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When Humans Began

When Humans Began

by John Stidworthy, Chris Forsey (Illustrator)

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal - School Library Journal
ea. vol: illus. by Chris Forsey. 37p. charts. maps. photogs. reprods. index. (Creatures from the Past Series). CIP. Silver Burdett. 1986. pap. $6.95. Gr 4-6 Four books that explore the history of life on earth. In a clear, simple text, Sidworthy describes the many twists and turns of evolution that eventually led to the development of man. The alternating black-and-white and full-color illustrations (with an occasional photograph) help to elucidate the text, and the many inserts explain in greater depth concepts the text mentions only in brief (for example, fossil recovery and radioactive dating). Charts and graphs help readers grasp the time spans covered and the relationships of one group of creatures to another. Although the general scope of the series is broad, much specific information on individual creatures or families of creatures is provided. The best thing about these books, however, is the coverage of topics that other books skim over or ignore, such as a description and drawing of the ancient amphibians that tadpoles look like, how scientists differentiate between male and female dinosaur remains, and why apes can't speak and humans can. Unlike many of the ``dinosaur'' books on the market today, this series answers these questions and more, covering both new information and a wealth of old material in an appealing and informative way.Cathryn A. Camper, Minneapolis Public Library

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Silver Burdett Press
Publication date:
Creatures from the Past Ser.
Age Range:
9 - 14 Years

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