When 20 Summers Pass

When 20 Summers Pass

by Shelter



Shelter's last gem on Roadrunner Records was more of a crossover attempt to introduce a mainstream audience to Krishna consciousness. Seeing that this album is on the not-as-big Victory Records, it shows how "successful" Ray Cappo (vocals) and Porcell (guitar) were. When 20 Summers Pass is a thankful return back to their hardcore roots -- no hints of ska or pop this time around. Shelter always had a gentler approach to their hardcore message of a drug-free/meat-free lifestyle. Cappo's mild vocals speak to you instead of aggressively trying to shove his messages down your throat. And the hard-hitting posi-core of his former band Youth of Today remains without the cliché metal riffs and testosterone of the usual brand of new school hardcore. Granted, Shelter's message of Krishnacore remains as creepy as ever, but at least they've returned to their brand of inspiring, melodic hardcore.

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Release Date: 04/25/2000
Label: Victory Records
UPC: 0746105011823
catalogNumber: 118

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