What's So Great about God: A Reasonable Defense of the Goodness of God in a World Filled with Suffering

What's So Great about God: A Reasonable Defense of the Goodness of God in a World Filled with Suffering

by Dinesh D'Souza

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For a lot of people, the biggest question about God is not, surprisingly enough, whether He exists. Instead, it is about whether God is truly good. Dinesh D’Souza, in his debates with leading atheists, quickly realized that many of those debates revolved around the question of evil in this world—how God could create a world that allowed such suffering and evil.

In What’s So Great about God, Dinesh D’Souza takes these questions head-on: Does God act like a tyrant? Is God really responsible for the evil in this world? Why is there suffering in the world? For the first time ever, Dinesh D’Souza approaches this apologetic topic with historical and scientific proof and presents to the reader why God is truly worthy of our worship and love.

Previously published as Godforsaken.

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ISBN-13: 9781414385570
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 09/13/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction

1 An Immigrant's Journey: The Paradox of Suffering 3

2 Wounded Theism: The Indictment of God 17

Part 2 A Universal Conundrum

3 The Limits of Theodicy: Why the Usual Answers Don't Work 39

4 Atheist Delusions: Contradictions of Unbelief 59

Part 3 Moral Evil

5 Free to Choose: Omnipotence and Human Freedom 77

6 Choices and Consequences: Why a Lawful Universe 93

Part 4 Crimes of Nature

7 Acts of God: The Reason for Earthquakes 117

8 Red in Tooth and Claw: Evolution and Animal Pain 135

9 A Fine-Tuned Universe: The Anthropic Principle 157

Part 5 The Character of God

10 Create or Not: Does God Hate Amputees? 183

11 Rage of Yahweh: Crimes of the Old Testament God 201

12 Abandon All Hope: Heaven, Hell, and Divine Justice 223

Part 6 Conclusion

13 Not Forsaken: Delivering Us from Evil 245

Acknowledgments 261

Notes 263

About the Author 274

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