When Success is a Crime: Violation of Human Rights to Isaias Family in Ecuador

When Success is a Crime: Violation of Human Rights to Isaias Family in Ecuador

by Alberto Valencia Granada


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Based on authentic documents and a complete and minute investigation of historical facts, "When Success is a Crime" shows the premeditated and unrelenting string of human rights violations the Government of Ecuador has unleashed against Roberto and William Isasías Dassum, the former president and vice president, respectively, of Filanbanco.
The political power in Ecuador, acting through banking superintendents, Court justices, prosecutors and now the president of the republic himself, has engaged in the systematic and on-going violation of the human rights contemplated in the American Declaration on the Rights and Duties of Man, among them the right to freedom, the right to equal standing before the law, the right to the protection [of the courts] and to honor; the right to own property, and the right to petition.
The book documents the repeated violations of the right to due process, a right established in Clause 8 of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man: "every person may appeal to the competent courts to protect him against acts that violate his fundamental rights recognized by the Constitution or the law."
The violation is also shown of the very Constitution of Ecuador, which provides that "No one may be tried for an act or an omission which, at the time it took place, was not punishable as a criminal, administrative or other infraction, nor shall any punishment be applied to him which is not contemplated in the Constitution or the law ...."

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