When Indo-Europeans Ruled the World: From 1492 to the Rise of the Third World

When Indo-Europeans Ruled the World: From 1492 to the Rise of the Third World

by Dr. Rufus O. Jimerson


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When Indo-Europeans Ruled the World: From 1492 to the Rise of the Third World by Dr. Rufus O. Jimerson

The purpose of this book is to expose the biggest lies in the history of mankind: (1) Indo-Europeans, like the Greeks, founded civilization, philosophy, science, the arts, politics, history, etc., (2) Indo-Europeans founded Christianity, (3) that Indo-Europeans have been the dominant race since the inception of all known history, (4) Egyptians were Indo-Europeans like the Germans and Slaves, (5) Black Africans have no known history nor record of civilization, (6) there is no hegemonic and historical connection between people of color out of the African continent based on culture, religion and worldview, and (7) continents and national boundaries are objectively and naturally set. Indo-Europeans are defined as melanin-deficient people who once inhabited the Caucasian mountains of Russia. They, for the most part, speak High German (German), Middle German (English), Low German (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese), Greek, Russian and Slavic. Within the last few centuries, they collectively "divided and conquered" people of distinct African melanin (blacks and browns) from one another, globally.
Evidence is presented that the history of civilization began in Africa no less than 6,000 years ago, among people who resemble those living in Sub-Sahara Africa and in the African-American community. That civilization was seamlessly invaded for roughly 3,000 years by hordes of Indo-Europeans. Their rule was established in 1860s where they set the colonial borders of claims throughout the Third World. From that date to the present, Indo-European Global Hegemony has been monopolized by the British Empire and the United States of America, its former colony that became a superpower in itself. The Indo-Europeans rivalries over wealth and power that led to two world wars and resistance within their vast global holdings have caused the hegemony to be replaced by rising nations in the Third World remnants of the Ancient African Global Hegemony.
In the West, history is taught through the perception of Indo-Europeans. The evidence uncovered suggest that Eurocentric myths are used to destroy the confidence, self-esteem and self-determination of their victims of color so that this majority of the world's population would not unite and prevent them from further extracting their mineral wealth and exploiting their labor. The myths, largely-held as norms, are both covert and overt. Yet, after little over a century, the Indo-European rule is declining as their former colonies and subjects have become more independent and self-governing. The effort that undermines their liberation has become clandestine within the system and its victims. Victims free of the "Stockholm Syndrome" are perceived as a "threat to national security." As a result, Indo-European intelligence agencies are surveilling all liberation and protest movements from "Black Lives Matter" to demands for a democracy free from neocolonial corruption. The neocolonial corrupt are selling out their own people's interest to benefit themselves and their Indo-European sponsors.

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