When Police Officers Stand Down: Effects of Depolicing in America

When Police Officers Stand Down: Effects of Depolicing in America

by Michael H Schmitz


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In recent years, cities across America have experienced some of the largest and most expensive citizen uprisings in recent history. Today's police are feeling the restrain of being questioned for their actions, whether or not they are justified. There is one big factor that the citizens need to be aware of: depolicing.
Depolicing is a term that is somewhat new to social conversations within the United States. It is a phenomenon that has gripped communities recently and will have drastic consequences once it takes hold across America.
I can honestly say that the majority-a large majority-of police officers across this country have the same goal: to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Protecting property falls somewhere towards the bottom of the priority list. Police officers are willing, without a second thought, to run into danger to protect those they serve from harm. But this doesn't happen very often. But when it does, those officers will respond without forethought.
As an officer, you have to make life and death decisions in split seconds. Most police shootings take place in less than 6 seconds. You better have your plan in place or you'll be in serious trouble. The one thing that has recently caused officers to be hesitant-which can be deadly-is wondering what will happen after the incident has ended.

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