What's So Great about Sex?

What's So Great about Sex?

by Terrance K. Gibson


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What's So Great about Sex? by Terrance K. Gibson

Before Hollywood gave us The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Wilbur Klutzheimer was the twenty-nine-year-old virgin in the romantic comedy What's So Great about Sex?

To some people, virginity is a state of sacredness, discipline, and purity. But to others belonging in the modern world, virginity is considered a negative thing implying that a person is unattractive, uncaring, and sexually immature. This brings to life the burning question: Does having sex really make the man or woman? The answer will be unveiled in the compelling new book What's So Great About Sex? as author Terrance K. Gibson introduces to readers the protagonist Wilbur Klutzheimer, a very shy twenty-nine-year-old virgin who is about to enter a whole new world of lust and sexual magic.

What's So Great About Sex? is the story of Wilbur Klutzheimer, a New York Times cub reporter who has been ridiculed by everyone since his childhood for his shy, lonely, meek, well-meaning, and clumsy personality. For most of his life, Wilbur simply does not have the will and "tools" to do things that other men could do and has always failed to strike gold with the ladies. One day, Wilbur meets Rick, a fellow reporter notorious for his womanizing. Rick offers to help him become a "man" by teaching him the "tricks" of how to bed a woman. Wilbur reluctantly accepts his help but in the end refuses as he felt it is very wrong to use women only for sexual pleasures. But as time passes, Wilbur's sexual urge gets stronger and later he starts dreaming about sex. Through his dreams, he experiences countless adventures of eroticism as if they were real and begins journalizing them. Soon he gains more than enough information and puts it into a book.

Wilbur's book becomes a bestseller and suddenly he's given the title "King of Sensuality". His critics have been silenced, his earnings increased rapidly and women have started throwing themselves at him. At this point, he faces two disturbing dilemmas: to finally give into his physical craving and risk being labeled a hoax or to hold true to his convictions. One day, Wilbur meets Toni and instantly falls in love with her. As time begins to run out, he realizes that he must reveal his true self to Toni fast or risk losing her. Will Wilbur be able to decide fast enough? Only time can tell.

Humorous, romantic, and erotic from the core, What's So Great About Sex? takes on the subject of sexual behavior among men and women in America.

Michael A. Kahn, award-winning author of the Rachel Gold mystery series and The Mourning Sexton (under the pen name Michael Baron), describes What's So Great About Sex? as "a charming romantic comedy and an endearing coming-of-age tale in every sense of that phrase."

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ISBN-13: 9781425700713
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 06/28/2006
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

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