick said. Even after he'd moved on, the women's admiring gazes followed him around the room. Lena couldn't say she blamed them. Roderick was so damn fine that even she found herself wondering what it'd be like if she were there as his woman instead of his hired companion. Crazy, dangerous thoughts.

The most important guest in attendance that night was Ichiro Kawamoto, a Japanese businessman Roderick had been wooing for weeks in order to acquire his struggling energy corporation. Understanding what was at stake, Lena turned on the charm, impressing the man with her fluency in Japanese and her knowledge of issues impacting his country's economy.

As they proceeded to their table for dinner, Kawamoto clapped Roderick on the shoulder and told him, "If I were you, Mr. Brand, I wouldn't let this beautiful woman out of my sight."

Roderick smiled languidly. "Believe me, I don't intend to." When he met Lena's gaze, the possessive heat in his eyes made her shiver.

Customer Reviews

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Whatever You Like 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1261 reviews.
PE More than 1 year ago
Wow! This book was so amazing to me that I could not scroll down fast enough since it was a E-Book. I continually admired Maureen Smith books, so I know I would never be disheartened with her books. Maureen Smith put her foot in this book. The main characters, Roderick and Lena were so endearing and special that I was rooting for them throughout the story. I liked how Maureen Smith gave you a taste of Japan as the main characters relationship blossoms even as the Cherry blossom trees bloom in the spring. Also, the passion among these characters were exploding as well as steaming hot. I had to take a break from reading when my eyes popped out of my socket. Ladies I really hope there are no children around when reading this book! Maureen, keep them coming and please write stories on those curious secondary characters. I could see they got a story to tell.
Erica29405 More than 1 year ago
A pretty good book. A little too overly sexual in some places. Wish we'd learned a little more about the Roderick. Why are the characters on the front cover white when the characters are black?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The sex scenes were a bit raunchy, but the actual story was a sweet romance. I want a man like Roderick!!!
emanonlu More than 1 year ago
In regards to "Anonymous' comment", instead of hindering my interest in reading this book, it only increased it. In fact, I wanted to formulate my own opinion on this book. This is actually my first Maureen Smith novel. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! This book had nothing to do with black or white romance. It had everything to do with attraction, lust, and love that everyone can truly relate to. If you're interested in a really good, steamy book, which also happens to tug at your heart strings, then download it!!! I'm glad I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dear ms. Mislead Sorry your choice of reading is so short sighted. I have read both black and white romance books and can relate just fine TO BOTH! Passion is passion in any skin!It's people like you that have caused humanity to excel at such a slow pace! Perhaps this was a test for you not to be so quick to judge a book buy it's cover, and be more open to what's inside! Bless your ignorant heart...FYI I'm white and loved the book;) Deal with it!
the-1-and-only More than 1 year ago
the story was really god and had a unique story plot like pretty eoman but the cover misled people into thinming the story was about a white couple and not a blacm couple i ,ove maureen smith's books and the fact that the cover is notportraying black live is rediculus.....a picture is worth a thousand words
CatlinSTJ More than 1 year ago
Whoever chose the cover art should be fired. The book is good, but it's weird realizing halfway through that the couple is black and I'd already built an image of them in my head as otherwise. It threw me off totally at that point and I stopped relating to the customers. The story is good and well written, but I was left feeling like I was tricked. I wish I'd actually read more of the reviews rather than just looking at the ratings.
icykindness More than 1 year ago
The sex scenes are good and I like the couple. For the sake of constructive criticism though, I'd like to point out the plot isn't all that amazing. The whole story is basically a prolonged written porno with romance
Shigyrl29 More than 1 year ago
By day Lena is a grant writer but by night she is a escort to some of Chicago's wealthiest men. She has one policy not to sleep with them and she is finding that hard to do when she meets Roderick Brand. The are immediately attracted to each other and Roderick is determined to have Lena. Lena on the other hand she doesn't want to but she will find out how relentless Roderick is when he wants something. I loved this one, I could not put it down. It is definitely a great read and I am hoping that Roderick's twin gets a story of his own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is a fun read. But WHY are the cover characters white?
jjohnston6 More than 1 year ago
This book was a nonstop feast. I loved every second of it. I couldn't put it down (eventually I did to go to bed).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I could not put it down great read!
Quidd More than 1 year ago
Predictable, lacks originality and has a story line that exists only to bridge sex scenes. Had hoped for a more original story with more interesting characters. Can't see why anybody rated it above two stars.
avidreaderCP More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be uninteresting. I didn't realize that this was a harlequin book...had I known that I would never had purchased it. It is a waste of time and money. In my opinion the only people that reads these types of book have very sad or no sex lives at all. My husband and I have better sex than what is described in this book and I didn't even read all of it. It's laughable. And I only gave it one star because I HAD to to submit this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't waste your time unless you want to be bored by transparent sex scenes and a wannabe "pretty woman" scenario. Waste of my reading time.
Melanie Leung More than 1 year ago
sucks sucks
Meagan Rodgers More than 1 year ago
The hero uses money to control and manipulate the heroine. it's not playful at all.
AZLatin More than 1 year ago
Simple and tasty! Quick read, no surprises or let downs. Delivers exactly what you think it will!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
the cover didn't portray the story being about a nubian relationship, but that didn't matter. the story was quite hot, not what i usually read but it kept you reading.
NookSistahs More than 1 year ago
I am an avid reader of Maureen Smith's books and I was not disappointed in this one. She has a gift for creating stories that are so realistic you are searching for your own sexy millionaire to come and "kidnap" you. Her books make you laugh, cry, and reflect on situations presented as they may relate to your own life. She is by far one of my favorite novelists. Keep the good stuff coming!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely loved it
SigmaBlue93 More than 1 year ago
OMG, MR.BRAND!!!!! Just finished re-reading Whatever You Like and Mr. Brand has definitely set the bar extremely HIGH for the rest of the BRAND MEN. I love a man who pursues what/who he wants. Lena didn’t stand a chance against the Roderick Brand. I love the way Lena cares for and protects her family. She and Roderick are a lot alike. They are PERFECT for each other. I will definitely recommend this book to others!!!! Keep up the WONDERFUL work!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I kept seeing this book and never read it. Once I got my nook, then this was one of the first book that I purchased and I was not disappointed. The story is very well written, and the sex scenes are SOOOO steamy. Would highly recomment.
animation More than 1 year ago
Worth a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Soooo good!! Now, I must read about his brother.