When Justice is Served

When Justice is Served

by Jeanette Cooper
5.0 2

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When Justice is Served 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BG_Avid_Reader More than 1 year ago
Nicole Duval is a victim of a brutal, life-changing sexual assault, and her attacker still on the loose. To fight for justice she joins the district attorney's office. She renews an old friendship and they fall deeply in love. However memories of her grisly attack sparks horrible flashbacks and haunting fears to create intense pressures on their struggling relationship. When she realizes that they were both adopted and share the same birth date, she is devastated by the implications. Spellbinding suspense, eventually Nicole sees her rapist behind bars A riveting love story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Bright, beautiful, law-school educated with a great future--it all falls by the wayside for young Nicole Duval as she falls victim to a vicious, brutal, life-changing sexual assault. And the mental and emotional aftermath memory ruptures her every attempt to resume a normal life. In Cooper's riveting, page-turning, totally absorbing tale of mystery and suspense is a story filled with love, longing and inrequited desires of the flesh and heart in which she plays out the rumble and explosion of dear Nicole's uncontrollable emotions. Cooper reveals a deep personal understanding of what happens to a normal, warm-blooded woman who has been subjected to violent and tortuous sexual degradation. In shocking detail, she gives us an unforgettable play-by-play account of one of the worst sins of man against woman. You don't just read her words. You feel it in your gut until it sickens you. As Cooper's central man-woman romantic storyline develops, she demonstrates a remarkable ability to capture the raw, carnal-driven nature of a loving, passionate and viral man in his prime struggling to be a compassionate and understanding lover and committed partner-for-life. Cooper writes of the backroom goings-on in a metropolitan courthouse as if she were one of the in-crowd. Her expert presentation of courtroom etiquette, tactics, rules of evidence and procedure is mesmerizing. You are there. You see and feel the jurors shrinking back and folding their arms over their chest for security as the accused rapist-defendant young Nicole Duval is prosecuting is ordered to openly display to the jury the telltale physical evidence of his body for all to see. Suddenly, you feel the dynamic young district attorney's heart pounding in her chest as she discovers with a start--in the middle of trial in the courtroom, itself--that the arrogant defendant she is prosecuting is, in fact, the very same man that viciously attacked her years ago. Without warning, Nicole Duval stands face-to-face with her savage rapist. Emotionally spellbinding! I was hooked and drawn into Cooper's story in its first few pages. As I read on, I had to tear myself away in order to take a break to eat and sleep. Everything unessential had to wait. This great story could not wait! Jeanette Cooper's skill in developing breathtaking suspense is nothing short of masterful. When Justice is Served is an emotional trip to rival the best novel I have ever read. The story plot is intoxicating. I simply couldn't move from my chair as I ripped through the pages to the dramatic resolution, a totally surprising and unexpected climax that pulls at the heartstrings. Yes, it's true: In the last few pages of this magnificent novel, I cried. What a trip! If you read nothing else this year, read When Justice is Served. This is one great novel!