When Shall These Things Be? Companion Study Guide

When Shall These Things Be? Companion Study Guide

by Edward A Thomas


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How good are you at reading a map? How good is your sense of direction? The book of Revelation is very much like a map. It may be that you have an excellent knowledge of the Bible and can quickly find your way to any one of the books or even to a particular verse. But even if you do have a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures you may find understanding the book of Revelation to be a humbling, even confusing, experience. As with any journey to a new and unexplored destination, whether alone or in a group setting, it is so important for us to have very good map reading skills or that we have a gifted navigator. Our own skills may be limited but we can turn to the only navigator who is totally trustworthy - the Holy Spirit. He alone can direct us through the maze of obscure paths in the Book of Revelation. If you have ever felt a bit confused, or even overwhelmed by any study of Revelation, I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you through reading my book 'When Shall These Things Be' with the help of this Companion Study Guide.
- Edward A Thomas

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