When Blood Calls (Shadow Keepers Series #1)

When Blood Calls (Shadow Keepers Series #1)

by J. K. Beck

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ISBN-13: 9780440245773
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/31/2010
Series: Shadow Keepers Series , #1
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 565,552
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

J. K. Beck spent more than ten years as a litigator in Southern California and central Texas, using her rare free time to indulge her passion for writing. Now she uses her legal background as inspiration for her paranormal romantic suspense series the Shadow Keepers, set in and around a secret judicial system hidden within and mirroring our own. California-born, J. K. Beck lives and writes in Texas, where she hangs out with her husband and daughters and drinks far too much coffee.

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When Blood Calls

By J.K. Beck


Copyright © 2010 J.K. Beck
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780440245773

Chapter One

“Rain,” Tucker said. “You wanna tell me why we’re always getting called out in the goddamn rain?”

“Clean living,” Ryan Doyle answered, eyeing his partner with amusement as he slid his ’63 Pontiac Catalina in beside an LAPD black-and-white. The flashing lights cast eerie shadows over the thickly wooded park, illuminating an ambulance and two unmarked piece-o’-shit vehicles that had homicide written all over them.

“And that,” Tucker said, pointing to the nearest patrol car as he continued his diatribe of bad fortune. “We got cops coming out our a-holes. Now we gotta deal with the whole f-ing system.”

Doyle slammed the gearshift into park. “I’m gonna assume you didn’t get laid last night, and temporary celibacy has soured your mood. ’Cause if this is going to be your attitude for this entire investigation, I’m putting in for a new partner.”

Beside him, Tucker spread his arms wide, then flashed the smile that had made him a celebrity among all the Division 6 females. “I’m good, man. Don’t get your panties in a wad.”

Doyle grabbed his umbrella off the floorboards and shoved open the Pontiac’s door. “Let’s do this thing.”

Tucker fell in step beside him, and they slogged toward an officer in a rain-soaked slicker who was currently roping off the area with crime scene tape. The officer stiffened as they approached, his eyes widening like a deer caught in the headlights. Rookie, Doyle thought, as the officer held up a hand. As if that could keep them out.

“You might want to step aside, junior,” Doyle said, flashing his badge out of politeness, but not bothering to slow as he lifted the tape and started to slide under.

“I’m sorry,” the officer said. “No one passes.”

“We got authority here,” Tucker said, staring hard at the guy. “So come on, rookie. Get off our backs and let us through.”

The officer’s face went through the usual jumble of confusion before smoothing out. He smiled, all polite cooperation. “Absolutely, sir. Detective Sanchez is right over there.” He pointed to a woman with a heart-shaped ass. “She’s in charge.”

“Not anymore,” Tucker said.

Doyle followed his partner inside the crime scene tape, unable to stifle his grin. “One of these days, you gotta teach me how you do that.”

“It’s a gift,” Tucker said. “Comes in handy with the ladies, too.”

“I bet it does. Doubt you could get the ladies any other way.”

“You wound me, man,” Tucker said, pressing his palms over his heart. “I’m seriously wounded.”

Doyle shook his head at his partner’s antics, but didn’t bother to respond. Sanchez had already spotted them and was on her way over, her Noxzema-fresh face pinched.

“Hold up, hold up,” she said. “You want to tell me who you boys are and what you’re doing at my crime scene?”

“That’s just it,” Doyle said, pulling his shield from the pocket of his raincoat. “I’m not so sure it’s still your crime scene. I’m Agent Ryan Doyle.” He nodded at Tucker. “My partner, Agent Severin Tucker.”

She peered at his shield and ID, then met his eyes, her own filled with confusion. “Homeland Security?”

Doyle nodded. Technically, it was true. With the passage of the Patriot Act, his employer—the American arm of the Preternatural Enforcement Coalition—had been formally set up as a division of Homeland Security. A secret division, but there nonetheless. And considering the type of terror the PEC chased, there was a certain circular beauty to the ancient organization’s new cover story.

She stared him down. “Are you shitting me?”

“No, ma’am,” Tucker said. “We at Homeland Security do not have a sense of humor of which we’re aware.”

She tilted her head and sent Tucker a scathing glance, because despite the soft shape, she was clearly a hard-ass. “Since when did killers mimicking some creature out of a bad B-movie cross the line into a federal crime?”

“Sorry, Detective,” Doyle said. “That’s classified.”

“Suffice it to say there’s been chatter,” Tucker added.

She looked from one to the other, obviously not buying their bullshit. Doyle watched Tucker’s face, saw that he was getting the look, and stepped in front of his partner. Tucker’s trick came in handy, but he couldn’t pull his sort of heeby-jeeby on the whole crew. And while Sanchez might be the only one making noise, there were at least seven officers hanging back, circling the body with intent to claim grazing rights.

“We got jurisdiction here, Sanchez. You need confirmation, you call this number and ask for Nikko Leviathin.” Doyle handed her a card. “Otherwise, we’re gonna go check out our crime scene.”

The gal stepped up, getting right in his face. He clenched his hands into fists, fighting a temper that rose like molten lava, ready to explode at any moment. He sucked in air, stifling the urge to lash out and show her right then exactly who was in charge there.

“You wanna play who’s got the bigger dick?” she said, unaware of the increasing danger. “You go right ahead. But this is my crime scene until my lieutenant or the district attorney tells me otherwise.”

“Those’ll work, too,” Tucker said, his hand firm on Doyle’s shoulder, the pressure just enough to keep Doyle grounded, to bring him back from the rising red danger. “In the meantime—” He cut himself off, then shot Doyle a warning look before turning and heading toward the body.

Doyle drew in a breath, then another, forcing the final remnants of the dark back down before he followed in Tucker’s wake. Sanchez looked ready to spit nails, but she hung back, her cell phone now plastered to her ear.

“So what’ve we got?” he asked, peering down at the ghostly pale form of retired judge Marcus Braddock. By all accounts, the man had been a shape-shifting son of a bitch, but that didn’t mean Doyle would wish murder on him. And this particular cause of death was the worst kind of murder. The draining of a human or a para-human was a Class Five homicide in violation of the Fifth International Covenant, and punishable by public execution. Bad shit all the way around.

Tucker was already squatting near the body, his hand reaching for Braddock’s collar.

“Do you mind?” a rat-faced little man said, firmly shoving Tucker’s hand out of the way.

“Careful,” Tucker said mildly. “Do that again, and you’ll lose a few brain cells.”

The rat hesitated, confused. Then Sanchez stepped up, her expression pure business. “Let him see,” she said. “They’ve inherited this mess. Guess that means they’ve got access to whatever they want.” She faced Doyle head-on. “Including my resources, I’m told. At least until your own team arrives.”

“And we appreciate the cooperation.”

Sanchez’s smile was like ice. “I’m sure you do.” She nodded toward the uniformed officer. “You’re relieved,” she said, then smiled at Doyle. “Limited resources.” She signaled to the rat with a jerk of her chin. “Go ahead. Show the Feds what they want to see.”

Ratboy slid his hand into a latex glove, then tugged the collar down, revealing the ripped flesh and brutalized muscle.

Bloody vampires. Despite the Covenant and the strict laws against contact feeding, it seemed like every time Doyle turned around one of the fuckmongers had sucked somebody dry.

He clenched his fists at his sides, hating their weakness. Disgusted by their lack of restraint. And, yeah, he’d seen all the damn statistics that showed that the vast majority of vampires could control the daemon within. That they didn’t feed on humans. That they didn’t kill. That they obeyed the law.

That they weren’t the walking, talking incarnation of pure, fucking evil that Doyle knew they were.

Statistics be damned. As far as Doyle was concerned, the only good vamp was a dead one.

Marcus Braddock may have been a prick—on and off the bench—but Doyle was going to make sure that the rogue vampire who sucked the life from him went down—with either a stake through the heart or an ax to the head.

“I would have said serial killer until you boys showed up,” Sanchez said, her comments pulling Doyle back to the moment.

“No, ma’am,” he said. “This is much worse.”

The rat and Sanchez exchanged a glance, and when she nodded, Ratboy cleared his throat. “We found this under the body,” he said, holding up a clear evidence bag.

Doyle took it, his eyes not needing the illumination from the flashlight that Sanchez politely held up. A silver signet ring, caked in mud. Even half hidden by the earth, the intricate craftsmanship stood out. A delicately carved dragon with a ruby eye, the body forming a circle as the beast consumed its own tail.

Tucker leaned in for a closer look. “Isn’t that—”

“The Dragos crest,” Doyle said, his smile cold and hard. Lucius Dragos, the last Dragos standing. Finally, after all these years, he had his old friend’s balls in a vise.

“Holy fuck,” Tucker said. “Talk about a gold-star evening. All this time without one piece of solid evidence, and now Dragos goes and makes a mistake like this? It’s too fucking good to be true.”

“That’s what worries me.” Doyle squatted beside the body, then tilted his head to look at his partner. “I need to see if there’s more.”

Tucker shook his head, then looked meaningfully at Sanchez and Ratboy. “You really want to deal with the paperwork?”

Doyle thought of the stack of reprimands and warnings that already peppered his file. Any more, and he was deep in some serious shit. “I’ll only get dinged if Division finds out.”

“Is there a problem?” Sanchez asked.

“Not yet,” Doyle said. To Tucker, he added, “You know I have to do it.”

“Aw, hell,” Tucker said, then rolled his shoulders in defeat. “Fine. Go for it. What’s a little official reprimand between friends, right?”

As Tucker looked deep into the eyes of Detective Sanchez, Doyle pressed his palm over Braddock’s forehead. Ratboy’s feathers ruffled almost immediately. “Are you insane? You’re not even wearing gloves. How can you—”

“I can explain,” Tucker said, crouching down next to the man as Detective Sanchez wandered away, suddenly remembering that she had an elsewhere to be. While Doyle concentrated on finding Braddock’s last thoughts, Tucker put some mumbo in Ratboy’s jumbo and sent the little worm on his way as well.

“I couldn’t go deep,” Tucker said. “Too risky. So you better find it fast.”

Doyle nodded, but didn’t speak. He was getting close.

Darkness. Surprise. Pleasure, even. At least until it turned. Shifted.

Then the fear came.

A mishmash. Horror. Pleasure. Pain.

None of it coming together, none of it coalescing into an image.

Just confusion. A jumble of confused emotions and reactions. Nothing to grab.

Nothing to hold on to.

“Come on, come on,” Tucker said, as Doyle closed his other hand over the body’s heart, trying to get purchase on the fading aura.

Dizzy. Gone.


And death, so cold and familiar.

And then, finally, a face.

The last image of death. The last conscious thought.

Doyle looked. And in his mind saw Lucius Dragos, fangs bared, as he bent close to suck the last vestiges of life from Judge Marcus Braddock.

Doyle’s teeth chattered and his body shook as he pulled free of Braddock’s mind. But he had Dragos now, had him dead to rights.

Exhausted, he tilted his head up to face Tucker. “We finally got him, partner. And we are going to nail his ass to the wall.”


Excerpted from When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck Copyright © 2010 by J.K. Beck. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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When Blood Calls 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 170 reviews.
Lethy More than 1 year ago
Predictable but interesting. Good twist at the end. I would have love to read Doley's story.
Beguile_Thy_Sorrow More than 1 year ago
http://bit.ly/99UcmC Sara Constantine is a hard-nosed LA prosecutor who is used to seeing things in black and white, no gray areas. But when she is promoted to a high security position in the mysterious Division 6, Sara is forced to question all the boundaries she thought were steadfast. And Luke, the vampire defendant in her first big case in this strange new shadow-world, is the main reason for her new doubts on her rigid beliefs. Part urban fantasy, part steamy paranormal romance, When Blood Calls draws you in and keeps you guessing. Plus, side characters like Doyle and Nick have me excited to read the next books just to learn more about them :) Though beware there are also some darker crime elements that Sara deals with as an attorney for a murder case which involve girls being kidnapped and harmed. It sort of has a Law & Order meets Moonlight vibe to it. If you're looking for a great new series with intricate world building and intriguing characters, then check out The Shadow Keepers. Especially since you won't have to wait long for books 2 and 3! Book 2 When Pleasure Calls comes out Sept 28th and book 3 When Wicked Craves comes out October 26th! When Blood Calls is book 1 in the new series, The Shadow Keepers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read when blood calls & the shadow keepers (short story) and it took me no time to finish them! I was so hooked that i didnt want to put them down! I highly recommened these series of books i have down loaded the rest of them and preordered the ones to come! Cant wait
rosebud8 More than 1 year ago
It had adventure,romance, & mystery. Gread Read!
Rachelleah More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story and the mystery! It was very well done. The characters were great and I loved the ending even though it was expected :]
ereadwithme More than 1 year ago
3.75stars actually. This is a layered and complex world that has vampires, all manner of shifters, djinns and other supernatural beings living alongside humans. During almost the first 15% of the book you're introduced to the major species and provided with some background that seems unassociated. Indeed a risky move for the initial introduction to what could be a long running series. As part of a challenge & a buddy read I was determined to continue. The pay-off was just about worth it. I don't care for flashbacks and there were a few of those that marred my enjoyment - those two items kept me from rating this book higher. The synopsis is quite accurate in the telling and there is no need to re-hash it. Both leads are likable, personable and multi-dimensional. They both present viable sides of a believable conflict that made the tension of the storyline flow well - once it started going. Some of the secondary characters didn't feel as strong to me and that is partially because so much of the story was spent on foundation and world building that there wasn't room without additional chapters. Hopefully this is something that can & will be handled in future releases for the series - after all if the secondary characters aren't interesting and this is a layered complex world there is no reason to continue. In addition to the leads, the idea of the shadow dwellers self governance and the ease with which they mirrored and worked with their human counterparts appealed to me. Another quite enjoyable tidbit was the climax and unveiling of the villain which was surprising. I also liked the layers of the shadow society as they were presented as mirrors of human society as well. The pacing was slow in places with the amount of detail relating to the world itself and the flashbacks but it did pick up for the majority of the piece; so it was uneven - again something that hopefully will be adjusted in later books. I liked the characters and the world enough to go forward with the next book of the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this new series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was no spark for me for this book.
md47 More than 1 year ago
Liked it very much. It keeps you interested.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As someone who mainly stays in the paranormal romance genre, I was looking for a new author to add to my list. This was my first by this author. I too, had NO problem keeping charactors separate, didn't feel the sex scenes were too often, my only issue with the book was I thought it could have been longer thus making its good storyline great. Howver, I will read the other two as it was good enough to give me another author to read while I wait for new books from my favs to be published.
Debby More than 1 year ago
I bought this eBook on a whim, and was very pleased with the purchase. Granted, vampires, were-animals and other shadow creatures are not my typical read. However, this had an intriguing storyline to off-set. Supsense. Romance. Action and adventure. I enjoyed it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know why, but the central focus on the "special agent" - if he's even the protagonist really annoyed me. I felt that it wasn't worth investing in these characters' drama.
FigarosMom More than 1 year ago
I haven't read anything by J. K. Beck until now, and I did enjoy it. I liked the suspense, but wish there had been less legal drama and indecision on Sarah's part. I was relieved when she finally decided to go with her heart. I would still recommend this book.
NewEngland More than 1 year ago
I mistakenly bought the entire series thinking it would be a good read, but now. The book was boring, drawn out, painstakingly dull, jumbled, the relationship is quick and assumed, there's no buildup. I started reading the second book only to put it down two chapters in when I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm going to take all three to the used book store and get credit for a decent book. FYI, there really is no drama or suspense. It's too predictable, quick and a big let down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
F-mongers??? Corny cussing... Didn't make it past the 3rd page
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dencon More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Get second book too
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sherri_Hunter More than 1 year ago
When Blood Calls is the first book in The Shadow Keepers series. This is a little bit darker than what fans of Julie Kenner have come to expect, but writing as J.K. Beck introduces us not only to a more dark side of one of my favorite authors, but also a start to a paranormal series that is more sinister than what I've read before. I loved the world J.K. Beck creates that Sara Constantine finds herself a part of with her promotion. She will continue to prosecute villains but now those villains are of the paranormal variety. Her first case involves a man she had a one night stand with and with whom she can't stop thinking about. She had no idea he was a vampire who is facing a death sentence for brutally murdering a judge. I thought it was interesting how quickly Sara adjusted to her surroundings, which include not only vampires, but werewolves, trolls, goblins and demons. She is in an unusual predicament when she comes face to face with her first defendant and realizes she already knows him intimately. She quickly decides that she will remain true to herself and seek justice no matter her feelings and even when things get pretty intense between Sara and Lucius, she still wants to fight for justice. I found Lucius to be a very compelling character. I enjoy reading a book where the hero and heroine are not perfect or are flawed in some way. Lucius is as flawed as a soul can get. He's a vampire and he has murdered and he makes no apologies for it. He's grieving the loss of his daughter centuries ago and is very protective of his ward, Tasha. He finds himself feeling connected to Sara, experiencing emotions he hasn't allowed himself to feel for a very long time. There are several secondary characters that were introduced that I'm highly curious about and hoping to see in the rest of the series. The best thing about this book for me was that this story isn't predictable in the slightest. I thought I had a pretty good idea what was going on and felt confident with what I believed would happen next and as quick as I turned a page, the story shifts and knocks me over! Overall, this is a very good start to a series that brings a different twist on the paranormal world. Interesting characters combined with some pretty hot romance and an intriguing story will fit the bill for most any reading preference. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.