When Democracy Fell: The Subjugation of Maryland during the U.S. Civil War

When Democracy Fell: The Subjugation of Maryland during the U.S. Civil War

by Paul W. Callahan
When Democracy Fell: The Subjugation of Maryland during the U.S. Civil War

When Democracy Fell: The Subjugation of Maryland during the U.S. Civil War

by Paul W. Callahan


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"When Democracy Fell" is a meticulously researched historical investigation that unveils the constitutional crisis that besieged Maryland's citizens and government during the U.S. Civil War. There has been a significant void in recounting this pivotal period, with many historical occurrences left unexplored or misunderstood. This book serves to bridge that gap, revealing historical details that have been inadvertently or intentionally omitted from earlier works.

Within its pages, readers will encounter the federal attack plan against Baltimore, the deceptive campaign preceding the arrest of the Maryland legislature, and the measures the Maryland government took to show submission to the Federal Government. Also, the book unveils the real reasons why Judge Richard Bennett Carmichael was assaulted in his courtroom and subsequently imprisoned.

This account brings to light new information that challenges long-standing beliefs about Maryland's Civil War history, including why the federal government arrested and incarcerated the Maryland State Legislature. It explores how the concept of "loyalty" was shifted from the Constitution to the President, and the implications of labeling a citizen "disloyal."

In this compelling narrative, readers will observe how governmental policies initiated in Maryland were eventually implemented throughout the nation. The book offers an in-depth look into a war that significantly affected America's social, economic, and political landscape, providing an essential read for history buffs and those interested in the evolution of democracy.

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Pages: 442
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About the Author

Paul Callahan, an Oxford native from Talbot County, Maryland, is a retired Marine Officer and accomplished aviator. After graduating from the Catholic University of America, he was commissioned as a Marine Officer, later earning his wings and selected to fly the F/A-18 aircraft in 1988.

Paul's professional journey is marked by his time working with the On-Site Inspection Agency in Washington, D.C., where he contributed to arms control treaty planning. During this period, he traveled extensively within the former Soviet Union, gaining firsthand insight into the impact of totalitarian regimes.

His experiences within oppressed regimes sparked a profound appreciation for the freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the American Constitution. Post-military, Paul joined a major U.S. airline, later going on medical leave in 2021 for cancer treatment. This unexpected hiatus offered him the opportunity to delve into his interest in Maryland's history and its local historical figures.

Stumbling upon international newspaper articles from 1861 detailing a planned attack on Washington led by General Tench Tilghman, Paul realized the depth of unexplored history surrounding Maryland during the Civil War. Thus, "When Democracy Fell" was born, a comprehensive documentation of the Federal Government's manipulation and control of Maryland during this tumultuous period.

His deep concern for contemporary political challenges facing U.S democracy reinforces his belief in the significance of telling this story. He sees striking parallels between the divisive politics, mistrust, and media manipulation of 1861 and today, making his work not just historical, but strikingly relevant.
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