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Springer Netherlands
Wheat: Prospects for Global Improvement: Proceedings of the 5th International Wheat Conference, 10-14 June, 1996, Ankara, Turkey / Edition 1

Wheat: Prospects for Global Improvement: Proceedings of the 5th International Wheat Conference, 10-14 June, 1996, Ankara, Turkey / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9780792347279
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 12/31/1997
Series: Developments in Plant Breeding , #6
Edition description: 1997
Pages: 582
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

0. Agricultural Development and Wheat Breeding in the 20th Century; W.E. Kronstad. 1. Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program Using Enhanced Wheat Germplasm; W. Kronstad. 2. Wheat Research in Turkey; N. Zencirci, et al. 3. Strategies for Improving Wheat Grain Yield; R.G. Sears. 4. Yield and Stability Factors Associated with Hybrid Wheat; R. Bruns, et al. 5. Breeding Intensive Winter Bread Wheat Varieties for Southern Ukraine; N.A. Litvinenko. 6. Traditional and Novel Wheat Breeding Methods Used in Hungary; Z. Kertesz, et al. 7. Progress of Wheat Breeding Research in China; Z.H. He. 8. Breeding Wheat for Resistance to Biotic Stresses; R.A. McIntosh. 9. Breeding Wheat for Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in Romania; M. Ittu, et al. 10. Comparison of Two Crossing and Four Selection Schemes for Yield, Yield Traits, and Slow Rusting Resistance to Leaf Rust in Wheat; R.P. Sing, et ah. 11. Bunts and Smuts of Wheat in North Africa and the Near East; O.F. Mamluk. 12. Improving Wheat Grain Filling under Stress by Stem Reserve Mobilisation; A. Blum. 13. Evaluating Physiological Traits to Complement Empirical Selection for Wheat in Warm Environments; M.P. Reynolds, et al. 14. A Concept of Selection for 'Low Input' Wheat Varieties; N. El Bassam. 15. System Analysis of Frost Resistance in Winter Wheat and Its Use in Breeding; Y.P. Fedulov. 16. Plant Traits Related to Yield of Wheat in Early, Late, or Continuous Drought Conditions; M. van Ginkel, et al. 17. Breeding for Yield and Quality in Durum Wheat; S.R. Verma, et al. 18. Durum Wheat Breeding at the Cereal Research Institute, Szeged, Hungary; B. Beke, et al. 19. Variation in Endosperm Protein Composition and Technological Quality Properties in Durum Wheat; E. Porceddu, et al. 20. Network for Integrated Research to Improve Durum Wheat Productivity in the Mediterranean Region; M.M. Nachit. 21. Direct and Indirect Selection for Drought Tolerance in Alien Tetraploid Wheat x Durum Wheat Crosses; A. Al. Hakimi, et al. 22. Grain Yield and Quality: Does There Have To Be a Trade-Off?; W.K. Anderson, et al. 23. Reduced and Zero-Tillage Options for Establishment of Wheat After Rice in South Asia; P.R. Hobbs, et al. 24. Response of Bread and Durum Wheat Varieties to Supplemental Irrigation, Nitrogen Application and Planting Date; M. Pala, et al. 25. Screening for Zinc Efficiency among Wheat Relatives and Their Utilisation for Alien Gene Transfer; R. Schlegel, et al. 26. Continuous Spring Wheat Grown under Semi-Arid Conditions of Northern Kazakhstan; M. Suleimenov, et al. 27. Studies on Differential Response of Wheat Cultivars to Boron Toxicity; M. Kalaci, et al. 28. Method of Screening Bread Wheat for Tolerance to Boron; T.A. Campbell, et al. 29. Genetic Systems Regulating Flowering Response in Wheat; A.F. Stelmak. 30. Genetic Resources of Wheat Related Species: The Vrn Genes Controlling Growth Habit (Spring vs. Winter); N.P. Goncharov. 31. Photoperiod and Vernalisation Response of Mediterranean Wheats, and Implications for Adaptation; G. Ortiz Ferrara, et al.

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