When A Man Slaps A Woman He Loves: And Other Essential Writings

When A Man Slaps A Woman He Loves: And Other Essential Writings

by Raymond Sturgis


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My life has been filled with turmoil and blessings, and through it all, I continue to find joy writing different books for the contrast issues of today. I wrote this book, as many artists create albums, different songs for different feelings people may have in their life. From domestic violence to love and disappointment, I want to highlight the essence of my writing heart that brings attention to the most important issues affecting the world today. Nevertheless, if one would explore this kind of this book, they would be overly impressed about the different chapters reflecting love, pain, laughter and social consciousness that make people feel good. I believe a writer should continue to grow as he entertains his fans, and through my books, I have matured through the opportunities my fans have given me. In addition, I have never been the author that shy away from controversial issues, and I will never be that author that write one book, travel around a year, while important books inside remain in abeyance. This book is a collection of writings I comprise to help people understand me as a writer. I truly believe, that as a writer, eventually I will be appreciated more and sought out more as the reader turn every page of this wonderful work of literary compositions. The talent of Raymond Sturgis brilliantly shine in these essential writings, and I know the reader would be pleased in experiencing them.

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ISBN-13: 9781463720025
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/23/2012
Pages: 110
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About the Author

Raymond Sturgis is one of the greatest writers of his generation with outstanding books that include: ACT LIKE A LADY, DO NOT THINK LIKE A MAN, A BLACK CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM, WHEN A BLACK WOMAN PRAYS, WHEN A BLACK MAN PRAYS, CHANGING THE BLACK WOMAN IN THE MIRROR, WHEN A BLACK MAN CRIES , and many, many more.

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