When Dreams And Visions Collide

When Dreams And Visions Collide

by Ngozi M. Obi


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ISBN-13: 9781456767679
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/24/2011
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

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When Dreams and Visions Collide

By Ngozi M. Obi


Copyright © 2011 Ngozi M. Obi
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6767-9

Chapter One

Fern lay perfectly still cuddled under silk bed sheets, trying to determine what woke her suddenly out of a deep sleep. She couldn't readily ascertain what roused her, so still very sleepy, she lay there a little while longer listening for anything that would give her a clue.

The alarm clock wasn't buzzing and she couldn't see the time on the clock but she could hear subtle sounds coming from the television set. Fern was lying on her stomach so she couldn't see what was on but she could still hear all of the clapping and the other background noise.

"I guess I left the T.V. on all night," she thought to herself.

She pressed her face into the silk pillow case and groaned slightly. Her client's commercial video shoot from the previous night ran way over schedule and she was so tired when she got home that she must have fallen asleep with the television set still on. She lifted her head slightly and glanced around the room. The clothes she had on the previous day were lying on the bench at the foot of her bed.

She peeled back the covers and peeked to see if she at least put her night clothes on before going to bed. She was surprised to find out she was still in her undergarments. Fern cringed because it meant she didn't take a bath before going to bed. She was almost obsessive compulsive when it came to her baths and cleanliness in general.

Fern lay her head back on a goose down pillow wrapped in a silk case. If she didn't know any better, she would've assumed someone drugged her because she honestly didn't remember anything that happened when she came in the night before. She didn't remember turning on the television set. She didn't remember lying down on her bed let alone falling asleep. She barely remembered stumbling through the front door and taking her clothes off as she walked to her bedroom. She certainly didn't remember putting the clothes she'd taken off on the bench at the foot of her bed.

She wondered if she locked the front door or set the house alarm. She lifted her head again to see if the red indicator light for the alarm was on. It was, so she decided she'd probably locked the front door and set the alarm because if she hadn't, the red indicator light wouldn't be on and the alarm wouldn't have activated if any of the main doors were open. Relieved that she remembered to set the alarm, she lay there cuddling her pillow, but she could still hear the noise from the television set. She twisted her lips around and sighed in disappointment at the fact that she'd slept all night with the television set still on.

Up until that moment, Fern prided herself in doing well with all of the going green initiatives she'd recently incorporated into her personal life. One of those initiatives was conserving energy. She'd heard so much buzz about going green lately that she jumped on

the bandwagon quite easily. For Fern, going green not only meant conserving energy, it also translated into saving money and she definitely needed to save all the money she could at the moment. The last thing she wanted was to leave any of her electronics or appliances on all night burning up energy and eating up money. Not to mention all of the subliminal messages she'd probably taken into her subconscious from whatever program that was on television while she slept. She wondered if it was one of those psychic friends' shows and shuddered at the thought.

Fern lay in bed for a few more minutes, not really wanting to get up. She finally mustered up enough energy to get motivated to start getting ready for the day. She stretched as she rolled over on her back. Instead of getting out of bed, she gathered some of the pillows that were sprawled all over her king sized bed, stacked them together and propped herself up against them. She waited a few minutes for her eyes to focus well enough to see what was on television. Her favorite cooking show was on. Fern breathed a sigh of relief and reached for the remote control that had somehow managed to land at the foot of her bed.

She turned the volume up and heard the hostess of the show announce that one of the biggest media moguls in the Hollywood film industry was the guest of the day and he'd be sharing his insight on how to run a successful film production company. He was also slated to help her prepare the meal of the day. At her announcement, the audience erupted in a rousing applause. The hostess had to tell the members of the audience to calm down and stop clapping or they wouldn't get to sample the meal that she was preparing with him before they finally quieted down long enough for her to finish speaking.

Fern was excited at the announcement as well. She decided to postpone getting ready for work for a few more minutes and watch the interview instead. She just opened her own production company, which she proudly named Whitfield Productions, about six months prior so she definitely wanted to hear everything Hunter Manley had to say about the production business.

She was also one of his biggest fans and had followed his work for many years while employed as an assistant producer. Although she'd never met the man in person, he was one of the people that inspired her to start her own production company. She earnestly hoped she'd be able to glean some tips about his experience in the movie production business that would be helpful to her in building her own production company. Any tip she could get from someone who'd been in the industry as long as he had would be of great help even if it was while he was being interviewed on a cooking show.

Fern smiled contently at the thought of owning her own production company. It was quite an accomplishment and rightfully so. Even though Whitfield Productions was presently a small scale operation, Fern was fortunate that her company was able to procure large scale commercial production projects for a few major corporations. She credited this to God's favor as well as her professional and management ability. It didn't hurt that she hadn't burned any bridges while working for other production companies either. They readily recommended her company when their production plates were full. This kept the bills and her staff paid and very well at that, but lately, she'd been itching to do something on a much bigger scale than producing commercials. She desperately wanted to produce movies, but she knew it would take an incredible leap of faith to accomplish all that she had in her heart.

Fern sighed as she rolled out of bed. She felt a draft of cold air so she grabbed her hooded cashmere bath robe and wrapped herself in it before walking over to the kitchenette in the sitting area of her bedroom. She thought about putting the kettle on to boil some hot water to make a cup of tea while she waited for the cooking show guest to come on and be interviewed. She chose to microwave the cup of water instead. She scooped up some loose leaf hibiscus tea into one of the silk diffuser bags that came with the tea and let it steep in the hot water for a few minutes. The aroma from the tea instantly filled the room. She picked the cup off the counter and held it up to her nose with both hands and took another sniff. The aroma from the tea flooded her nostrils much in the same way it serenaded the room.

"This smells absolutely wonderful. I don't know why people choose to drink stale smelling coffee in the morning instead of something that smells this good. Loose leaf hibiscus tea is definitely the only way to get me up and going in the morning," she commented out loud.

Fern put the cup of tea down on the granite counter top and pulled out a teaspoon and some honey from the cabinet. She added two teaspoons of honey to the cup of tea and stirred until it completely dissolved. She used the teaspoon to scoop up some of the tea and blew on it to cool it down before taking a quick sip to taste.

"Now this is definitely a good cup of tea," she remarked to herself.

She placed the teaspoon back into the teacup so she could use it to take more sips if she wanted rather than drinking the tea straight from the cup. Fern laughed out loud as she remembered how her friends used to tease her in college about sipping hot drinks with a teaspoon rather than drinking directly from the cup. They'd often said she only did that because she was being prissy. Her response to them was that it wasn't because she was trying to be prissy. She just didn't want to burn her mouth. She also felt that sipping whatever hot beverage she was drinking with a teaspoon made it more enjoyable because it allowed her to slowly savor the taste.

Fern walked back to the sitting area of her bedroom and sat down on the edge of the gorgeous chaise lounge that adorned that area of her enormous bedroom. She turned her attention back to the television show and listened intently to the hostess chattering away about the guest that was coming on as she continued sipping her tea with a teaspoon.

Fern thought about how she actually heard of loose leaf hibiscus tea for the first time on the same cooking show she was currently watching. The hostess had gone on and on about how much better loose leaf tea was because it made a richer cup of tea with a more intense aroma and flavor than most bagged teas. She also talked about the health benefits associated with drinking hibiscus tea in great detail.

Fern was so impressed with her lecture that she immediately went on the internet and tracked down the particular brand of tea the hostess used on the show to a local organic grocery store. It took her a few weeks after that to find the exact location of the store. She purchased quite a bit of the tea after she found the store. She enjoyed the tea so much after she tasted it that she replaced her morning cup of coffee with a cup of hibiscus tea. She also served it hot or iced to her clients at her production firm. They loved it as well. She couldn't get Valerie, her personal assistant, to quit her coffee habit though. She told her tea was for sick people and coffee was for the brave of heart.

Fern mused over how the organic store proprietress tried to get her to try all of the different tea flavors she had in the store. Initially she indulged her urgings, but hibiscus turned out to be her favorite. As a result, she always called Fern every time she got a fresh batch in so she would be the first one to come in and get it. Now if only she would give her the discount she deserved because of the large amount of tea she purchased every month.

Fern turned her attention back to the television set just as Hunter Manley was introduced. After the hostess got all of the initial formalities out of the way, she began the interview. She started by asking him some general questions about his new movie and then of course he went on to talk about it at great length. They showed a clip of the movie and then he made a few comments about how he got started in the industry and that was it.

Fern was disappointed at the interview because she wanted to hear him speak more on how to be successful in the film industry. She felt he could've said more on the subject or at least expounded on how he built his own film production company from the ground up and turned it into an empire. He was certainly one of the most successful film producers in Hollywood and a definite force to be reckoned with.

She sighed as she started to turn the television set off and focus her attention on getting ready for the day until she heard him say something very significant.

"You know cookie, at a certain point in life, those God given dreams and visions that are safely tucked away and hidden in your heart When dreams and visions collide will start to speak to and for you. They will actually guide every decision you make and help propel you forward into destiny in order to make sure they come to pass and become reality."

The hostess laughed at the fact that he called her cookie. Fern thought calling the hostess "cookie" was a little corny but she sat there for another minute or two, still a bit mesmerized thinking about the statement he just made. It was simple, yet profound.

"Maybe my dreams are starting to speak to me and that's why I'm itching to do something more than producing commercials. It sure would be nice to produce a movie," she thought out loud.

Her biggest dream was to take a bestselling novel and turn it into an unforgettable movie that would live in the hearts of fans all around the world forever and ultimately generate millions in revenue for her company. She thought doing something like that would help propel her company to the forefront and with the proceeds she could afford to focus all her efforts on writing and producing more movies. She sat back and mulled over the idea of stepping out on blind faith and pursuing her dream.

"Why not?" She asked out loud.

The thought of doing something on that large of a scale, although it was overwhelmingly nostalgic, actually put an indescribable sense of fear in Fern's heart.

"What if it doesn't work?" She thought.

For starters, where was she going to get the kind of money she needed for such a huge undertaking? She didn't think the two hundred and fifty thousand dollars she had saved up in the bank after paying off all of her debts and buying her home and her car would be enough to hire any of the successful mainstream actors that would make people want to see the movie let alone pay any royalties to the writer of whichever book she chose to use. That was only the tip of the iceberg because it didn't include any of the other production costs involved in taking on such a huge project. More importantly, it would wipe out her entire life savings. She could certainly mortgage her home, but the thought of doing that put her stomach in knots. Her home and car were the two significant things she owned free and clear. She considered them her security blanket and the thought of losing part or all of it if the production failed wasn't something she felt she could deal with.

Her thought process was suddenly interrupted by the ringing telephone. She looked over at the caller ID but she couldn't see what was displayed on it from where she was sitting. She let it ring a few more times and waited for the answering machine to pick up so she could identify whoever was calling that way before answering the phone. The answering machine never picked up so she put the teacup down on the accent table next to the chaise lounge and walked over to where the phone was sitting on the night stand next to her bed and answered it. She didn't even bother to look at the caller I.D. at that point. It was her personal assistant, Valerie. She took a deep breath and waited for her to speak. She wasn't quite sure why Valerie was calling her at home so early in the morning. She hoped that nothing was wrong with her or at the office. She also hoped she wasn't calling to tell her they screwed up a project they were working on for one of the clients.

"Good morning Fern," Valerie spoke into the phone.

"Good morning Valerie," Fern replied.

"What you doing Fern and why it take you so long to answer the phone anyway?" Valerie questioned her.

Fern wanted to ask her if the only reason she called was to ask why it took her so long to answer the phone, but she restrained herself and calmly responded to her question.

"I was hoping the answering machine would pick up but I must've turned it off last night by accident."

"Ok, but why you waiting on your answering machine to pick up? You have a hot date last night and didn't want to leave him unless it was important or you just screening your phone calls now?"


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