What's in a Name, Jesus in the Book of John

What's in a Name, Jesus in the Book of John

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For months I was compelled to read the first chapter of the Gospel of John. Over and over I was drawn to Jesus as the Word. Why are you drawing me here Lord? What treasure lays hidden here that you want to reveal to me? As I read the familiar words, my curiosity expanded into the entire book of John. A pattern began to emerge and I was fascinated to understand its purpose. Every two or three chapters John identified Jesus with a symbolic name. Although there are a few more, it became apparent to me that I was to study seven of them. An unmistakable thread is woven through the entire text. John’s goal was to point the reader to Jesus deity.

John poetically described Jesus with symbolic names significant to common people. As a teacher, I love to ask the why. Why did John choose these names? Why were they significant to the early Christians? Just as important, why are they important to us? In this study I posed these questions to the Holy Spirit, and now I share with you what I discovered. The beauty presented in the Gospel of John can be implemented in our lives today. Our God is so good. He designed His word to feed us yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Editorial Reviews

Heidi Scribner

“A study with Leslie . . .
She writes just like she talks, straight forward with no pretenses. She begins with something we can all relate to, a sick child, summer vacations, or the smell of homemade bread. As you're drawn into her story you suddenly find yourself swimming in the deep water of God's Word. She points out aspects of God and draws you into discovering truths in His Word that you may never have seen before. Like a good swim instructor gently leads a scared chil

Linda Travnikar

“Whether you are a new Christian or a seasoned Christian, “What’s in a Name” is designed to draw you closer to God and strengthen your faith. Part of growing closer to anyone, is to know their name and who they are. In this bible study both are discovered as you study God’s word. Leslie illustrates Biblical life applications through personal life experiences in both deep illuminating ways as well as light and winsome. I would highly recommend this study to

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ISBN-13: 9780983090298
Publisher: e.Fingertips Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 251 KB

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