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When I Get There

When I Get There

by Tennessee Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Mass

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Release Date:
Podium Records


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tennessee Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Mass   Primary Artist
Adrian Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Leon Payne   Soprano (Vocal)
Karen Anderson   Soprano (Vocal)
Linda Anderson   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Vanessa Clark   Alto (Vocal)
Kelly Connor   Tenor (Vocal)
Dana Franklin   Tenor (Vocal)
Cherline Hall   Alto (Vocal)
Terry Harris   Tenor (Vocal)
William Howard   Alto (Vocal)
Karen Jackson   Alto (Vocal)
Betty Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Brian Mitchell   Tenor (Vocal)
Janie Bob Scott   Soprano (Vocal)
Stephen Walker   Tenor (Vocal)
Steve Bethany   Guitar
Antoinette Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Barbara Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Cheri Coffman   Soprano (Vocal)
Sheila Ellis   Alto (Vocal)
Kathy Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Sharon Walker   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Larry Michael Lee   Soprano (Vocal)
Gary Walker   Soloist
Carrie Hodge   Alto (Vocal)
Sharon Jones   Soprano (Vocal)
Steve Coleman & the Five Elements   Tenor (Vocal)
Paul Dozier   Alto (Vocal)
Victoria Jackson   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Derrick Jackson   Organ,Keyboards
Joyce Taylor   Soprano (Vocal)
Velma Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Sharon Payne   Tenor (Vocal)
Danny Malone   Alto (Vocal)
Alice Franklin   Soprano (Vocal)
Andre Hayes   Vocals
Audrey Smith   Alto (Vocal)
Barbara G. McCoy   Soprano (Vocal)
Joya Owens   Soprano (Vocal)
Sylvester Robinson   Bass
Scharod Jackson   Vocals,Soprano (Vocal),Alto (Vocal),Soloist
Derek Peterson   Tenor (Vocal)
Marshall Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Maria Jones   Alto (Vocal)
Leslie Brown   Alto (Vocal)
Jamie Moore   Alto (Vocal)
Jessica White   Soprano (Vocal)
Marilyn Collins   Soprano (Vocal)
Terri Johnson   Soprano (Vocal)
Dewitt Johnson   Soloist
Shawn Barton   Alto (Vocal)
Odessa Harris   Soprano (Vocal)
Tabitha Pryor Adams   Alto (Vocal),Soloist
Thomas Alston   Tenor (Vocal)
Brenda Ashir   Soprano (Vocal)
Bridgette Wright   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Artisha Wright   Soprano (Vocal)
Sheryl Williams Norfleet   Soloist
Shundra White   Alto (Vocal)
Angelina Logan   Soprano (Vocal)
Claudette White   Alto (Vocal)
Sheila Westbrook   Alto (Vocal)
Jacquelyne Weems   Alto (Vocal)
Edmonia Webb   Soprano (Vocal)
Christina Walton   Alto (Vocal)
Lydia Beard   Alto (Vocal)
Maragerie Bearden   Soprano (Vocal)
Kirstalyn Bell   Alto (Vocal)
Claudia Bender   Soprano (Vocal)
Vivian Malone   Alto (Vocal)
Lola BoNey   Alto (Vocal)
Jeanette Boyd   Alto (Vocal)
Felisa Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Ebony Upshaw   Alto (Vocal)
Kozette Turner   Soprano (Vocal)
Chris Triplett   Tenor (Vocal)
Carmen Triplett   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela Townsend   Soprano (Vocal)
DeBorah Toney   Alto (Vocal)
Priscilla Titus   Soprano (Vocal)
Willie Mae Thompson   Alto (Vocal)
Brittany Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Kamisha Taylor   Alto (Vocal)
Earnestine Taylor   Alto (Vocal)
John Buckler   Tenor (Vocal)
Kenya Burks   Vocals,Alto (Vocal)
Peggy Burnette   Alto (Vocal)
Ida Sykes   Soprano (Vocal)
Dorothy Sullivan   Alto (Vocal)
Telitha Caviness   Alto (Vocal)
Gina Stevenson   Soprano (Vocal)
Lyniel Smith   Alto (Vocal)
Avis Smith   Tenor (Vocal)
Barbara Singleton   Alto (Vocal)
Darci Chism   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Antwoine Clark   Tenor (Vocal)
Monique Clark   Alto (Vocal)
Aretha Coakley   Alto (Vocal)
Linda Coakley   Soprano (Vocal)
Virginia Coleman   Alto (Vocal)
Rocheel Collier   Alto (Vocal)
Cashmere Conley   Alto (Vocal)
Shirley Cosby   Soprano (Vocal)
Vera Cranford   Soprano (Vocal)
Evelyn Crawford   Alto (Vocal)
Daniel Crockett   Tenor (Vocal)
Amber Crokett   Alto (Vocal)
Ceretha Crowder   Alto (Vocal)
Patricia Crutcher   Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Scruggs   Tenor (Vocal)
Vessie Scott   Alto (Vocal)
Pauline Rockett   Alto (Vocal)
Terrance Roby   Tenor (Vocal)
Lisa Roby   Alto (Vocal)
Siantra Richardson   Soprano (Vocal)
Amelia Reed   Soprano (Vocal)
Ella Preston   Soprano (Vocal)
TeCora Polk   Alto (Vocal)
Kin Polk   Alto (Vocal)
Betty Poindexter   Alto (Vocal)
Tiffany Peterson   Soprano (Vocal)
Clementine Perry   Soprano (Vocal)
Leona Perkins   Soprano (Vocal)
Dorothy Peete   Alto (Vocal)
Denise Alexander   Soprano (Vocal)
Kina Baker   Alto (Vocal)
Jason Bernard   Vocals
Rose Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Will Burks   Tenor (Vocal)
Gina Cooper   Soprano (Vocal)
Jo Alice Davis   Soprano (Vocal)
Beverly Dickerson   Soprano (Vocal)
Anderson Donald   Tenor (Vocal)
Laura Huggins   Alto (Vocal)
Arline Ellis   Tenor (Vocal)
Jodi Ervin   Soprano (Vocal)
Elmer Flowers   Tenor (Vocal)
Ella M. Frank   Soprano (Vocal)
Carla Freeman   Soprano (Vocal)
Abbie Gant   Tenor (Vocal)
Akita Gary   Soprano (Vocal)
Sebrina Gates   Tenor (Vocal)
Fred Gatewood   Tenor (Vocal)
Rita Gatewood   Soprano (Vocal)
Neal Generette   Tenor (Vocal)
Sandra Goring   Soprano (Vocal)
Aquino Gray   Tenor (Vocal)
Effie Grice   Soprano (Vocal)
Phillis Grissom   Vocals
Modearer Henry   Vocals
Chrystal Hill   Vocals,Alto (Vocal),Soloist
Dwan Hill   Tenor (Vocal)
Marcus Hill   Tenor (Vocal)
Etta Hinton   Soprano (Vocal)
Cynthia House   Soprano (Vocal),Alto (Vocal)
Bernice Inge   Soprano (Vocal)
Lesley Inge   Soprano (Vocal)
Vilori Inge   Soprano (Vocal)
Myrtle Jackson   Soprano (Vocal)
Earniece Jamison   Soprano (Vocal)
Sharmyne Jenkins   Tenor (Vocal)
Samuel Jordan   Tenor (Vocal)
Brandon Kelly   Tenor (Vocal)
Zantino Kimmons   Tenor (Vocal)
Mattie Kirkwood   Alto (Vocal)
Julius Knowles   Tenor (Vocal)
Kaylor Kelly   Soprano (Vocal)
Bessie Lawrence   Soprano (Vocal)
Willette McDonald   Vocals
Melvin McGhee   Tenor (Vocal)
Jearlean Minnies   Tenor (Vocal)
Rosie Monday   Soprano (Vocal)
Felecia Moore   Soprano (Vocal)
Shasta Moss   Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Evelyn Newamn   Tenor (Vocal)
Alvin Newell   Tenor (Vocal)
Idella Newson   Soprano (Vocal)
Monica Nobles   Soprano (Vocal)
Valerie Peeples   Vocals
Elaine Porter   Vocals
Tonya Price   Soprano (Vocal)
Tonya Rodgers   Vocals
Amanda Russell   Alto (Vocal)
Tiffany Williams   Soprano (Vocal)
Chris Morris   Keyboards
Venecia Donald   Alto (Vocal)
Jada Frank   Alto (Vocal)
Lonnell Gant   Alto (Vocal)
Valentina Grandberry   Alto (Vocal)
Chejuna Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Antionette Harris   Alto (Vocal)
Betty Henderson   Alto (Vocal)
Robbie Horner   Alto (Vocal)
J. Thomeika Hunt   Alto (Vocal)
Delisa Inga   Alto (Vocal)
Candice Kelly   Alto (Vocal)
Ananka McNeal   Alto (Vocal)
LaKeisha Miller   Alto (Vocal)
Lindell Moore   Alto (Vocal)
Yvonne Neville   Alto (Vocal)
Angela Overall   Alto (Vocal)
Sandra Owens   Alto (Vocal)
Darlene Parker   Alto (Vocal)
Rhonda Parks   Alto (Vocal)
Edward "Hot" Cleveland   Drums
Sharon Robinson   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Michael McKay   Composer
Gary Walker   Composer
Barbara Jackson   Composer,Producer
Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson   Executive Producer
Chris Morris   Producer
Chris Morris   Director
Terry Lester   Executive Producer
Carl E. Moore   Cover Design

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