WHEN IT IS TIME The Zechariah Connection: Un-wrapping The Clocks

WHEN IT IS TIME The Zechariah Connection: Un-wrapping The Clocks

by F. T. Chisholm


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For those who are familiar with the Bible, Christ's warning that no one knows the day or hour of His returning is common knowledge, yet can it be that this very caveat holds the key to discovering a timing mechanism hidden within the writings of the Apocalypse-also containing images that point to the rise of the United States prior to the return of Jesus Christ? By breaching concepts of timing that few have dared to consider before the confusion and dysfunction of our politically correct twenty-first century, the Book of books now commands a new relevance for Christian believers looking for Him who will soon catch us up (enrapture us) to His side. By using a simple "side door" entry into the middle of the apostle John's Revelation of Jesus Christ, we are here introduced to elementary discoveries made by a young boy, being taught on his mother's knee-as they venture into revelations that will soon follow, and we all but stumble upon two delicate sets of jewels within John's prophetic masterpiece (assisted by his father). These timing jewels, which he continues to share with us thereafter, soon become the "prophetic clocks" that lay wide open, and quite exposed, within the very heart of the Apocalypse. Thus, by first entering through that wide-open side door, and then wading in to "unwrap the clocks," Franklin ushers us through a window that soon opens up to our present world-revealing not only the obvious destiny of Israel, but also the emergence of a world superpower. All of these discoveries are finally capped off by confirming a particularly curious timing offset that surprises us with the discovery of an awakening that now awaits the close out of our present age, as foretold by the Old Testament prophet Zechariah. How can so much revelation be discovered within one young man's adventure? The key is actually found within an amazing flexibility that the Lord has built into those "clocks." When will Christ return? "When it is time."

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ISBN-13: 9781545624722
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 02/23/2018
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.74(d)

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