When Glory Got Her Glow Back: A Glowworm's Tail

When Glory Got Her Glow Back: A Glowworm's Tail

by Laurel Lund


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ISBN-13: 9781452560113
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/26/2012
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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When Glory Got Her Glow Back

A Glowworm's Tale
By Laurel Lund

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Laurel Lund
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-6011-3

Chapter One

The day began like any other day. Except when it did not. Today was that day.

Glory the Glowworm awakened from her sweet slumber on an elderberry bark leaf, stretched and greeted the morning as she always did, like a child who is curious and fun to be with.

Before beginning her day, she inched her way to the nearby spring to freshen her face. As she peered into the cool, clear water, she noticed something odd. Her image, reflected in the water, was not shining. Her magnificent aura, that light that shone around her like a beautiful blanket of color, had dimmed.

Glory's glow did not glow.

Where did her glow go? She had to know. So she set out on a mission, a journey to help Glory get her glow back.

It was early morning when she set out on her travels. Glory had so little time. She needed to get back home before dark in case she could not find her glow to light the way home. She carefully inched her way past the spring to the most beautiful garden whose sights and smells made her want to dance, if only she had feet! There, pacing up and down on a finely turned flower stem, was a very prim and proper creature in a red polka dot coat.

"Good morning," Glory said to a very ladylike Ladybug. "My name is Glory, and I am looking for my glow. Have you seen it anywhere?"

"No," answered the Ladybug, "but I might give you a clue. The color of my coat is red, and red represents the Life Force. It is the energy that keeps you alive, like a battery that recharges you at play or an engine that revs up your motor at school. Red is the color I HAVE. When you have the color red, you have everything you need to live life to the fullest. To live life to the fullest, simply live in the moment, not in the past or the future but in the now. For in life, the "wow" is in the now.

"I cannot lend you my coat, but I can share its red color to give you new life on your journey. Just close your eyes, imagine the color red and breathe it in deeply. Fill yourself full with it. Full-fill yourself."

Glory breathed in the color red until it seemed to fill every cell in her body. After a minute or three she began to feel a little tingle below her tummy. Curious, she looked down in time to behold a bright red ball of light right in that very spot.

Surprised and pleased, she felt energized knowing she had everything she needed to help search for her glow.

And so Glory wandered on through the grass, passing broken twigs and small stones and even a slippery snail that was even slower than she was. Suddenly, a slight breeze stirred above her head, and she looked up to see a flutter of butterflies in all colors of the rainbow. But one butterfly truly caught her eye: a magnificent Monarch whose gauzy orange wings had created the breeze that tickled Glory's nose and made her giggle.

Between giggles, Glory introduced herself to the Monarch and explained that she was in search of her glow. "Can you help me find my glow?" she asked.

"Of course, I can help," fluttered the butterfly, radiant in her glamorous orange gown. "Orange is the color I CREATE. To find your glow, you need to be creative. Without the color orange, you could never solve problems or make the world a better place. You are a co-Creator with the Universe. What you think and feel is what you create because thoughts are things. They are real. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

"To take a bit of creativity with you on your journey, simply close your eyes, imagine the color orange and breathe it in deeply. Fill yourself full with it. Full-fill yourself."

As Glory imagined herself bathed in orange, she was overcome with happiness, for orange is also the color of emotion, whether happy or sad, mad or glad.

She giggled again because along with her happiness came a warmth just above the red in her tummy. She looked down and, to her surprise, noticed the spot turning orange. It delighted her and put a little wiggle in her walk, a sashay in her step. Glory was feeling happy to be creating her own future as she continued to inch her way toward it.

Glory thanked the magical Monarch and, still giggling, continued on her journey. The garden was situated on the edge of a cornfield with its stately green and yellow stalks. It led to a barnyard with a flock of ducklings, a gaggle of geese and a goat or two or three. Standing over them was a frightening creature that looked like a mean man with straw sticking wildly from its hands and legs. Startled, Glory jumped back and gasped. Her eyes were wide with fear.

But a tiny yellow Duckling at the scarecrow's feet said, "Do not be afraid. Fear only comes from feeling you have no power. I am the color yellow, the color of empowerment, of believing in yourself, like the confidence you have when you get an A on a report card or kick the winning soccer goal.

"To find your glow, you need to believe in your own power. Yellow is the color I CAN. You can do anything when you believe in yourself. For what you believe, you receive."

"I believe, I believe," cried Glory. "But how can I be certain I always will?"

"Simply close your eyes," said the Duckling. "Imagine the color yellow, the color of my coat, and breathe it in deeply. Fill yourself full with it. Full-fill yourself."

As Glory breathed in the color yellow, she felt a tingling just above her tummy, as if it was surrounded by a warm yellow light. And, indeed, she was! As she breathed in the color yellow, the spot above her tummy also turned yellow.

She smiled, thanked the little Duckling and again continued on her journey. But before she inched out of sight, she heard the little creature whisper: "It is good to believe in your own power, but remember that your true power is in your softness, in your gentleness."

It was nearing noon, and the sun was high in the sky. At least IT still glowed, Glory thought. And it was glowing brightly, reflected in a small pond just beyond the barnyard. As Glory neared the edge of the pond, she heard a low, throaty croaking sound. She looked around for the sound and saw a large green Bullfrog over-proudly perched on a nearby lily pad.

Unimpressed with how impressed he was with himself, Glory introduced herself to what she considered a bellowing bully. "I am Glory the Glowworm," she said, "and I have lost my glow. Can you help me find it?"

"If I must help you, then I must," he croaked, his tongue darting out to catch a fly at lightning-quick speed. "You see, you are green, and I am green. And yet we are not the same. I am a handsome frog, and you are just a worm. But we are both creatures of the Universe, and so I suppose we are equally important. That is why I will help you find your glow.


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